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Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 10 Answers

Level D Unit 10 Choosing the Right Word Answers

DiminutiveIn Jonathan Swift’s fictional country of Lilliput, everyone and everything is pint-sized or ________.
LanguidThe visitor’s huge bulk, combined with his ________ manner, made me think of a tired whale.
SkepticalA good scientist will always be ________, about any theory that is not backed by convincing evidence.
ObtrusivePassengers could not exit the bus without tripping over the ________ package in the aisle.
RenderedThe artist, who had trained as an architect, ________ a realistic drawing of the hotel lobby that was nearly as detailed as a photograph.
PreambleI could see that the merchant’s long, sad story about bad luck was only the ________ to a request for a loan.
AdeptAfter 4 years as the President’s press secretary, I have become a noted ________ in the art of fielding questions.
ImpairedThe goalie’s reflexes were as sharp as ever, but the knee injury had plainly ________ his ability to maneuver.
EmancipatedAfter enslaved African-Americans were ________, many emigrated to northern states in order to start new lives.
ErroneousI am not accusing anyone of deliberately lying, but I can prove beyond doubt that the charges are ________.
AdeptRita, who until a year ago had never prepared anything more complicated than scrambled eggs, is now quite an ________ cook.
BleakWhen I asked the student why he wasn’t going to the senior prom, he answered only with a ________ smile.
ChideIt is worse than useless to ________ children for misbehaving without giving them an opportunity to behave better.
RenderedThat monologue about the young accountant on her very first day on the job ________ me helpless with laughter.
RuggedThe sculptor has done a superb job of representing the strong, rough planes of Lincoln’s ________ features.
MiredWhen we tried to straighten out the mess, we found ourselves ________ in a mass of inaccurate, incomplete, and mixed-up records.
ExploitsSergeant Alvin York was awarded this nation’s highest honor for his many daring ________ during WWI.
RuggedJust as in fairy tales, the way to Grandma’s house was a long, winding and ________ path through dark woods.
SlipshodI would never trust my funds to anyone who is so ________ in managing his own affairs.
ExtemporaneousIn the ________ give-and-take of a TV debate, it is easy for a nervous nominee to make a slip of the tongue.
AspireWhen Emerson said, “Hitch your wagon to a star,” he meant that we should ________ to reach the very highest levels of which we are capable.
InvincibleOur basketball team, with its well-planned attack, tight defense, and seven-foot center, proved all but ________.
DespicableFar from admiring the way they got those letters of recommendation, I consider their deception utterly ________.
EmancipateIt is up to all of us to ________ ourselves from prejudices and false ideas acquired early in life.
ExploitedSergei ________ Natasha’s love for him by asking for a favor.

Level D Unit 10 Completing The Sentence Answers

I understand math very well, but, according to my teacher, my performance in class is, at best, slipshod.slipshod
Why do you take it on yourself to chide me whenever I say or do anything even slightly out of line?chide
The many inconsistencies in the suspect’s story made the police highly skeptical of his alibi.skeptical
The Welsh mining village, with its rows of drab cottages, seemed terribly bleak and uninviting in the cold autumn rain.bleak
It is better to openly admit ignorance than to give erroneous information.erroneous
The warmth of the June sun made me feel so languid that I scarcely had the energy to brush away the flies.languid
To improve their standard of living, the people of an underdeveloped country must learn to exploit the resources of their land.exploit
The diminutive but powerful halfback from Syracuse was one of the lightest men ever to play professional football.diminutive
How can you aspire to work in the space program when you haven’t even been able to pass your new science and math courses?aspire
Since it had rained heavily all night, the newly plowed fields were by now an almost impassible mire.mire
We learned that the matchless discipline and superior leadership of the Roman legions made them all but invincible.invincible
Poor diet, lack of exercise, and insufficient rest have done a great deal to impair my health.impair
Marching over the rugged terrain under a broiling sun, we were soon on the verge of exhaustion.rugged
The honoree’s after-dinner speech was so polished and sure that we never guessed it was extemporaneous.extemporaneous
The master silversmith was extraordinarily adept on the use of simple hand tools.adept
The fiddler rendered the fast-paced Virginia reel in a very lively fashion.rendered
Against the solemn hush of the memorial service, the boisterous laughter we heard was singularly obtrusive.obtrusive
Before we get into the specific details of our proposal, we should write a(n) preamble that will explain in general terms what we want to do.preamble
The social worker said with the great emphasis that anyone who would take advantage of an elderly woman is utterly despicable.despicable
There are millions of people throughout the world still waiting to be emancipated from the bonds of grinding poverty.emancipated

Level D Unit 10 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers


















Level D Unit 10 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A

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