Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 7 Answers

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Level G Unit 7 Choosing the Right Word Answers

coterieRalph Waldo Emerson and a(n) _ of like-minded friends led the American transcendentalism movement in the mid-nineteenth century.
indigentThought the federal government does much to help the __, private charities play no small part in their welfare.
convivialTo anyone as fond of horses as I am, the stable and the tack room provides as ___ an atmosphere as one could wish for.
felicitousI can always come up with the crushing rejoinder, the dazzling witticism, or the _.
furtivelyWhen I returned to the office earlier than expected, I caught the little snoop _.
inordinateThe presidency is the “toughest job in the world” because it makes such __ demands on a person’s time, energy, and ingenuity.
allayNothing we could say seemed to __ her grief over the loss of her dog.
illusoryIf installment buying is not carefully controlled, the benefits that can accrue from it may prove wholly ____.
bestialThe atrocities committed by the ___ commanders of such concentration camps as Auschwitz appalled the civilized world.
coterieAs the rock star’s popularity began to skyrocket, what had been a small _ of admirers became an unruly mob.
demurI am flattered that you want me to chair the meeting, but I must _ on the grounds of my youth and inexperience
pertinacityThe famous sleuth pursued his investigation with all the ___ of a lion stalking its dinner.
garishThe kind of ___ theatrical makeup used by circus clowns is not suitable for an elegant fashion model.
counterpartOften the antonym of a given English word is not so much its opposite as its __ – for example, actor and actresses.
effrontery“You mean you had the _ to ask for a raise when everyone knows you’ve been goofing off lately?” I asked in amazement.
picayuneThe proofreader didn’t notice any significant flaws in the writing, but he did find a few _ errors in the punctuation.
embellishWhen the facts of a matter speak so plainly for themselves, we shouldn’t seek to __ them.
misanthropeShe has neither the starry-eyed optimism of the idealist nor the mordant cynicism of the ___.
jettisonEvery dynamic and successful society must be able to __ ideas and institutions that have outlived their usefulness.
ralmentSomehow, it depresses me to think that with the approach of winter this magnificent old tree will surrender all its leafy _.
ephemeralNot surprisingly, my sister’s solomnly made commitment to daily clarinet practice for one month was _ lasting only five days.
ephemeralAn emotion so fickle and _ does not deserve to be categorized as “love.”
inordinateSadly, in our celebrity-obsessed culture, professional athletes make _ amounts of money while professional educators make little.
felicitousTo celebrate their fiftieth anniversary, my grandfather described the ____ choice he made to ask my grandmother for a first date.
allayEffective coaches are able to _ the doubts of their players.

Level G Unit 7 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

allayreduce, alleviate, moderateaggravate, exacerbate, intensify
bestialanimal, depraved, loathsomehuman, humane, clement, virtuous, upright
convivialfun-loving, jovial, merrydour, grim, sullen, unsociable
coterieclique, set
demurprotest, object toassent to, consent to, accept, agree
effronterygall, chutzpah, nerve, impertinence, cheekshyness, diffidence, timidity
embellishornament, garnishstrip, mar, disfigure
ephemeralfleeting, transient, evanescent, transitorydurable, long-lasting, permanent, perpetual
felicitousfortunate, well-putinappropriate, inept, graceless, unhappy
garishgaudy, flashy, tawdrysubdued, muted, understated, quiet
illusoryspecious, spurious, fanciful, imaginaryactual, real, factual, objective
furtiveclandestine, covert, surreptitiousforthright, aboveboard, open
indigentpenniless, poverty-stricken, destitutewealthy, affluent, prosperous
inordinateexorbitant, extravagantmoderate, reasonable, equitable
jettisoncast off, discard, dump, junk, abandonconserve, retain, hold on to, keep
pertinaciousstubborn, dogged, determined
picayuneinconsequential, piddling, triflingimportant, significant, huge, gigantic
raimentapparel, attire

Level G Unit 7 Completing The Sentence Answers

Recent developments in that part of the world have intensified rather than __________ our fears of a renewed conflict.allayed
The man’s features suddenly contorted into a(n) __________ mask, more reminiscent of a hobgoblin then a human being.bestial
Who wouldn’t have had fun among such a(n) __________ group of people?convivial
The “Old 400” was a very small and exclusive __________ of prominent families that dominated East-Coast society for decades.coterie
At the Casablanca Conference of 1943, President Roosevelt and his military aides met with their British __________ to map military strategy for the Western Allies.counterparts
Since we all agreed that the proposal seemed to offer the best solution to our problem, it was accepted without __________.demur
He had the __________ to come into my own home and tell me what I should do to help him.effrontery
In the Victorian era, designers ___________ women’s dresses with all sorts of elaborate frills and flounces.embellished
Many a now-forgotten “movie great” has discovered to his or her chagrin that fame may indeed be as __________ as a passing shower.ephemeral
Though I don’t consider myself much of a diplomat, I think I handled that delicate situation in a particularly __________ manner.felicitous
The __________ manner in which he sidled into the room and tried to avoid being noticed actually drew attention to his presence.furtive
The __________ movie palaces of an earlier era have given way to smaller theaters, decorated in a simpler, more austere style.garish
A good deal of sad experience has taught me that my youthful hopes of getting something for nothing were entirely __________.illusory
The disastrous stock market crash of 1929 left many a wealthy speculator as __________ as the proverbial church mouse.indigent
He is entitled to reasonable compensation for the damage to his car, but the demands he has made are totally __________.inordinate
The crew of the freighter __________ most of its cargo in a desperate effort to keep the sinking ship afloat.jettisoned
Jonathan Swift so came to loathe human folly, vice, and hypocrisy that he died a virtual __________.misanthrope
“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” seems to be the motto of that __________ young woman.pertinacious
A busy administrator in today’s high pressure business world just doesn’t have the time to deal with such __________ concerns as making coffee.picayune
When Charles V retired to Spanish monastery, he exchanged the costly __________ of a King for the simple habit of a monk.raiment

Level G Unit 7 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D
  2. B
  3. D
  4. C
  5. B

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