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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 3 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 3 Choosing the Right Word Answers

When Washington refused to serve a third term as President, he set (artifice, precedent) that was to last for 150 years. Artifice or precedent?

Our history shows how the (demise, adversary) of one political party provides an opportunity for the formation of a new one. Demise or adversary?

We must reject the (craven, fallow) advice of those who feel we can solve social problems by abandoning our democratic freedoms. Craven or fallow?

The critics unanimously praised the actor for the (urbane, punitive) charm w/which he played the well-bred English gentleman. Urbane or punitive

May I remind you that the (urbane, punitive) action we are authorized to take does not include physical force of any kind. Urbane or punitive?

Our city government needs basic reforms; clever little (sojourns, artifices) will not solve our problems. Sojourns or artifices?

Do you really expect me to believe that your friends (coerced, alienated) you into cutting class to go to the movies? Coerced or alienated?

We need a supervisor who can maintain good discipline in the shop without (harassing, exhilarating) the workers. Harassing or exhilarating?

The story takes place in a foreign country where a rogue government agent accept a mission to (liquidate, coerce) an evil dictator. Liquidate or coerce?

Because of the severe sentences she often handed down, she gained the reputation of being extremely (negligible, inclement) judge. Negligible or inclement?

Only when the attempt to get the British government to (redress, harass) injustices proved unsuccessful did the American colonists resort to arms. Redress or harass?

It is all very well to (muse, perpetuate) on what might have been, but it is far better to take action to make good things happen. Muse or perpetuate?

I admit that we did some foolish things after the game, but you must remember how (mused, exhilarated) we were by the victory. Mused or exhilarated?

Since we are making (craven, negligible) progress in our fight against pollution, the time has come for us to adopt completely new methods. Craven or negligible?

After a long (urbane, fallow) period during which she scarcely touched her brushes, the painter suddenly produced a series of major canvases. Urbane or fallow?

The highlight of my trip to Europe came when I (sojourned, redressed) in the birthplace of my ancestors. Sojourned or redressed?

When he blocked my jump shot, took the rebound, drove down the court, and scored, I realized that I was facing a worthy (artifice, adversary). Artifice or adversary?

And now I want you all to try my (inclement, culinary) masterpiece – a salami soufflé, garnished with sour cream. Inclement or culinary?

The coach ran the risk of (exhilarating, alienating) influential graduates of the school when she suspended a star player who had broken training. Exhilarating or alienation?

If we do not take steps now to clear their names, we will be (perpetuating, liquidating) an injustice that has already lasted far too long. Perpetuating or liquidating?

Did the other journalists (alienate, perpetuate) the young writer after she expressed some political views with which they disagreed? Alienate or perpetuate?

After several months of losing money, the furniture store held a huge sale, hoping to (liquidate, redress) its entire inventory. Liquidate or redress?

To rid your aquarium of parasites, allow the tank to remain (negligible, fallow) for several weeks, and keep your fish in a separate tank. Negligible or fallow?

The artist took a (adversary, sojourn) to the mountains, hoping to relieve his stress and renew his creativity. Adversary or sojourn?

(Urbane, craven) and sophisticated, the young princess charmed the diplomat. Urbane or craven?

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 3 Completing The Sentence Answers

fallowThe deserted buildings and the land lying ___________ hinted at the troubles the farmers in the area were experiencing.
urbaneHis charmingly ______________ manner and keen wit made him a much sought after guest at social gatherings.
culinaryThe full extent of my _______________ skill is preparing scrambled eggs on toast.
negligibleSince both cars had virtually come to a halt by the time their bumpers met, the damage was _______________.
artificeMagicians rely on sleight of hand and other forms of ________________ to deceive their unsuspecting audiences.
museAs I lay under the old apple tree, I began to ___________ on the strange twists of fate that had led to the present situation.
alienateTheir bad manners and insufferable conceit ________________ even those who were most inclined to judge them favorably.
harassThe coach emphasized that the way to stop our opponents’ passing game was to ______________ their receivers and blitz their quarterback.
deleteI advise you to ______________ from your statement all the words that people are likely to find personally offensive.
punitiveThe coach took me off the starting team as a(n) ______________ measure for missing two days of practice.
sojournWhen planning our trip to the Southwest, we made sure to set aside two days for a(n) _______________ at the Grand Canyon.
exhileratedAt first we watched the game with relatively little emotion, but we became so __________________ by our team’s strong comeback that we began to cheer loudly.
perpetuateIf we continue to elect unworthy people to public office, we will simply ________________ the evils that we have tried so hard to correct.
cravenTheir ______________ behavior at the first sign of danger was a disgrace to the uniform they wore.
inclementWhen the snowstorm lasted into a second day, we listened attentively to the radio to find out if our school was among those closed because of the __________________.
demiseThe _____________ of an administration in the United States is never a crisis because a newly elected administration is waiting to take over.
redressWhen citizens feel that something is wrong, they have a right under the First Amendment to ask their government for a(n) _______________ of grievances.
adversaryIn 1858, Abraham Lincoln held a series of debates with Stephan Douglas, his ______________ in the contest for U.S. Senator from Illinois.
precedentWhen Grandfather stubbornly refused to eat his vegetables, he set a(n) _______________ that was immediately followed by the children.
coercingThere are far more subtle ways of ______________ a person into doing what you want than twisting his or her arm.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 3 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

harassed“pestered” by flies and mosquitoes
punitivea “retaliatory” campaign against a political rival
sojourna relaxing “stopover” on a tropical island
mused“meditated” on the possibility of a raise
redressan attempt to “rectify” past mistakes
coerced“intimidated” into making a deal
culinarya graduate of a “cooking” school in Rome
artificea common “ruse” used to foot unwary customers
adversarya dangerous “rival” who will stop at nothing
precedentbecame a “model” for future generations
perpetuate“continued” the search for a cure
exhilarateda speech that “excited” the crowd
deleted“removed” offensive language from the text
cravena “fearful” follower of those in power
alienated“driven apart” by a misunderstanding
inclementa generally “tranquil” climate
urbanea very “crude” performance
demisethe “beginning” of an era of prosperity
negligible“significant” gains in reading scores
fallowa writer’s “productive” years

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 3 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. C
  2. A
  3. B
  4. D
  5. A

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