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Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 12 Answers

Level D Unit 12 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Is there any other creature in the entire world that is as graceful and ____ as the common house cat?lithe
In days gone by, a dollar was an ____ sum, and was not to be spent lightly.appreciable
When the suspect ____ at the sudden accusation, her bloodless countenance as much as proclaimed her guilt.blanched
All the nations of the world must join in a ____ attack on ignorance, poverty, and disease.concerted
The librarian still ____ that she was not the only person in the library at midnight, but no one seems to believe her.contends
In a country as rich as ours, it is simply ____ that so many people live below the poverty level.intolerable
He has the reputation of being a ____ coach who can work with less experienced players and win.laborious
Computer-generated synthesizers that produce ____ speech enable individuals who have lost their voices to disease to communicate.synthetic
Even those of us not philosophically inclined occasionally like to ____ the meaning of life.ponder
Many novels about football players or boxers are written in a style as ____ as the athletes they portray.brawny
The ____ task the ditch-diggers undertook was not going to be finished before nightfall, in spite of their best efforts.laborious
The official policy of the school is neither to pamper students nor to ____ them.maltreat
Is it ____ of me to suggest that the “great man” may not be as great as he thinks he is?irreverent
To a skeptic, who doubts everything, the absolute belief in anything is ____.blasphemy
The ____ snake’s bite left her with a painful leg wound that took many weeks to completely heal.venomous
We believe that a government can be strong, resourceful, and efficient without being ____.autocratic
After the potatoes have been ____ in hot water, they should be covered in the olive oil and herbs marinade.blanched
Although the song had a cheerful tune, the authoritarian government decided that the lyrics were ____.temperate
As a public official, I have learned to expect criticism of my ideas, but not ____ attacks on my character.venomous
It’s unusual to have an election in which two siblings ____ for the same office.contend
After completing the textbook, the writer faced the ____ job of compiling the index.laborious
Isn’t it amazing how the Adams family of Massachusetts produced so many ____ men and women throughout the years?illustrious
Advocates of American independence were regarded by Great Britain not as patriots, but as dangerous ____.subversives
Some people criticized the judge as being “too lenient,” but I thought she was simply being ____.humane
After months of counting calories, I learned to be ____ in eating.temperate

Level D Unit 12 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Exiled for “treasonous” actsSubversive
A “joint” effort to find a solutionConcerted
A “perceptible” increase in temperatureAppreciable
A comedian’s “flippant” humorIrreverent
Take time to “think over” the offerPonder
Prosecuted by the authorities for “sacrilege”Blasphemy
A “clever” and manipulative personWily
The “husky” arms of the village blacksmithBrawny
A toothache that is “unendurable”Intolerable
A “supple” and graceful beech treeLithe
“Reverence” toward the holy bookBlasphemy
A “delicate” buildBrawny
An “enjoyable” performanceIntolerable
“Stiff” dance movementsLithe
A “guileless” personWily

Level D Unit 12 Completing The Sentence Answers

Some______ fibers are actually better than natural materials for certain purposes.Synthetic
Despite his image as a “hard-boiled businessman,” he is notably ________ in his dealings with all of his employees.Humane
The mountain climbers had to _______ with unfavorable weather and with the fatigue brought on by high altitude.Contend
I resented the ______ manner in which he told us- without even asking for our opinion- what we should do to improve our situation.Autocratic
Instead of trying to accomplish something worthwhile on her own, she spends her time boasting about her _______ ancestors.Illustrious
Mexico City is located deep in the tropics, but because of the altitude, its climate is _________.Temperate
When I said that the famous rock star was singing off-key, his devoted fans seemed to think i was guilty of _______.Blasphemy
While a weight lifter generally has a muscular build, a gymnist typically is slim and _________.Lithe
The years had ______ the auburn from her hair, which now resembled a crown of snowy white.Blanched
I needed the job badly, but the working conditions in that company were so _______ that I finally had to quit.Intolerable
The bite of the rattlesnake and the sarcastic words of a supposed friend can be equally ________.Venomous
Only when the new drug was administered did the patient begin to show _______ signs of improvement.Appreciable
Our climb up the mountain was so _________ that we had to take a long rest before starting back down.Laborious
The____scout leader hoisted the canoe on his shoulders and carried it up the steep hillBrawny
Some people were amused and others were outraged by the speaker’s lighthearted, _______ attitude toward the institutions of government.Irreverent
“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I ________ weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore–“Pondered
We learned too late that the _______ fox had escaped our trap by doubling back on its own tracks.Wily
The suspect was charged with writing and printing pamphlets that were considered ________ by the government.Subversive
Students joined with faculty in a __________ effort to increase the school’s involvement in community affairs.Concerted
In 1875 New York State instituted child protection laws that made it criminal to ________ children.Maltreat

Level D Unit 12 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A

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