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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 15 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 15 Choosing the Right Word Answers

In his farewell address, President Dwight D. Eisenhower _ the necessity to beware of the rise of the “military-industrial complex”

In a democracy we have no need to disguise the human failings of our leaders; we can respect them without _ them

The candidates underrate the electorate if they think they can win votes with that kind of antiquated _

What disappointed me was not so much your failure to complete the job but your _ efforts to avoid all responsibility for the debacle

Even the innate talents of a Mozart or an Einstein cannot _ unless the environment is favorable to their growth

Unlike the Athenians, who delighted in luxury, the Spartans espoused the virtue of _ simplicity

The speaker referred scornfully to the “hysterical _ of the ecologists,” but I believe they are warning us of real dangers

I must say that I agree with their _ against those who deface our public buildings with unsightly graffiti

Your tactics prove that you are not just an _ but someone with a ruthless disregard for others

You are too young to understand how the trials of life can transform a happy-go-lucky youth into a solitary _

The situation was rapidly becoming intolerable because some of the club members were not merely uncooperative but positively _

_ by high-pressure sales talk, I bought a car that I did not need, could not afford, and did not even know how to drive

You have written a(n) _ novel with a wealth of authentic documentation, but you have forgotten to entertain your readers

The author found it ironic that the novel he had tossed off in his youth as a mere _ came to be viewed as his masterpiece

The aim of the new biography was to _ its subject of charges that previous biographers had wrongfully pressed against him

When you have been guilty of rude conduct, do not try to minimize your guilt by referring to the incident as a mere _
faux pas

Many historians believe those apparently minor incidents _ the great revolutionary uprising that occurred a few years later

The monk is a famous _ who sometimes appears publicly to oppose wars

They make an excellent team because his deftness in handling people effectively _ her remarkable executive abilities

When I asked him if he could dance, he looked at me with supreme _ and asked, “Could Caruso sing?”

The _ of the actor’s career was probably when he had the opportunity to play King Lear on the London stage

A full and glowing moon and two shooting stars were the perfect _ to a romantic dinner for two alongside the river

The ancient photograph showed my grandmother in her native Russian village, sporting a _ jacket to protect her against the harsh autumn wind

What is the basis for your statement that advertising costs account for an _ part of the retail price of many products?

Because you are usually a rather boisterous person, I was surprised by your _ behavior at the party

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 15 Completing The Sentence Answers

Since there was no time to get into elaborate details, all that we did was to _ the general features of the plan.

What at first appeared to be no more than a rather favorable opinion of himself has __ into a seemingly unlimited conceit.

While two of the accused were indicated on conspiracy charges, the third was eventually __ of any involvement plot.

Though your unwillingness to make me a small loan is disappointing, what infuriates me is your __ explanation that it is “for my own good.”

What we need in this situation is not a lugubrious __ cataloging our troubles but a workable plan for improvements.

I wonder how many people have been taken in by those silly TV ads that attempt to pass of worthless __ as valuable jewelry.

Successful politician must be alert to take advantage of every favorable circumstance, but if they are no more than __, it is hard to see how they will ever accomplish anything worthwhile.

In a rather silly painting called The __ of Homer, the artist attempts to show the blind poet’s reception among the gods.

After his conversation, the young man renounced his former profligacy and dissipation to lead the life of a(n) __ .

The chairman of the Senate Investigating Committee angrily threatened the witness with contempt charges because of her __ attitude.

How could a person of your knowledge and experience allow yourself to be __ by vague promises and empty reassurances?

I find it impossible to understand how the world can stand idly by while __ acts of cruelty are being committed daily.

At first we thought that he was just pretending to be surly, but later we discovered that he really was a __ .

Her standards of proper behavior are so demanding that she regards every minor __ as an unforgivable social offense.
faux pas

For the 18th-century moralist, art and literature had an essentially __ purpose; they should teach as well as entertain.

She doesn’t seem to realize that it is often more impressive to offer a few just words of criticism than to _ long and loud against those who offend us.

I won’t go into that shop because the snooty salespeople treat me with the __ and disdain of aristocrats dealing with their lackeys.

Instead of simply stating his case, he launched into an emotional appeal whose language soon degenerated into mere _ and bombast.

We all have aggressive impulses, but in most cases our early training and conditioning tend to __ the open expression of them.

The editorial argues that the crime-fighting situation cannot improve until the police department receives its full __ of personnel.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 15 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

asceticaustere, spartan, celibatewanton, dissolute, hedonist
baubletrifle, gewgaw, knickknack, bagatellegem, precious jewel, treasure
beguiledelude, dupe, lure, while awayN/A
burgeonsprout, blossoms, bloom, flourishatrophy, wither, shrivel, diminish
complementbalance, round outN/A
contumaciousimpudent, unruly, defiant, refractorydocile, meek, deferential, cooperative
curmudgeongrouch, crank, sorehead, churlN/A
didacticeducational, instructional, moralisticN/A
disingenuousartful, sly, two-faced, insincerecandid, frank, artless, sincere
exculpateabsolve, exonerate, acquitconvict, condemn
faux pasindiscretion, gaffecoup, tour de force
fulminaterail, inveighpraise, applaud, commend, extol
fustianrant, claptrap, bombast, grandiloquenceN/A
hauteurconceit, superciliousness, snobbishnessmodesty, humility, diffidence, mousiness
inhibitrepress, check, suppressfoster, promote, expedite, facilitate
jeremiadN/Apaean, song of praise
opportunistself-seeker, exploiterN/A
unconscionableunjustifiable, indefensible, unforgivablejustifiable, reasonable, honorable

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 15 Vocabulary in Context Answers

1. C
2. B
3. A
4. B
5. D
6. D

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