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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 1 Answers

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Level H Unit 1 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Martin Luther King, Jr. appealed to his countrymen to abandon the (_) stereotypes of racism and rise to a new level of understanding.

Financial analysts carefully watch the performance of certain stocks, which they regard as (_) for indications of economic trends.

How can you expect a prompt response from an agency that is bogged down in a veritable (_) of unnecessary red tape?

By late imperial times, centuries of soft living had turned the once hardy Romans into an (_) and indolent people.

We have lived to see the acceptance and enactment of reform programs that, when first proposed, were dismissed as absolutely (_).

The great historian Edward Gibbon sought to explain how and why the (_) efforts of the early Christian church met with such extraordinary success.

A policy of (_) economics make sense in a textbook, but certain governmental regulations and oversight are necessary in a mixed economy.

Overly sensitive to any suggestion of ridicule, young Rogers seemed to be hurt even by a friend’s good-natured (_).

The lyrics of the song, presented as though they were devastating wit, were in my opinion no more than a coarse and (_) jest.

They have confronted us not with a theoretical possibility but with a(n) (_); now we must decide what we can do about it.
fait accompli

He is so (_) in his own political views that he won’t even listen to opinions that differ from his own.

Her unfailing courtesy to others is not a mere(_) of her personality; it reflects the essential values and standards by which she lives.

Failure to stand up for your rights is not being “prudent” or “moderate”; it is the behavior of a (_).

Almost incredibly, a formidable resistance movement had been organized by people whom we had always associated with (_) submission to authority.

I am willing to listen to any reasonable grievances you may have, but this constant (_) about trivia has exhausted my patience.

A superintendent is at the head of the (_) of educators responsible for the schooling of our children and young people.

With penetrating insight and a marvelous ear for dialogue, the author gave us in a few words an unforgettable (_) of a confused but hopeful adolescent.

After a brief period of popularity, their cheap and vulgar novels lost their appeal and sank into well-deserved (_).

As I listened to the talk of those unlettered people, suffused with love and reverence, I felt that their simple words were a (_) worthy of respect.

Although the old senator no longer holds any public office, her fame and prestige are so great that she is still regarded as a (_) public figure.

The (_) form of the sculpted figure suggests that the artist is interested in revealing-and drawing attention to-life’s peaceful moments.

(_) vapors from the manufacturing plant contributed to the overwhelming public outrage concerning disposal of waste in the community.

As the family set up their tent, a distant (_) of an unseen and mysterious creature sent the children running for the comfort of their parent’s arms.

A lauded short story writer and novelist Ernest Hemingway was far from (_), as he also thrived in such endeavors as bullfighting, hunting, and skiing.

Hiking in the woods, we came upon an expansive and impassable (_).

Level H Unit 1 Completing The Sentence Answers

A handful of self-appointed “leaders” served as the _ who induced the mob to surge through the barriers.

Ever since she learned of the failure of her project, she has mired in a(n) _ of disappointment and self-recrimination.

The use of English rather than traditional languages in religious ceremonies is evidence of efforts to modernize and revitalize the _ of various denominations.

Advocates of equal rights maintain that we must reject the _ prejudices that bar the physically impaired from many occupations.

The rigid king dismissed as a mere _ anyone who refused to join in his crusade against the forces of evil.

Polluted by the spill from a nearby chemical plant, the once beautiful lake had become a foul pool, _ and hideous.

She used her talent, charm, energy, and determination to fight her way up the corporate _ until she attained the highest position in the company.

As late as the seventeenth century, researchers called “alchemists” devoted their lives to the pursuit of _ schemes for turning iron into gold.

The baby-sitter had a ___manner about him, so the children got to stay up late when he was in charge.

As a rule, I am not a particularly proud or combative person, but I cannot be _ to the fact that you have deliberately insulted me.

Their youthful enthusiasm for literature had degenerated over the years into a(n) _ preoccupation with quibbling criticism and minor details.

Failure in itself is no disgrace, but the _ acceptance of failure certainly is.

I detected an undertone of hostility and ridicule in the remarks, which were ostensibly no more than good- natured _.

Level H Unit 1 Synonyms And Antonyms Answers


has a “FANCIFUL” notion of what the future holds

a “COWARD” we want to avoid

a steady stream of “BANTER”

shocked by the “FOUL” atomsphere

startled by the sudden “WAIL”

embarrassed by the “BAWDY” prose

tempted by the idea of “SEMI”-retirement

Fait Accompli

unfamiliar with the “CEREMONY”

at the pinnacle of the “PECKING ORDER”


faced with “DERISION” and contempt

soothed by the “PLEASANT” odor

“INFORMAL PROCEEDINGS” in the public square

the “WHIMPER” of the unhappy child

enjoyed a deserved reputation as a “HERO”

Level H Unit 1 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. C
  5. D

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