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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 4 Answers

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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 4 Choosing the Right Word Answers

GossamerI think the nothing in Shakespeare is lighter or more delightful than the … wit and fancy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
irrevocableOur determination never to yield to force or the threat of force is firm and …
eruditeLucy finally completed her … term paper, in which she quoted from more than a hundred sources.
insularIn an age when the world has become a “global village,” we cannot afford leaders with … outlooks.
archetypeAfter compiling feedback on the aircraft’s design, the engineering group gathered to make improvements to the …
contrabandWe cannot bar foreign influences from our shores, and we cannot treat unfamiliar ideas as …
amorphousThe musical composition, with no melodic pattern and no well-defined structure of development, seemed … to my ear.
inscrutableI tried to make some sense out of the strange orders he had given us, but his plan and purpose remained utterly …
insularSurrounded by people who voiced dismal ideas about the economy, Heather found their … views disquieting.
scurrilousThe language he used in his bitter attack on us was so … that I hesitate even to repeat it.
querulousWhat we really resent is not sensible criticism but nagging that is petty, capricious, and …
reverberateThe philosopher said that the ancient question “Am I my brother’s keeper?” has continued to … through the ages.
remonstrateSince he seems to have no moral standard whatsoever, it would probably be futile to … with him about his outrageous behavior.
gossamerTo keep the mosquitoes from biting us while we slept, we hung lightweight, … mosquito netting around our cots.
propensityYour … for spending more than you can afford will lead to only one result-bankruptcy!
sleazyThe pitiful derelict’s only protection against the elements was a cheap overcoat made out of some kind of … material that wouldn’t keep the cold out in a heat wave.
aggrandizementThroughout his career, that man has emphasized the … of wealth and power at the expense of other values.
affableThe four-year-old twins, Martin and Harrison, are such … children that babysitting for then is a pleasure.
reverberateThe concert was held in an outdoor amphitheater, causing the sounds to … throughout the canyon.
sedulousCarefully avoiding any attempt at originality, he has fashioned his style on … mimicry of other, more talented writers.
auraOn its centennial, the entire country was immersed in a … of patriotism that was difficult to convey to outsiders.
resilientWhen we arrived home, we were tired and depressed, but the … spirit of youth made things look brighter the next morning.
repudiateTo limit the free expression of unpopular ideas is to … the basic spirit of the Bill of Rights.
contrabandWhile searching the ship’s cargo, inspectors discovered a secret compartment containing … animals, including several endangered species.
affableWhat a pleasure to talk about the old times with so … a companion!

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 4 Completing The Sentence Answers

AmorphousThe program he suggested was so barren of guiding ideas and specific proposals that I felt justified in referring to it as ______.
ResilientThis jacket is made of a material so ______ that it sheds wrinkles and keeps its shape even when one has worn it for days.
ContrabandUnder the latest regulations, any shipment of arms to those countries is illegal and may be seized as ______.
ScurrilousHis attempts to discredit her by belittling her ability and character were nothing more than ______ abuse.
IrrevocableThe commitment you have made is ______ without the consent of the other party to the agreement.
ReverberatedThe sharp crack of the rifle shot ______ through the hills.
AuraOn his combat uniform he wore absolutely no insignia of rank, but he was surrounded with an unmistakable ______ of authority.
AggrandizeHe used his admittedly remarkable talents only to ______ himself, not to benefit the society that was so kind to him.
RepudiateI am not going to ______ the ideas and standards by which I have guided my life just because they have become unpopular.
EruditeAs my opponent cited facts and figures without once referring to notes, I became aware of how ______ she was.
GossamerThe drops of dew sparkled like diamonds on the ______ threads of the spider web.
RemonstrateSince our efforts to ______ with the factory managers about pollution of the lake have been ineffective, we are now considering legal action.
QuerulousHe is really insufferable when he gets into one of those ______ moods in which nothing in the world pleases him.
AffableIf you happen to have a(n) ______ seatmate on a long airplane flight, you may find yourself talking more freely about personal matters than you would under other circumstances.
InscrutableHe tried in vain to guess what surprise he might expect next from that ______ power, Lady Luck.
InferAm I to ______ from what you just said that you were not present at the scene of the accident?
InsularWhile tsarist Russia’s vast territories were almost purely continental, the British Empire included numerous ______ possessions.
PropensityBecause of his ______ for gossiping, we tried not to let him learn anything about our personal affairs.
Sleazy______ dives full of disreputable and dangerous-looking characters have given the waterfront areas of many cities a bad reputation.
SedulousPerhaps she had less native ability than some of her classmates, but her powers of concentration and ______ study program enable her to finish first in the class.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 4 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

affablegenial, amicable, agreeable, cordialsurly, cantankerous, dour, inhospitable
aggrandizeaugment, amplify, enhance, exaltreduce, decrease, diminish
amorphousformless, unstructured, nebulous, inchoatedefinite, well-defined, clear-cut
auraambience, atmosphere
contrabandillicit, bootleg, unlawfullegal, lawful, licit
eruditeprofoundly educated, well-readignorant, uneducated, illiterate
gossamerfilmy, diaphanous, sheer, airy, feathery, gauzythick, dense, solid, massive
infergather, deduce, presume, guess, speculate
inscrutableimpenetrable, incomprehensible, enigmaticcomprehensible, intelligible, penetrable
insularnarrow-minded, parochial, provincialcatholic, cosmopolitan, liberal
irrevocableirreversible, unrecallable, unalterablereversible, changeable
propensitynatural bent, proclivity, penchantnatural incapacity or inability
querulouspetulant, touchy, cranky, irritableuncomplaining, stoical, serene, placid
remonstratereason against, expostulate
repudiatedisavow, abjure, renounceavow, affirm, aver, avouch
resilientspringy, elastic, buoyant, bouncyrigid, stiff, inflexible, unyielding
reverberaterumble, thunder, boom, echo
scurrilousobscene, filthy, abusive, vituperativedecorous, seemly, tasteful, dignified
sedulousassiduous, tireless, indefatigablelackadaisical, listless, indolent, otiose
sleazyinferior, cheesy, tawdry, tattysuperior, first-rate, quality, sturdy

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 4 Vocabulary in Context Answers

abusiveAn action taken in a scurrilous manner
forsake itTo repudiate something means to
tendencyA propensity is a(n)
uneducatedSomeone who is erudite is NOT
cannot be avoidedThe fate of one who is irrevocably doomed

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