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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 9 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 9 Choosing the Right Word Answers

George Gershwin’s early songs gave only a diminkling
During the depression of the 1930’s, the nation seemed to take strength from President Roosevelt’scopious
We must show understanding and acceptance of those whodeviate
He seems to feel that its is his mission in life tochastise
Since their loud talk and crude manners were anything butpalatable
He tries hard to sound well-informed, but his superficial answers only betray hissophomoric
To make an impression on his fiancee, the young man saved his money to purchase a large faceted diamond that was sparkling andlimpid
Your simple,spontaneous
Most of the poetry written by the students waspoignant
Our meeting last week was marred b a heated debate over how toallocate
Though Mom acted surprised, I think she had aninkling
The lecturer explained that the UN is notomnipotent
In the concentration camps, the liberating found thousands of victims horriblyemaciated
Perhaps you have been treated unfairly, but what good will it do to allow your sense ofrancor
The destruction wrought by a nuclear war would be so vast that any form ofindemnity
During the scene in which the deer returns to the forest, leaving the young boy behind, our eyes filled withcopious
Lord Tennyson, the poet, speaks of “sorrow’s crown of sorrow” by which he means thepoignant
Far form being effortless, her simple,limpid
The tastes of the TV audience are socapricious
She wasbrash
What she lacks in skill, she makes up for inassiduous
The entire student bodyexulted
I spent the better part of an hour trying to untangle a badlygnarled
My sister views my interest in horror films asdeviate

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 9 Completing The Sentence Answers

Under the American system of separation of powers, no government official or agency can ever becomeomnipotent
We were fascinated to see the consummate grace and skill with which thegnarled
When he told me that he was reading Huckleberry Finn for the ninth time, I realized that he was indeed a(n)ardent
How can you say that the audience’s reaction wasspontaneous
If you were asassiduous
Far from beingcapricious
Friends and relatives can be counted on to givecopious
Somewhere in a(n)limpid
Wasn’t it ratherbrash
Remembering my old friend as a robust 200-pounder, I was shocked to see howemaciated
As the speaker’s voice droned on endlessly in the hot, crowded room, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t the slightestinkling
Nothing can arousepoignant
It is of no use tochastise
Some of my friends are mentally rather mature for their age; others are of a decidedlysophomoric
If you wish to recover quickly, you must notdeviate
The teacher decided toallocate
My travels have shown me that many exotic foods I once considered disgusting are really quitepalatable
There can be noindemnity
General Grant accepted Lee’s surrender with quiet dignity, refusing toexult

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 9 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

S: asked IMPERTINENT questionsBrash
S: RESTITUTION equal to our lossIndemnity
S: a BITTERSWEET tale of love and lossPoignant
S: APPORTIONED supplies to each member of the groupAllocated
S: CELEBRATED the news from the frontExult
S: CROOKED and weather-beaten fingersGnarled
S: ZEALOUS supporters of libertyArdent
S: the survivors GAUNT facesEmaciated
S: JUVENILE literary styleSophomoric
S: could find nothing DELECTABLE on the menuPalatable
A: acting LIKE A GROWN-UPSophomoric
A: paid a PENALTY FOR DAMAGESIndemnity
A: a CAUTIOUS investigatorBrash
A: STEADFAST in ones affectionsCapricious
A: HOARDING supplies in case of an emergencyAllocating

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 9 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. A
  5. B

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