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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 2 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 2 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Their standards are so rigid and so devoid of a sense of proportion that they elevate every minor … to the level of a major crime

Is it any wonder that the young quarterback is getting a swelled head when he seems always to be surrounded by a … of fawning admirers?

It is not enough merely to push aside our prejudices and pretend they don’t exist; we must … these evils from our minds and personalities

From the observatory atop the Empire State Building, the pedestrians on the streets below look as … as ants

Even the public opinion polls, which showed a strong trend toward our candidate, did not make us overly … about our chances of winning

Those later scenes, in the opinion of many critics, had so much self-conscious pathos that they lacked conviction and …

For many years, there was a tendency among Americans and Europeans to ignore the highly developed … cultures of the peoples of Africa

Compared to today’s free agents, the ballplayers of yesteryear were practically the … of the team owners

A basketball team will be sent to the Far East under the … of the State Department to play native teams in various countries

I think it was very inconsiderate of her to wait until this late date before she… us of her intention to quit the class show

If we disregard the emotions and desires of other groups in our area, we are simply going to increase partisanship and … the whole community

The movie started off well, but the later scenes, with the beautiful young heroine slowly dying of cancer, became overwrought and …

In the tragedy that overtakes the pathetic Lennie in Of Mice and Men, we see in … the cruelty and injustice that pervade our society

please do not try to … your responsibility in this matter by irrelevant criticism of other people’s behavior

came to resent the company’s… because it assumed that employees lacked the self-reliance to take care of themselves

under the American system of personal liberty, there are many aspects of daily life that are not within the … of any governmental authority

morality is not a criterion that can be used to judge whether or not a word belongs in a … of the language in which it is used.

at rush hour, I always have a hard time fighting my way through the … of tired commuters scurrying through the station

Falstaff, as conceived by Shakespeare, is not just a … old braggart but an archetype of human appetities and joy in living

A(n) … of Virginia Woolf’s work reveals that she is an exceptionally modern writer concerned with the psychology and emotion of her subjects

Thankfully, the beach towels are extremely …, and they were able to control the spread of water due to the bucket that tipped over in the back of the van

When light from the sun hits the surface of the pond, the light is … and then we see mysterious reflections on the placid water

The grandmother was impressed by the child’s … complexion, and generally healthy apperance

Some call our city a cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures, but my grandparents from Eastern Europe felt … and even apprehensive at times

As a …, its citizens had few rights and were subject to others’ whims

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 2 Completing The Sentence Answers

I am not given to undue optimism, but the preliminary results of the polls make me __ about the outcome of the election.

A hard-line speech may gain her the applause of her followers, but overall it will __ sentiments throughout the country and impair national unity.

Is the expression “it is me” to be regarded as _ or as acceptable idiomatic form?

He came to realize that the inner city in which he had been raised was a(n) __ of the suffering of poor people all over the world.

She defended her policy a(n) __ by noting that even with a supportive audience, someone is needed to get the applause started.

The third period was marred by a bench-clearing __ that left the hockey rink littered with discarded gloves and sticks.

A case of that type, which does not involve a federal law or constitutional issue, does not come within the _ of the Supreme Court.

“The rash and _ behavior of that young hothead almost cost us the battle, to say nothing of the war,” the general remarked sourly.

Without expressing opinions, simply _ us as promptly as possible of the results of the conference.

No matter how fantastic and far-fetched the themes of Ray Bradbury’s stories may be, he seems able to achieve an extraordinary effect of __.

Both sides let on that the negotiators were still miles apart, when in fact the distance that separated them was __.

Only within recent years has a complete __ of the Latin language been compiled.

The issue is basically a simple one, and your efforts to _ it by raising endless technical objections will have no effect on us.

It is easy to be cynical about the motives that lie behind their _ activities, but I truly believe that they want to help people.

Surprisingly, the white potato, which I have always associated with Ireland, is _ to the Americas.

_ from their old world environments, European immigrants had difficult adjustments to make.

The people of this impoverished area need a program that will “help them to help themselves”— not a form of __ that will make them completely dependent on outside aid.

If you are ever to get out of this tangled mess, now is the time for action, not indulgence in __ self-pity.

When South Korea was invaded, the United States organized a collective defense effort under the _ of the United Nations.

At the outset of WW2, Lithuania lost its sovereignty and became an unwilling _ of the Soviet Union.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 2 Synonyms Answers

appriseacquaint, notify
bibulousinebrious, alcoholic
claquefan club, flatterers, hangers-on
deracinateextirpate, eradicate, expunge
exegesisanalysis, explication, interpretation
indigenousendemic, domestic, homegrown
lachrymosetearful, doleful, dolorous
lexiconwordbook, glossary, special vocabulary
meleefracas, brawl, scuffle, donnybrook
microcosmepitome, world in little, model
minusculeinfinitesimal, insignificant
obfuscatemuddy the waters
paternalismbenevolence, solicitude, fatherliness
polarizesplit, alienate, estrange, divide
purvieworbit, jurisdiction
sanguineflushed, rosy
solecismmisusage, blunder, faux pas
vassalminion, servile, menial
verisimilituderealism, lifelikeness, authenticity

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 2 Antonyms Answers

apprisekeep secret, withhold information
bibulousteetotaling, abstemious, temperate
deracinateimplant, nurture, foster, instill
eleemosynaryselfish, self-seeking, uncharitable
indigenousforeign, alien, exoteric, imported
lachrymosedry-eyed, cheerful, merry, hilarious
meleefriendly chat, peace and quiet
microcosmuniverse, macrocosm, cosmos, totality
minusculemassive, huge, monumental
obfuscateclarify, elucidate, explicate
polarizeunite, unify, reconcile
sanguinebloodless, ashen, pessimistic, gloomy
solecismcorrect usage

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 2 Vocabulary in Context Answers

1. To APPRISE means to:A. Make aware
2. Something is INDIGENOUS if it is:C. Native
3. A MELEE is:D. Confused mass
4. POLARIZED rays are those that are:B. Divided
5. A SANGUINE temperament is one that is NOT:D. Depressed

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