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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 10 Answers

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vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 10 Choosing the Right Word Answers

annotationsThe scholars who compiled the notes and _____ for my portable edition of Chaucer did a superb job of clarifying obscure or puzzling words and passages.
fortuitousIt was quite _____ that we met the studio owner, since she was looking for a new artist to feature in her gallery.
reprobateThe crass and ____ conduct of those responsible for the scandal deserved public censure.
bedlamWhen my sister arrived at my tiny apartment with two very excited dogs, the place was thrown into absolute ____.
munificentMy sad story is that after working in the yard for three hours in the hot sun cleaning up the yard, I received the ____ sum of $5.50.
motleyOnly a genius could have converted such a ___ group of individuals, drawn from all walks of life, into a disciplined and efficient organization.
invectiveInstead of relying on facts and logic, she used all kinds of rhetorical tricks and slashing ___ to attack her opponent.
procrastinationThe proverb “Make haste slowly” endorses prudence- not ___.
reconditeInstead of that highly involved and ____ discussion of the nation’s energy needs, why don’t you simply tell us what we can do to help solve the problem?
imperiouslyThe queen strode into the chamber and ____ commanded her subjects to be silent.
accruedAfter working for a year at the same job, I was hoping that I had ____ enough vacation days to take a week of and travel to California.
provocativeThis new book is a(n) ____ examination of our school system that may upset some of your most cherished ideas about higher education.
efficaciousIt is generally agreed that we urgently need more ____ methods of handling criminals, both for their own benefit and for that of the public.
sedentaryResearch shows that those who lead a _____ lifestyle are more prone to chronic medical conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes.
dunWhat good will it do you to ___ me so mercilessly when you know that I am flat broke?
equanimityTo bear evils with ____ doesn’t mean that you should make no effort to correct them.
debonairThe difficult stage part called for an actor to gradually change during the course of the play from a morose introvert to a(n) ___ charmer.
gistAlthough they claimed that their summary gave us the ____ of the resolution, the fact is that it omitted important details.
sedentaryDuring the war, soldiers assigned to desk jobs were sometimes sarcastically called the “chair bound infantry” or the “____ commandos.”
gratuitouslyWe appreciated the services her furnished ____, but we soon came to see that it would have been cheaper to pay for a really professional job.
accrueI am convinced that some substantial advantages will surely ____ to me if I complete my college education.
imperiousHis tone of voice was so ____ that I wasn’t sure if he was asking me for a loan or demanding payment of tribute.
fortuitousScientists believe that everything in nature occurs in accordance with invariable laws and that nothing is truly ____.
covertHe tried to make it appear that her was speaking in a friendly spirit, but I detected the ____ malice beneath his “harmless” remarks.
procrastinateWhy does Sam ____ whenever he has to write an essay?

vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 10 Completing The Sentence Answers

EquanimityCompleting the Sentence: We have seen her accept victory with grace; now can she face defeat with ___________?
InvectivesCompleting the Sentence: My opponent’s last speech was filled with such wild charges, acrimonious language, and bitter ___________ that I walked out of the room without even trying to reply.
GistCompleting the Sentence: It will be helpful if you can state the ___________ of his arguments in a few sentences.
FortuitousCompleting the Sentence: Our meeting seemed at the time to be entirely ___________, but I learned later that it was the result of a careful plan.
CovertCompleting the Sentence: It is up to the courts to decide how far police authorities may go in making use of ___________ means of surveillance to catch criminals.
ReconditeCompleting the Sentence: The kinds of books I enjoy reading range from light and airy comedies to ___________ studies of social and philosophical problems.
GratuitousCompleting the Sentence: In view of the fact that I have been driving for many years without having a single accident, his advice on how to handle a car seemed entirely ___________.
ProcrastinatesCompleting the Sentence: Anyone who ___________ when the opportunity for all of us to make a very profitable deal presents itself is not going to be notably successful in the business world.
AccrueCompleting the Sentence: Think of the great advantages that will ___________ for all of us if we can carry out a truly effective program to conserve and maintain our natural resources.
DebonairCompleting the Sentence: His elegant appearance was matched by the ___________ ease and polish of his manners.
ReprobateCompleting the Sentence: No sooner had the incorrigible old ___________ gotten out of jail than he returned to the wicked ways that had landed him there in the first place.
AnnotationsCompleting the Sentence: Next day, the instructor returned my theme with a number of comments, queries, and other ___________ penciled in the margin.
MotleyCompleting the Sentence: As the British writer W. S. Maugham once observed, human nature is a(n) ___________ collection of strengths and weaknesses, foibles and follies.
EfficaciousCompleting the Sentence: This research program is entirely devoted to developing a drug that will be ___________ in the treatment of arthritis.
SedentaryCompleting the Sentence: Daily exercise is recommended particularly for people whose occupations are, for the most part, ___________.
ImperiousCompleting the Sentence: She is a leader who can command loyalty and instant obedience without resorting to abusive language, threats, or a(n) ___________ manner.
ProvocativeCompleting the Sentence: Although their language was deliberately ___________, I did not allow it to cause me to lose my self-control.
DunnedCompleting the Sentence: If you resent being ___________ by tradespeople, why not try paying your bills on time?
MunificentCompleting the Sentence: The ___________ gift of the Mellon family made it possible to set up the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.
BedlamCompleting the Sentence: ___________ broke out in the meeting hall as the speaker tried vainly to be heard over the angry shouting of the audience.

vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 10 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

DunningPESTERING her for overdue payments
Annotationadded COMMENTARY to the text
Reprobatea MISCREANT in her business methods
Gistthe GENERAL PICTURE of his story
Motleyan ASSORTED crew of teens
a UNIFORM arrangement of pictures on the wall
Gratuitousa film with UNNECESSARY scenes of violence
Invectivean angry DIATRIBE
desiring her fans ADMIRATION
Procrastinateanother excuse to POSTPONE the assignment
Reconditean explanation too ESOTERIC to follow
DebonairA SUAVE greeting from our host
display of UNCOUTH manners
Dunthe racehorses LUSTROUS coat
Reprobatelooking for a CHAMPION

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 10 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. c
  2. b
  3. b
  4. a
  5. a
  6. c

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