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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 15 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 15 Choosing the Right Word Answers

mawkishI am a great admirer of Charles Dickens, but even I must admit that the death of Little Neil in The Old Curiosity Shop is too ___ to be truly effective.
bulwarkThe scientific method stands as a(n) ____ against the tides of irrationality and superstition.
cholericHis constant blustering and _____ behavior may be no more than an unconscious attempt to conceal his lack of self-confidence.
deferenceI am surprised that she now shows such exaggerated ____ to people whose “aristocratic” pretensions she has always regarded with contempt.
profligateAfter years of ____ living, he experienced a profound change of heart and devoted the rest of his life to serving humanity.
mollifiedHis bitter anger was eventually ____ by our skillful appeals to her vanity.
onusLet us place the ____ for the defeat where it belongs- on each and every one of us!
adamantOur coach is _____ that we not drink sugary sports drinks before a game and insists that we hydrate with only water.
presentimentWhen you have a feeling that something is about to happen, you may unconsciously act in a way that will help the ____ to come true.
enigmaThough my sister has many close friends, she is a(n) ____ who is reluctant to share her private thoughts and feelings.
demeanorHis aggressive and suspicious ___ led the detectives to suspect that he was more involved with the crime than he alleged.
requisiteScholastic proficiency, emotional stability, and a genuine interest in young people are ____ qualities for a good teacher.
remittingAfter tallying the bills and invoices, the young newlyweds began the odious task of _____ the payments to the wedding planner, florist, and photographer.
impromptuFar from being ____, all those jokes and wisecracks you hear on TV talk shows are usually prepared by professional writers and are carefully rehearsed.
curtailWhen we received bad news from home, we had to ____ our vacation and return a few days earlier than planned.
thwartedTheir efforts to win the game by a last-minute trick play were ____ when our alert safety intercepted the deep pass.
curtailedThe special privileges extended to the senior class have not been entirely withdrawn, but they have been sharply ____ for the rest of the term.
cloyHer unvarying sweetness, like a diet composed entirely of desserts, does begin to ___ after a while.
enigmaExpressing his mystification at the Soviet Union, Churchill referred to it as a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an ____”
demeanorWe all admired her ____, which was dignified without any suggestion of superiority or stuffiness.
brouhahaThe recent ____ over the choice of a host for our local beauty pageant seemed to me nothing more than a “tempest in a teapot.”
sartorialHe delivered his speech poorly, but since he was the best-dressed man on the dais that afternoon, he enjoyed a ____ if not an oratorical triumph.
adamantI came to realize that the demure little woman who never raised her voice had a will of pure ___.
definitiveThere are so many aspects to Shakespeare that there will never be a truly ____ study of his work.
requisiteYou can’t enroll in this advanced class without the ____ courses.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 15 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

a clearly expressed yet MYSTIFYING statement

a solemn and mournful BEARING

a heavy BURDEN to bear

would PAY the fine

received an OMEN

OBSTRUCT a complicated plot

a MAUDLIN love story

his CROTCHETY reaction to any interruption

felt protected inside the FORTRESS

sweet snacks SLAKED her appetite for dinner

(Antonym) an UNSYMPATHETIC response to her tale of woe

(Antonym) show SCORN for the leader

(Antonym) a PREPARED statement for the press

(Antonym) FOMENT an interest in golf

(Antonym) an AMIABLE reply to the question

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 15 Completing The Sentence Answers

cholericI think the phrase “having a short fuse” aptly describes my new boss’s ___ and curmudgeonly disposition.
thwartWe heard that the South High fans were planning to kidnap our mascot before the game, and we were determined to ____ them.
sartorialIn his black jacket, light gray slacks, and tailored sport shirt, he was a model of ____ elegance.
onusSomehow, whenever more money is needed for our club activities, the ____ of raising it always seems to fall on me.
impromptuThe candidate seems much more human and appealing when she delivers a(n) ____ speech than when she reads a prepared text.
demeanorThroughout the trial, she maintained a(n) _____ of quiet dignity and confidence that made a favorable impression on the jury.
deferenceIn _____ to the wishes of the widow, the funeral services will be brief, and no eulogy will be delivered.
curtailWhen the chairperson saw that the speakers were becoming more heated, without offering any new facts or ideas to clarify the situation, she decided to ____ the discussion period.
bulwarkAlthough we must have armed forces to protect the country, the most important _____ of national security is the devotion of the people to our democratic institutions.
cloyedHow can you watch those silly reruns of old family shows day after day without being ____ by their gooey sentimentality?
brouhahaI was surprised that so trivial an incident should have provided such a fearful ____ in the popular press.
definitiveWe are still looking for a(n) ____ answer to the question of whether or not our prisons can rehabilitate as well as punish.
requisiteI see no point in your applying for that job when it is perfectly clear that you lack the ____ qualifications.
enigmaticThe circumstances surrounding the death are so ____ that the police are not even sure that a crime was committed.
remitAttached to every bill for the merchandise was a brief notice asking the customer to ____ payment promptly.
presentimentBy talking so much about your _____ that “we’re going to have an accident,” you are making me nervous and preventing me from driving properly.
mollifiedBy getting the students to apologize for their thoughtless discourtesy, we ____ the anger of the elderly elevator operator.
adamantHe was willing to compromise on many issues, but elimination of the ridiculous requirements for those jobs was the one point on which he was absolutely ____.
profligateHe was so ____ with his inheritance that he consumed in a few years the fortune it had taken his parents a lifetime to accumulate.
mawkishAt first, I was glad to see my old classmates again, but he embarrassed me with his ____ talk about “those wonderful, golden school days.”

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 15 Vocabulary in Context Answers

A person’s demeanor is his/her:

A profligate dog is not:

If a story-teller is thwarted, he or she is:

The act of remitting involves:

Qualifications that are requisite are:

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