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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 5 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 5 Choosing the Right Word Answers

indomitableBy 1781, George Washington’s green recruits of a few years earlier had been forged into a __________ army.
dearthHow do you account for the __________ of doctors who are general practitioners rather than specialists?
unfeignedShe is a popular young woman because people realize that her interest in them is sympathetic and __________.
temerityAfter boasting to me of your family’s great wealth, how could you have the __________ to ask me for a loan?
indomitableAfter the hurricane destroyed the city, the people of New Orleans showed their __________ spirit by rebuilding.
pungentThe recipe for my great-grandfather’s spaghetti sauce, __________ with bay leaves and other herbs, has been passed down for several generations.
virulentI had no inkling of your deep-seated aversion to pop music until I overheard your __________ comments about it.
temerityCaring nothing about negative repercussions, Katy had the __________ to ask not only for a raise but also for a more flexible schedule.
truculentYou will surely win more support for your view by quiet discussion than by __________ attacks on your opponents.
embarkedPlant Earth is a sort of spaceship on which billions have __________ on a lifelong voyage.
discrepancyWith all the deductions for taxes, there is a substantial __________ between my official salary and my weekly paycheck.
pungentThe critic’s __________ comments during the TV panel show were not only amusing but also very much to the point.
facileI admired the speaker’s __________ flow of words, but they failed to convince me that she had practical ideas to help solve our problems.
reposingWe breathed a sign of relief when we saw the supposedly missing set of keys __________ in the desk drawer.
diffidentWe soon learned that behind his retiring and __________ manner, there is a keen mind and a strong will.
chivalrousIn the violent world of today’s pro football, good sportsmanship and __________ behavior still have a place.
discrepancyGiven the glaring __________ between the applicant’s résumé and his actual experience, he did not receive the job.
benefactorAmerican Presidents often point to one of their schoolteachers as the __________ who helped shape their character and ideas.
infallibleHe is not too well informed on most matters, but when it comes to big-league baseball, he is all but __________.
assentAs a state legislature, you should not give your __________ to any measure unless you truly believe in it.
altruismGreat political leaders know how to appeal to people not only through self-interest but also through their sense of __________.
plodThe lawyer __________ through hundreds of pages of the trial record, hoping to find some basis for an appeal.
clemencyIn a grim old joke, a man found guilty of murdering his parents appeals to __________ because he is an orphan.
remissIt would be __________ of me, as editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, not to express appreciation for the help of our faculty advisor.
chivalrousI enjoy reading stories of King Arthur and his __________ knights.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 5 Completing The Sentence Answers

facileWe were all impressed by your ______ use of unusual words and expressions that you had learned only a few hours before.
chivalrousIt was quite _____ of you to give up your seat so that the man with the cane did not have to stand during the bus trip.
unfeignedYour _____ joy when it was announced that I had won the scholarship meant more to me than all the polite congratulations I received.
virulentDoctors attributed the epidemic to the rampant spread of a particularly _____ strain of influenza virus.
diffidentI rarely join the discussions because I am _____.
benefactorsHistory tells us that many men and women regarded as failures in their own lifetimes were actually major _____ of humanity.
pungentHumor should be clever and amusing but never so _____ that it hurts the feelings of other people.
ploddedThe exhausted refugees _____ along the dusty road, hoping to reach the Red Cross camp before midnight.
embarkedAs soon as the last passenger had _____, the captain ordered the ship to get under way.
temerityThe rash young lieutenant had the _____ to disregard the express orders of the commanding officer.
infallibleThe custom of putting erasers on pencils is one way of recognizing the fact that no one is _____.
assentMy parents will not _____ my going to the dance unless I promise faithfully to be home no later than 1:00 A.M.
indomitableRefusing to admit defeat even when things looked completely hopeless, our _____ football team drove eighty-five yards in the last few minutes to score the winning touchdown.
dearthIn view of the many able people in public life today, I do not agree that we are suffering from a(n) _____ of capable leaders.
discrepancyEmphasizing the youth of the convicted man, the defense attorney pleaded for _____.
discrepanciesThe principal claimed that there were major ____ between what actually happened in the school and the way the incident was reported on TV.
truculentHe is not merely unpleasant but actually dangerous whenever he gets into one of his _____ moods.
remissAs a school cafeteria guard, I would be _____ in my duties if I failed to report a serious disturbance.
altruisticWhat good are _____ principles if no real attempt is made to help people by putting those principles into practice.
reposeI did not realize how beautiful the twins were until they fell asleep and I saw their faces in complete _____.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 5 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D: thoughtless
  2. C: smooth
  3. A: relax
  4. D: accord
  5. B: mild

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 5 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

altruisticselflessselfish, self-centered
assentconcur, consent, accededisagree, differ, dissent
benefactorpatron, humanitarianmisanthrope, malefactor
chivalrousgallant, civil, valiantcrude, uncouth, churlish, loutish
clemencyleniency, forbearance, gentlenessharshness, severity, cruelty, inflexibility
dearthinsufficiency, want, paucitysurplus, oversupply, glut, abundance
diffidenttimid, bashful, unassertive, withdrawnbold, brash, audacious, self-confident, jaunty
discrepancydisagreement, divergence, inconsistencyagreement, convergence, consistency
embarkcommence, launch, begin, board
facileeffortless, assured, poised, speciouslabored, awkward, halting
indomitableunbeatable, invincible, unyieldingsurrendering, submissive, yielding
infallibleunerring, certainimperfect
plodlumber, trudgescamper, skip, prance
pungentsharp, spicy, piquant, caustic, racybland, unappetizing, colorless, insipid
remissnegligent, lax, slackscrupulous, dutiful, punctilious
repose(v) sleep; (n) tranquillity, respite(n) exertion, wakefulness, tumult, bustle, ado
truculentbrutal, savage, belligerent, vitriolicgentle, mild, meek, unthreatening
unfeignedgenuine, heartfeltinsincere, simulated, phony
virulentvenomous, noxious, baneful, hatefulinnocuous, harmless, benign
temerityrecklessness, foolhardiness, effronterytimidity, fearfulness, diffidence, humility

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