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Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 2 Answers

Level G Unit 2 Choosing the Right Word Answers

talismans‘In ancient Egypt, _____________ with the image of a scarab beetle were considered sacred and believed to have healing and protective powers.
suppliantThe infatuated schoolboy, in one of his more restrained expressions, described himself as a _____________ at the altar of love.
gambit“I realize that this kind of financial _____________ has its risks,” she said, “but I expect it to pay off handsomely in the end.”
overt“His acts of defiance have been so _____________ and premeditated that I have no choice but to fire him,” she said sadly.
undulatingJohn’s poem “Sea Fever” has an _____________ rhythm that actually gives one the feeling of being on a rolling ship.
celerityWalt tends to react slowly, but when he feels that his own interests are at stake he can move with striking _____________.
histrionicsAlthough all politicians must have some ability to dramatize themselves, it is very easy to overdo the _____________.
sacrilegeThe adoring fan regarded my negative comments about his favorite singer as tantamount to _____________.
summarilyWithout even considering the new evidence that I was prepared to present, they _____________ denied my appeal to reopen the case.
maelstromShe was buffeted about in a veritable _____________ of emotion, caused mainly by her own dissatisfaction with herself.
talismanHe regarded his Phi Beta Kappa key as a(n) _____________ that would open all doors and win him universal acceptance.
proprietyHe is the kind of person who is concerned not with real moral values but simply with appearances and _____________.
halcyonNary a ripple disturbed the _____________ calm of the sea on that glorious summer’s afternoon.
brackishInstead of imbibing the _____________ waters of superstition, let us refresh ourselves with long drafts of pure, clean, common sense.
pejorativeBecause the word “appeasement” is associated with disastrous concessions to Adolf Hitler, it has acquired a(n) _____________ connotation.
incendiaryHis reckless words have an _____________ effect on the already excited crowd, and large-scale rioting resulted.
accostedAs the defendant left the courtroom, he was _____________ by a group of reporters seeking his reaction to the verdict.
animadversionsI certainly do not claim that my performance in office was beyond criticism, but I deeply resent _____________ on my honesty.
avidAfter years of failure to sell a single story, the young writer described himself bitterly as “a(n) _____________ collector of rejection slips.”
myopicIn the age when the US has truly global responsibilities, we can ill afford leaders with _____________ points of view.
deviousHis methods were so complicated and his purposes so _____________ that we were not sure if he was spying on the enemy or us.
incendiaryAs reported on several online news sites, the _____________ accused in the destructive forest fires has admitted his guilt.
summarilyTo the delight of the impatient graduates, the university president offered her comments at the commencement ceremony_____________.
histrionicAfter the young actor’s audition, the casting directors delivered a harsh evaluation of his overly _ monologue.
suppliantMy _ request for a later curfew proved successful.

Level G Unit 2 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

accostbuttonhole, approach, confrontevade, avoid, shun
animadversionrebuke, reproofpraise, compliment
avidkeen, enthusiastic, graspingreluctant, indifferent, unenthusiastic
brackishbriny, salinefresh, clear, sweet
celeritypromptness, alacrity, speedslowness, sluggishness, dilatoriness
deviousroundabout, indirect, tricky, sly, artfuldirect, straightforward, open, aboveboard
gambitploy, stratagem, ruse, maneuver
halcyon(adj.) tranquil, serene, placid, palmy(adj.) turbulent, chaotic, tumultuous
histrionicaffected, stagylow-keyed, muted, untheatrical, subdued
incendiary(adj.) inflammatory, provocative, (n.) firebrand(adj.) soothing, quieting, (n.) peacemaker
maelstromvortex, chaos, turbulence, tumult
overtclear, obvious, manifest, patentsecret, clandestine, covert, concealed
pejorativecomplimentary, ameliorative
proprietyfitness, correctness, decorumunseemliness, inappropriateness
sacrilegedesecration, profanation, defilement
summarilypromptly, peremptorily, abruptly
undulateripple, fluctuate, rise and fall

Level G Unit 2 Completing The Sentence Answers

brackishTo our dismay, we discovered that the water we had worked so hard to bring to the surface was too ______ for human consumption.
accostAs an employee of the local polling service last summer, it was my job to ______ people on the street and ask their opinions.
maelstromMany a rich southern planter saw all his or her financial resources swallowed up in the ______ of the Civil War.
summarilyAfter the prisoner had been found guilty of treason, he was led before a firing squad and ______ executed.
animadversionSaying that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” is not an effective response to their ______ on your conduct.
undulateDuring the rainy season, the highway sank at so many points that its surface began to ______ like the track for a rollercoaster.
suppliantI stand before you an abject ______, hoping against hope for a sign of your forgiveness.
avidMy brother is such a(n) ______ collector of toy soldiers that I sometimes think our house has been invaded by a pint-sized army.
pejorativeThe suffix -ling often as a(n) connotation, as in the word “princeling,” derived from “prince.”
deviousOn the return trip, we cut straight across the meadows rather than take the more ______ path along the river.
proprietyIn Grandmother’s day, standards of ______ required that a young lady wear a hat and gloves when she went out in public.
celerityThe ______ with which he accepted our invitation to dinner suggested that he was badly in need of a good meal.
incendiaryThe tons of ______ material ignited and turned the waste disposal plant into a roaring inferno.
sacrilegeIn the eyes of most Americans, people who burn or spit on our flag are guilty of an intolerable ______.
halcyonWe looked back on those ______ years before the war broke out as a kind of “golden age” in our history.
gambitAny book on chess strategy usually discusses the standard opening moves, such as the “knight’s ______.”
overtThe Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a ______ act of war.
talismansDown in the main square, a wrinkled old peasant was selling charms and ______ to ward off the evil eye.
histrionicTo be really convincing on stage, an opera singer must possess both vocal and ______ abilities.
myopicHis pale face, hunched shoulders, and ______ stare showed that he had spent his life poring over old books and documents.

Level G Unit 2 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. C
  2. B
  3. D
  4. B
  5. A

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