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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 8 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 8 Choosing the Right Word Answers

so strong is my … with the poems of frost that i often feel as though i could have written them myself

de facto
although the law forbids residential separation of the races, we know that a state of … segregation exists in some communities

how can you compare a mere social .. with a misdeed that has caused such a great harm to other people

we may find … annoying, but the fact s that they often serve as gadflies to bring about desirous changes

the … looks that they directed at us made it only too clear that we had little hope for mercy at their hands

we must not assume that their behavior, however .. by conventional standards, is a sign of mental illness

piece de resistance
then came miss bolton’s cornet solo, which we all recognized immediately as the … of that long musical evening

the car was forever breaking down, but its owner seemed to derive a sort of perverse satisfaction out of battling with the … old heap

said churchill to the british people after the munich agreement, “we must reject these … assurances of peace in our time”

in all aspects of their behavior, raina and joe showed the self indulgence and gross indifference to others that is characteristic of the true …

the … of poverty, drug addiction, and crime that afflicts our cities calls for remedial action no a truly national scale

the … of the terrible disease could be seen only too clearly in her extreme emaciation and feebleness

a candidate for high office should seek to debate the issues on an objective level, instead of … to the prejudices of the times

“Am i to be accused of …,” queried the Mayor, “just because my wife, daughter, and brother happen to be the best applicants for the job”

True, we won the game, but i think our team gave a rather … performance in beating a weak opponent by so narrow a margin

in many respects it is a good movie, but sadly, the director has allowed sentiments to spill over into sentimentality, and sentimentality into …

your efforts to prove that because “no one is perfect” all moral standards are relative therefore meaningless, struck me as sheer …

ad hoc
the negotiators agreed not to try to draw up an overall treaty but to deal with each specific problem on a … basis

with the extreme cold and the deep snow stills holding one. the gradual lengthening of the days was the only … of spring

we learned with dismay that out application has been neither approved nor rejected, but … to a higher authority for further consideration

ad hoc 2
our fundraising committee formed … in order to more efficiently help the displaced or uninsured families that were affected by the floods

since you have been spending time with these new friends, i sense in you a sort of mental … that both worries and disappoints me

the … citizens formed a committee to disseminate a petition, to organize a strike, and to monitor legislative proceedings

the movement of the fox north into the arctic territory … the continuation of a warming climate

the man in the gray cap is a … who engages in all kinds of illegal activities but somehow never gets caught

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 8 Completing The Sentence Answers

Would it be ungracious of me to suggest that the __ of the feast, given on the menu as “filet mignon,” had the taste and texture of old shoe leather?
Piece de resistance

It took years for that country to recover from the __ wrought by the Second World War and its concomitant social and economic dislocations.

The history of the world teaches us that we should never let ourselves be blinded by the meretricious _ of a demagogue, no matter how appealing it may appear at first glance.

I find myself in the position of __ supervisor; now I would like to have the title, salary, and privileges that go along with the job.
De facto

Yes, you have scored a quick commercial success, but you have done it only by _ to low and depraved tastes.

Those sentimentalized effusions introduced a note of _ into what should have been an occasion marked by dignity and restraint.

Is it too optimistic to hope that your willingness to undertake that thankless task is the __ of a new maturity and a more responsible attitude?

Though he had embraced a creed of unabashed __ in his youth, he ended his life among a group of ascetics living in the desert.

Because they have followed a policy of bringing in executives and supervisors from the outside, instead of promoting from within their own ranks, the office is filled with grumbling _.

Yes, I believe in helping out relatives, but I haven’t spent a lifetime building this business to make it a monument to __.

The pitcher’s lightning fastball has proved the _ of many a celebrated home-run hitter.

A high temperature, yellowish complexion, and general feeling of fatigue are all characteristic of the mononucleosis __.

He had been happy-go-lucky as a young man, but years of disappointment and misfortune have turned him sour and __.

It was hard to believe that the eager, vibrant youth I had known was now this shabby derelict, staring into space with __ eyes.

Those cases that call for further attention will be __ to the proper agencies.

As there was no agency concerned with race relations, the Mayor created a(n) _ committee to deal with such matters.
Ad Hoc

I think you are showing poor judgment in condemning them so severely for what is after all, little more than a(n) _.

How is one to explain that strange _ from the habits and standards that he had followed for so many years?

Like everyone else, I was charmed by the _ tones of the speaker, but later I could extract very little real meaning from what she had said.

Her visits to the nursing home are motivated not by a detached sense of duty but by a genuine _ for those who are lonely.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 8 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Indulged in Las Vegas
Coming of winter
Victims of the
Dismissed as by critics
Seen by scientists as
Committed several
8Musical toneMellifluous
Of the announcer’s voice
Charged with by opponents
10Recognizable group of symptomsSyndrome
Of the story’s conclusion
Never experienced
3Shrill soundMellifluous
Awakened by the
4Isolated side effectSyndrome
Caused by the medicine

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 8 Vocabulary in Context Answers


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