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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 13 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 13 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Choosing the Right Word: Very few poems written by Emily Dickinson were published during her lifetime, but she was nevertheless a _ poet, writing over 1,700 poems.

Choosing the Right Word: You will never be able to complete this hike if you _ yourself with so much “essential equipment.”

Choosing the Right Word: What we need is not opinions or “educated guesses” but _ proof that can stand up under the closest examination.

Choosing the Right Word: Although police identified the perpetrator using fingerprints, DNA, and video footage, he _ denied that he had committed the crime

Choosing the Right Word: When they offered to help him, he proudly _ that he could handle the situation on his own.

Choosing the Right Word: If you are going to wait for an occasion that seems _ in every respect, then in all probability you will have to wait forever.

Choosing the Right Word: What could be more _ than the long drive home on a rainy night after we had lost the championship game by one point!

Choosing the Right Word: His parents are such sensitive people that I’m not at all sure how I should _ the news of his injury to them.

Choosing the Right Word: I don’t know anything about quiches and soufflés, but I’m a true _ when it comes to pizza.

Choosing the Right Word: The opening of our show took place most _ in the midst of a transit strike and a record-breaking snowstorm.

Choosing the Right Word: Cleaning up the old beach house seemed an almost impossible task, but she attacked it with _ energy.

Choosing the Right Word: I still cannot figure out how to get my printer to _ pages automatically when I want to make multiple copies of a document.

Choosing the Right Word: Isn’t it ridiculous to say that the disorder was _ by outsiders when we all know that it resulted from bad conditions inside the institution?

Choosing the Right Word: Dr. Salvin’s original diagnosis, although questioned by several colleagues, was strongly _ by the results of the results of the laboratory tests.

Choosing the Right Word: I was so _ when my acting partner forgot his lines and stared blankly at the audience that I, too, had trouble remembering my dialogue.

Choosing the Right Word: I know that he is wealthy and comes from a prominent family, but does that status excuse his _ disregard of good manners?

Choosing the Right Word: In spite of her long and _ career, her reputation today rests entirely on one great play.

Choosing the Right Word: I like a good time as much as anyone, but I don’t think that the celebration of our nation’s birthday should become a rowdy _.

Choosing the Right Word: I wasn’t so much surprised at not getting the job as I was _ by his strange explanation that I was “overqualified.”

Choosing the Right Word: I truly felt that reality could never be as horrible as the _ phantoms that were disturbing my dreams.

Choosing the Right Word: With tireless patience, the wily detective _ bits and pieces of evidence until he gained an insight into how the crime had been committed.

Choosing the Right Word: Psychologists tell us that people who seem to be unusually _ are often the ones most likely to lose control of their emotions in times of stress.

Choosing the Right Word: Well-meaning but misguided friends _ his plans to run away to Hollywood and “become a movie star.”

Choosing the Right Word: The speaker’s inept replies to questions from the floor were met with a barrage of indignant _.

Choosing the Right Word: Her many blue ribbons prove she is a _ of baking.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 13 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Synonyms Exercise: “profess” his undying love

Synonyms Exercise: was “heartbroken” after the tragedy

Synonyms Exercise: gave a conciliatory “answer”

Synonyms Exercise: “endorse” her sleazy scheme

Synonyms Exercise: carefully “rearranged” files

Synonyms Exercise: “baffled” by the answer

Synonyms Exercise: her “unemotional” response to the tragedy

Synonyms Exercise: “hampered” with cares and troubles

Synonyms Exercise: a “colossal” challenge

Synonyms Exercise: “horrendous” evidence of the wreck

Antonyms Exercise: an opera with a “lovely” conclusion

Antonyms Exercise: his open, “expressive” face

Antonyms Exercise: a “haphazard” pile of unpaid bills

Antonyms Exercise: exhibiting a “knowing” attitude

Antonyms Exercise: “disavow” an earlier statement

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 13 Completing the Sentence Answers

Completing the Sentence: The mangled bodies of the victims told their own _ story of what had happened.

Completing the Sentence: The testimony of three different witnesses, all confirming the same basic facts, made the guilt of the accused _.

Completing the Sentence: Although we have had our disagreements, I will _ now that she has always been scrupulously honest in her dealings with me.

Completing the Sentence: The towering walls of many medieval cathedrals are prevented from falling down by huge “flying _” on the outsides of the buildings.

Completing the Sentence: She is so _ with family obligations that she rarely has a free moment for herself.

Completing the Sentence: Aren’t you exaggerating when you suggest that the job of stock clerk calls for someone with _ strength?

Completing the Sentence: The New Year’s Eve party started off quietly enough, but it soon became a full-fledged _.

Completing the Sentence: I don’t think you can really accuse the producers of _ favoritism simply because they chose a friend for the title role.

Completing the Sentence: If the pages aren’t _ properly, they’ll be out of proper sequence when our class magazine is bound.

Completing the Sentence: I was utterly _ when I realized that football practice and the rehearsal for the class show were at the same time.

Completing the Sentence: I know you are really disappointed at not getting that job, but don’t allow yourself to feel so _ that you won’t have the energy to look for another.

Completing the Sentence: I will not in any way _ their plans to play a cruel and humiliating trick on an unoffending person.

Completing the Sentence: When I saw the worried expression on the face of my employer, I realized that it wasn’t a(n) _ time to ask for a raise.

Completing the Sentence: It would be impossible to _ ethnic discord in a school where students of different backgrounds understand and respect one another.

Completing the Sentence: One need not be a(n) _ of modern dance to recognize that Martha is exceptionally talented in that field.

Completing the Sentence: The big game had a truly _ start for us when our star quarterback fumbled and lost the ball on the first play.

Completing the Sentence: Now that you mention it, I don’t think that “Sez you” was a particularly effective _ to her trenchant and insightful criticisms of your proposal.

Completing the Sentence: He is such a(n) _ writer that his books occupy almost an entire shelf in the school library.

Completing the Sentence: Although she remained outwardly _ during the trial, I could sense the emotional turmoil beneath the surface.

Completing the Sentence: “When I first _ this topic two years ago,” I observed, “my ideas were met with indifference and some skepticism.”

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 13 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. c
  2. b
  3. a
  4. b
  5. d
  6. a

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