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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 6 Answers

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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 6 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Prior to the wright brothers first successful airplane flight in 1903, all of mankind’s efforts to fly had been (internecine, abortive).

Although those supposedly (abortive, waggish) remarks were dressed in the guise of humor, they betrayed a strong undertone of resentment.

The concessions that we are making are manifest, but I do not perceive a reasonable (prescience, quid pro quo) from the other side.
quid pro quo

All the snide rumors that have been spread about them do not (vitiate, ensconce) their solid reputation for authentic kindness and decency.

They survived the critical years due to their uncanny (prescience, touchstone) that enabled them to anticipate the moves of their enemies.

In that situation, I don’t know which was more distressing – the callous indifference of some of my “friends” or the (maudlin, contumelious) sympathy of others.

The decline in the value of the company’s stock was attributed to the fact that rumors of a contract cancellation had been widely (bruited, vitiated).

In her volume of fairy tales, the great creatures of (portentous, salubrious) size were both gentle giants and fire-breathing dragons.

I felt that I had stated my case with sincerity and conviction, but my heart sank when they reacted with a (maladroit, portentous) silence.

My plan to run in the primaries will not be diverted by the (touchstone, dicta) of so-called experts who assert that I have no chance of winning.

Historians believe that the Civil War had a collective (traumatic, salubrious) impact, which was not healed until a new generation had grown to maturity.

Willy-nilly, parents often enter (in medias res, waggishly) into a quarrel between siblings, especially when lasting damage seems about to occur.
in medias res

Some people seem to be natural nonconformists; for them (prescience, iconoclasm) is not just a mood or an affectation but a way of life.

When the miners arrived with all of their back pay and intent upon “having fun,” our town soon took on the aspect of a frontier (saturnalia, quid pro quo).

With her elegance and remarkable feel for style, is it any wonder that she soon became (modulated, ensconced) as the arbiter of fashion?

Their cool and detached skepticism now struck me as a(n) (iconoclastic, salubrious) factor in that highly emotionalized situation.

The cat (ensconced, bruited) herself in safety behind the coats.

In spite of my extreme nervousness, I made every effort to (modulate, bruit) my voice and speak the first lines in a calm, controlled manner.

Their efforts to settle the differences between the two factions were so (portentous, maladroit) that what had begun as a rift became a chasm.

Homer’s Iliad begins (quid pro quo, in medias res) with a dramatic argument between Agamemnon and Achilles during the Trojan War.
in medias res

My mother passed on her greatest wisdom with the following (prescience, dictum): Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Warfare has become too (internecine, saturnalian) to risk.

While the organizations’s goal is ultimately free trade, each state must have the freedom to (modulate, vitiate) trade based on its interests.

A strict sense of honesty, marked by a refusal to take refuge in clever ambiguities, has been the (touchstone, dictum) of my career in politics.

Her (abortive, contumelious) attempt to ruin our plans was malicious but unsuccessful.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 6 Completing The Sentence Answers

I was an extremely sensitive child, and the death of my beloved mother certainly had a(n) __ effect upon me.

If you are so _ in handling your own personal affairs, how can you presume to advise others how to manage their lives?

It is one thing to offer a person opinion; it is quite another to issue a(n) _ as though you are the only one with any knowledge of the subject.

And such as the quirks of fate that there Maria was, after all her mishaps and blunders, firmly _ as the president of the firm.

In our bored and depressed mood, her buoyant personality had a most _ effect.

The coach devised a clever strategy, but it proved __ when our team failed to execute it properly.

Though the guests at the gala benefit tried to maintain an air or cheer, the _ news of the international crisis hung like a pall over the gathering.

A group of elderly people sitting about sipping tea and discussing the weather is scarcely my idea of _ revelry.

The speaker paid no attention to the __ remarks of a few hecklers in the crowd but went right on with her speech.

As she thoroughly enjoys taking potshots at sacred cows, I’d describe her attitude as definitely _.

How can you expect them to cooperate with us unless they receive some reasonable __ to their efforts?
Quid Pro Quo

For years, Churchill’s warnings about Hitler were dismissed as alarmism; only after the outbreak of World War II did people appreciate his __.

I certainly have no intention of turning my back on them simply because it has been _ about the town they are involved in some sort of scandal.

If he would only devote more time in school to serious study and less to __ pranks, his grades would probably improve.

All the evidence presented at such length by their lawyers does not seriously _ the case against the accused.

The deathbed scene might have been effective if it had been played with restraint, but their woefully ham-handed acting turned into a(n) _ tearjerker.

What we are facing in this organization is not healthy competition among the executives but a(n) _ struggle that will destroy the company.

To gain the immediate attention of the reader, the short-story writer sometimes begins a narrative _, rather than at the very beginning of events.
In Medias Res

More than anything else, the ability to create distinctive characters and make them come alive on the page is the __ of a great novelist.

Though the critic still has nothing good to say about modern art, age and experience have somewhat _ the intensity of his disapproval.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 6 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

ABORTIVEmiscarried, fruitless, prematuresuccessful, realized, consummated
BRUITnoise abroad, broadcast, blazoncover up, conceal, hush up
CONTUMELIOUSvituperative, scurrilous, excoriatinglaudatory, commendatory, deferential
DICTUMmaxim, precept, aphorism, axiom
ENSCONCEnestle, lodge, entrenchunseat, displace, oust
ICONOCLASTICimage-breaking, irrelevant, hereticalorthodox, conservative, reverent
INTERNECINEmurderous, savage, ruinouspeaceful, harmonious, constructive
MALADROITinept, awkward, clumsy, gaucheskillful, dexterous, deft, tactful
MAUDLINmushy, mawkish
MODULATEadapt, moderate
PORTENTOUSforeboding, ominous, pretentiousauspicious, propitious, encouraging
QUID PRO QUOswap, trade
SALUBRIOUSbeneficial, healthy, invigoratingharmful, unhealthy, deleterious, noxious
SATURNALIANdissipated, debauched, orgiastic
TOUCHSTONEcriterion, yardstick, benchmark
TRAUMATICjoltingsoothing, comforting, agreeable, pleasant
VITIATEdegrade, underminepurify, fortify, strengthen, enhance
WAGGISHwhimsical, jocularserious, grave, grim, dour, humorless

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 6 Vocabulary in Context Answers

An internecine war is deleterious for all.c
A modulated sound is adjusted.d
Something that is portentous is awe-inspiring.a
A result that is vitiated is not improved.d
A touchstone is a criterion.b

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