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Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 15 Answers

Level G Unit 15 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Petty criminals in medieval england were often placed in stocks or ______ and subjected to public humiliationPillories
There was a loophole in the law, and through this ____ the defendant escaped the legal consequences of his crimeAperture
Religious ___ was one of the motives that led many people to found colonies in americaDissidence
The novel centers on an _____ young man who squanders his inheritanceImprovident
Like so many others of his generation, he paid unquestioning ___ to the accepted symbols of material successObeisance
The cost of living has risen so sharply that a salary that was adequate a decade ago is now no more than a mere ___Pittance
“Angelica” is indeed and apt name for one whose ____ beauty is complemented by such sweetness of temperSeraphic
Recently, the principal ___ a new dress code that abolished some of the unnecessary strictnessPromulgated
Specific customs vary widely in different lands, but the basic __ of civilized living are much the same everywhereAmenities
Writers often regard their works as their ___ in much the same way as other people regard their pets as family membersProgeny
The new “gourmet” deli features delicacies that are young to delight even the most exacting of ___ palatesEpicurean
No matter how well defended, no boundary is ___ unless the people on either side of it respect each otherInviolable
Instead of being so concerned with the ____ of others, they would do well to concentrate on correcting their own shortcomingsIniquities
I realize the official made a serious mistake, but that is no reason to ___ him so unmercifully on the pressPillory
The resounding victory we scared at the polls is an eloquent tribute to the ___ of her approach as campaign managerRectitude
We would like to believe that the intensifying fear of ecological catastrophe ___ an era of environmental harmony in the near futurePresages
Instead of mouthing empty ___ to the Bill of Rights, let’s strive to make this great document a reality in our livesPanegyrics
One cannot expect a ___ democracy to go through its early years without experiencing serious growing painsNascent
The study of government shows us that many political institutions thought to be unchanging are in fact highly ____Mutable
As the speaker’s remarks became more inflammatory, the crowd grew more sullen and ___Restive
Liberty ___ only as long as people have the intelligence to know their rights and the courage to defend themSubsists
I hope that Jessie’s obvious nervousness during the dress rehearsal does not ___ a poor performance in the play tonightPresage
The visitors lowered their voices and made ___ to the distinguished gentlemen who was beckoning them toward the castle entranceObeisance
Grandma sighed, “Kim’s taste in clothes is so ___ that nobody even tries to guess what she’ll wear from week to week”Mutable
__ at the luxury spa include massages and steam bathsAmenities

Level G Unit 15 Completing The Sentence Answers

It was the _______ of its natural setting on those rolling hills that led the architect to dub the estate “mount pleasant.”Amenities
The _______ on most cameras can be adjusted to admit more or less light, as required.Aperture
Authoritarian governments often resort to violence and coercion in their efforts to repress political _______.Dissidence
Imagine someone with my _______ tastes having to live for a week on that watery mush.Epicurean
Though I’m by no means _______ with my money, I don’t hoard it either.Improvident
He inveighs against the sins of society with all the stridency of an Old Testament prophet castigating the _______ of the unworthy.Iniquities
We are sure that their vow is _______ because their sense of moral obligation will prevent them from ever breaking in.Inviolable
After a few days in which everything went my way, I suddenly learned just how _______ Lady Lick can be.Mutable
Conscience parents will do everything they can to foster and develop the _______ intellectual curiosity of a small child.Nascent
The Bible tells us that visitors to the court of Solomon, the great Hebrew king, willingly paid him _______.Obeisance
The biography is a pretty evenhanded appraisal of the man’s strengths and weaknesses, not just another _______ to a great hero.Panegyric
Am I to be _______ before the entire student body because I made a few minor mistakes as a member of the student council?Pilloried
Our financial situations are so different that what she considers a mere _______ seems a fortune to me.Pittance
For many ancient peoples, the appearance of a comet was a fearful omen that _______ great social upheaval.Presaged
The liberties that we have inherited from our forefathers are a sacred trust that we must pass on undiminished to our _______.Progeny
The president has _______ a policy that commits the nation to curbing pollution.Promulgated
I see no reason to question the _______ of her dealings with us since I know her to be “as honest as the day is long.”Rectitude
The wranglers suspected that there were wolves or mountain lions nearby when the herd suddenly grew nervous and _______.Restive
“I’m afraid that the child’s _______ countenance belies the mischief in his heart,” I observed sadly.Seraphic
Nutritionists say that most of us could _______ on a great deal less food than we actually consume.Subsist

Level G Unit 15 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

the angry DISSENT of protesters (syn.)dissidence
tried to SURVIVE in a desert (syn.)subsist
dark clouds that PORTEND rain (syn.)presage
a SAINTLY figure dressed in white (syn.)seraphic
the SACROSANCT principle of equality (syn.)inviolable
a HEDONISTIC display of luxury (syn.)epicurean
paid RESPECT to those who came before her (syn.)obeisance
repaid a mere MODICUM of what is owed (syn.)pittance
showed a BUDDING interest in politics (syn.)nascent
FIDGETY after the caffeine (syn.)restive
widespread political AGREEMENT (ant.)dissidence
always treats those in authority with DISREGARD (ant.)obeisance
a puppy with an IMPISH demeanor (ant.)seraphic
a THRIFTY manager (ant.)improvident
insulted the king’s ANCESTORS (ant.)progeny

Level G Unit 15 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. C
  2. B
  3. B
  4. D
  5. A

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