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Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 12 Answers

Level G Unit 12 Choosing the Right Word Answers

LaconicOne of the best- known figures of American folklore is the lean, tough __ cowboy.
RequiteI hope to __ my parents for all the care they have shown me.
AestheticAlthough fate has decreed that he make his living as a stockbroker, his main interests and talents are definitely __.
LanguishThough I left the house feeling “as fit as a fiddle,” my spirits began to __ after only five minutes in that withering heat.
ImpeccableHer sense of tact is so __ and unerring that she can handle the most trying situation as if it were mere child’s play.
DiscomfitedThe sternness of my boss’s expression so __ that at first I had difficulty responding to the question.
InterpolatedMany scholars believe that Beaumont of Fletcher __ a scene or two into the present text of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
NadirOne of the comforting things about reaching the __ of one’s career is that the only place to go from there is up.
PerfunctoryPerhaps we should be overjoyed that the great man condensed to give us a(n) __ nod as we passed by.
DefunctThough few of us today stand on ceremony to quite the extent that our ancestors did, common courtesy is by no means __.
GregariousPrehistoric peoples banded together into tribes, not only for protection, but also to satisfy their __ instincts.
PlaintiveShe sang a __ little ditty about a man who yearns wistfully for the girl he left behind many years before.
IrreparableA diplomat must always proceed on the assumption that no rupture between nations, no matter how serious, is __.
OmnipresentThe __ threat of a nuclear holocaust that characterized the Cold War era changed many people’s attitudes toward war in profound ways.
TantamountThe legal adage “Silence implies consent” means that not objecting to an action that concerns you is __ to approving it.
EspouseIn our desire to improve the quality of life in America, we should not be too quick to __ an idea simply because it is new.
HaplessWhen the scandal broke, the man found himself the __ victim of other people’s misdeeds.
FetishIt is one thing to be concerned about discipline; it is quite another to make a __ of it.
ImportuneI don’t know which is more painful–to have to ask someone for a favor or to have some unfortunate __ one for help.
MendaciousFortunately, our lawyer was able to produce documents that disproved __ assertions of our former partner.
PerfunctoryFaced with a tight deadline, the exhausted editor gave the young reporter’s article a hurried and __ edit.
AestheticIn the Poetics and the Metaphysics, Greek philosopher Aristotle discusses the purpose of art and identifies important __ principles.
LanguishedAfter the death of his wife of seven decades, a grieving Mr. Johnson __ in their quiet apartment.
Mendacious“Despite taking an oath to tell the trust, Laurie offered clearly __ testimony,” complained the frustrated defense of attorney.
ImportunedThe whiny toddler __ his mother for a snack.

Level G Unit 12 Completing The Sentence Answers

omnipresentNo matter where candidates for high political office go these days, the _ eye of the TV camera seems focused on them.
interpolateAs his irrepressible flow of reminiscences continured without a letup, I tried in vain to _ a few observations of my own.
mendaciousTo say that he is _ does not even begin to convey just how alienated he is from any regard for the truth.
fetishesOne wall of the museum was filled with charms and _ designed to ward off everything from a hangnail to the evil eye.
perfunctoryThey claim to have made a thorough search of the premises, but I suspect that their efforts were no more than __.
discomfitingLast night, Central High’s Netnicks captured the basketball championship by _ the South High Slammers, 61 to 44.
languishI thought our state legislators would consider the proposal at the earliest opportunity, but they let it _ in committee for months.
plaintiveResponding to the melancholy note in the song of the nightingale, Keats wrote of its “_ anthem.”
importuningSuddenly I was surrounded by a mob of street urchins loudly _ me for a handout.
irreparableI was greatly relieved to learn that the accident I had with my car last week didn’t do any _ damage to the motor.
haplessThe _ creature had somehow gotten its foot caught in the grate and could not extricate it without help.
laconicWhen asked what terms he would offer the Confederate army, General Grant made the _ reply, “Unconditional surrender!”
defunctI felt a little foolish when the librarian told me that I was asking for the current issue of a magazine that had long been _.
nadirEvery general seems to have one defeat that marks the _ his military fortunes–for example, Lee at Gettysburg, or Grant at Cold Harbor.
espouseIt’s easy enough to back a popular program, but it takes real courage to _ a cause that most people oppose.
gregariousSince extroverts are _ by nature, they usually prefer not to live alone.
impeccableNever once has the least whiff of a scandal or impropriety tainted the man’s _ reputation as an upstanding member of this agency.
requited“Don’t you think it’s a little foolish to pursue the young lady when your warm feelings for her are clearly not _?” I asked.
aestheticFrom an _ point of view, the painting didn’t appeal to me, but I kept it because it was a memento of my childhood.
tantamountWhen you get more experience on the job, you will learn that a “request” from your employer is _ to an order.

Level G Unit 12 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

RequiteRECOMPENSED them for their hospitality
InterpolateTried to INTERJECT a different opinion
ImportuneENTREATED the governor for a pardon
MendaciousCautioned me against the DISHONEST salesperson
DiscomfitDISCONCERTED the conservative audience
PlaintiveKept repeating that DOLEFUL melody
LanguishWILT under the hot sun
LaconicListened to a TERSE summary
PerfunctoryNo more than a CURSORY not of apology
TantamountEQUAL to betraying a friend
RequiteSPURN her desire for friendship
LaconicGave a VERBOSE tribute to his partner
InterpolateProne to DELETE unimportant text
TantamountUNLIKE a fair deal
MendaciousA TRUTHFUL account of the events

Level G Unit 12 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D
  2. C
  3. A
  4. B
  5. A

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