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Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 14 Answers

Level G Unit 14 Choosing the Right Word Answers

SentenceMissing Word
Many scientists view Nicolaus Copernicus as avisionary
The _ tempo of the symphony’s opening movement gives way to a placid and stately largo in the next.febrile
“How much of a chance do you suppose a 98-pound weakling ike me actually stands against that 320-poundbehemoth
disaster stared us is the face when we were thrown for a loss and then fumbled the ball on our own five-yard line.Imminent
It didn’t make me any happier to learn that my firing was being referred tocacophonously
The _ that suddenly greeted my ears made me suspect that a fox had somehow gotten into the henhouse.cacophony
No on who knows the facts would venture togainsay
Only when we tried to implement the plan did itsimminent
Although I pay a fair game of chess, I’m not capable of the brilliantcoups
Someone who “can’t see the forest for the trees” is usually too concerned withminutiae
When he took his first bite of Mother’s famous coconut custard pie, a look ofbeatific
Accidnets at nuclear power pants have prompted some people to agitate for amoratorium
After he killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel, Aaron Burr found himself no longer a respected statesman, but a social and politicalpariah
Athough I am __ to boast, I must acknowledge my superiorqualitie as a student, athlete, financier, nd all-round social luminary.loath
“The evidence that we will present in this trial,” the prosecutor told the jury, “will make the defendants guilt abundanltymanifest
After it had been left to rot in the sun for a few days, the plump little apple began to take on thewizened
It is a rare leader indeed who can tell the public unpleasant truths without evasions orblandishments
The solution to our problems is to be found in long-term programs of social planning, not in easynostrums
The plan is certainly ingenious, but it strikes me as far toovisionary
“As soon as we recieved the order,” I said, “we crated the equipment andconsigned
The kind of financialchicanery
I discovered my grandfather’s name on themanifest
In September 1973, President Salvador Allende of Chile was ousted in acoup
“Does anybody dare togainsay
After touching the baby’sfebrile

Level G Unit 14 Completing The Sentence Answers

if you spend all your times on minutiae, you won’t have any left for really important matters.minutiae
Suddenly I was overcome by such a feeling of beatific peace that I began to wonder whether I was still on earth.beatific
before you dismiss him as just another impractical visionary, think of how many great inventors were once regarded as mere “cranks.”visionary
Though her body had become bent and wizened with age, her mind was as alert and active as ever.wizened
some Civil War generals weren’t professional soldiers and got their jobs through pulling strings and other forms of political chicanery.chicanery
Some people enjoy the type of atonal music written by such composers as Arnold Schoenberg; others find it cacophonous.cacophonous
only a fool would have succumbed to the cloying blandishments of that smooth-talking rascal!blandishments
However much I may dispute your views, I will never gainsay your right to hold them.gainsay
When it became clear how shamelessly he had treated his brother, he became a virtual pariah in his own family.pariah
on the first play, our diminutive quarterback was “sacked” by a veritable behemoth of a linebacker, ominously nicknamed “Bone Crusher.”behemoth
since i was brought up in a sleepy country town, i found it very hard to adjust to the febrile pace of big-city life.febrile
we were all surprised that someone with the reputation of a frivolous playboy could manifest such courage and determination.manifest
No matter what euphemism you use to describe his conduct, you can’t disguise the fact he betrayed his best friend.euphemism
just when it seemed that defeat was inevitable, she pulled off a dazzling coup that totally discomfited her opponent.coup
You may be, as you say, “loath to leave such a fascinating book,” but I’m telling you right now to take out the garbage!loath
in a touching ceremony, the soldiers consigned the body of their fallen leader to the grave and his memory to their hearts.consigned
though the ability to paint is probably a(n) innate gift, it can certainly be improved by training and practice.innate
when the swollen river threatened to overflow its banks, a devastating flood seemed imminent.imminent
One way to bring relief to small farmers who cannot meet their mortgage payments is to declare a temporary moratorium on foreclosures.moratorium
The nation’s economic ills call for a variety of remedies: they cannot be cured by any single, miraculous nostrum.nostrum

Level G Unit 14 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Open to the ENTICEMENT of lobbyistsBlandishmentsN/A
A REPLACEMENT for the word uglyEuphemismN/A
Prepared for the DELAYMoratoriumAcceleration
Considered an OUTCAST by her neighborsPariahN/A
When MAMMOTHS roamed the EarthBehemothsMiniature
Warned of an IMPENDING investigationImminentN/A
TRANSCENDENT vision of another worldBeatificN/A
Fascinated by the TRIVIA of celebrity gossipMinutiaeN/A
TRANSFERRED to an underground facilityConsignedN/A
An INTRINSIC capacity for learningInnateN/A
Demanded an immediate ACCELERATIONN/AMoratorium
A REALISTIC blueprint for changeN/AVisionary
THREATS from one’s enemiesN/ABlandishments
Was WILLING to make a compromiseN/ALoath
Looked like a MINIATUREN/ABehemoth

Level G Unit 14 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. A
  2. D
  3. B
  4. D
  5. A

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