Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 11 Answers

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Level D Unit 11 Choosing the Right Word Answers

squanderI’m not saying that you shouldn’t watch TV, but why ______________ so much of your time on those inane programs?
brevityWilliam Shakespeare expressed the tragic ________________ of life by comparing it to a candle that must soon go out.
Proponents_________________ of the new youth soccer league met with the local parents to discuss by-laws, safety rules, uniforms, and other pressing issues.
garbledIn an attempt to mislead the enemy, the crafty prisoner of war _________________ his account of how the attack had been planned.
forestallIn order to __________________ criticism of my proposal, I prepared for the meeting by gathering relevant facts and figures beforehand.
demureThe young woman’s _____________ smile and flirtatious manner drew admiring glances.
statuteI wish there were a _______________ that would prevent people from revealing the ending of a detective story!
rivulets_________________ of sweat ran down the faces of the men working in that terrible heat.
recoupOnce a political leader has lost the confidence of voters, it is almost impossible to ________________ it.
depreciationHe was not surprised that the recession had affected the value of his comic book and action figure collections, resulting in their ____________________.
reekAfter the huge fire burned down several houses in our area, the air was filled with ashes and the _______________ of acrid smoke.
conciseIn spite of the vast number of details in the United States Constitution, the document is remarkably ________________.
enlightenedAn old Chinese proverb suggests: “Make a candle to get light; read a book to get _____________________.”
divulgeI beseeched the employees at the florist’s shop to _______________ the name of the person who had anonymously sent me flowers, but they refused.
quaveredShe tried to appear calm, but her voice _________________, revealing her agitation.
recoiledHe _____________________ when he saw the rat scurry across the rug.
divulgeA person accused of a crime is not obliged to _________________ anything that might be incriminating.
relentlessSeeing my childhood friend so gray and infirm, I became keenly aware of the ___________________ passage of the years.
comportThe charitable programs sponsored by this organization _______________ well with our conception of a just and compassionate society.
staccatoThe speaker’s _______________ delivery truly reminded us of a jackhammer breaking up concrete.
depreciation“Wear and tear” is the __________________ that results from ordinary use, not from misuse.
reeksIt’s not surprising that the clothing of firefighters often __________________ of smoke and sweat.
recoilEarly rifles had such a “kick” to them that inexperienced soldiers were often injured by the _______________ after pulling the trigger.
deterioratedIt’s all very well to build new housing, but we should also rehabilitate neighborhoods that have __________________ through neglect.
proponentWhen I learned how the air and water were being polluted, I became a strong _____________________ of ecological reforms.

Level D Unit 11 Completing The Sentence Answers

The program featured a debate between ________ of gun control and critics of legislation restricting ownership of firearms.proponents
“I’m not afraid of anyone!” the boy piped up bravely, but we noticed that his voice ______ as he said it.quavered
Leaders are judged by how well they _______ themselves in times of crisis.comport
The assertive heroines portrayed in many TV programs are a far cry from the ________ young ladies depicted in the nineteenth century novels.demure
Economists will tell you that inflation results in an increase in the supply of money and the _______ in its value.depreciation
The telltale ______ of gas reminded us that someone had left a burner open on the stove.reek
The witnesses have testified at great length, but how much really valuable information have they _______ to the investigation committee?divulged
Now that the storm has damaged the crops, it’s up to us to work twice as hard to _____ our losses.recoup
Despite the creature comforts we now enjoy, I feel that the quality of life has somehow _________ in recent years.deteriorated
How often have we heard candidates for public office promise that they will be tough and ______ in fighting organized crime!relentless
A(n) _________ public opinion, said Jefferson, is essential to a democratic society.enlightened
In saying that “_______ is the soul of wit,” Shakespeare was reminding comedians to keep their jokes short and snappy.brevity
In a passage that a composer had marked __________, every note should sound like the quick thrust of a knife.staccato
A president will often try to _________ the defeat of a legislative program by appealing for the public’s support on TV.forestall
Since you worked so long and hard for the money you earned, its doubly foolish to ______ it on things you don’t really want or need.squander
What we need is not a lot of new legislation, but tough enforcement of the _______ already on the books.statutes
To the district attorney’s dismay, the witness _________ all the facts and misled the jury.garbled
The child _______ in fear and disgust as the harmless water snake slithered over the floor.recoiled
As it wound its way through the desert, the mighty river became a mere _____ that travelers could easily wade across.rivulet
Since you are charged for every word you use in a telegram, it pays to be as __________ as possible.concise

Level D Unit 11 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

the devaluation of currencydepreciation
the unremitting persecution of Huguenotsrelentless
the runnel of salt waterrivulet
A disjointed style of speechstaccato
an ordinance passed by the legislaturestatute
a diffident and tentative reaction to the strangersdemure
deport oneself with dignitycomport
quiver with emotionquiver
scramble a radio messagegarble
value conciseness in a short storybrevity
to clarify the messagegarble
steady speechquaver
a fluid melodystaccato
accompanied by an aggressive glancedemure
likely to improve with agedeteriorate

Level D Unit 11 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A

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