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Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 3 Answers

Level G Unit 3 Choosing the Right Word Answers

exhumedThough the work hadn’t seen the light of day for over a century, a daring impresario _____ and staged it to great public acclaim.
evincedThe extraordinary musical talents of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart _____ themselves at an amazingly early age.
substantiveBecause the playwright had hurried through her first draft, she had to make _____ changes as she revised the dialogue.
verdantUnfortunately, the _____ hopes and aspirations of my youth have been somewhat blighted by the icy blasts of reality.
primordialThe behavior of armies in wartime often evinces the _____ blood lust that civilized people have not yet fully overcome.
cavortingFrom the deck of our luxury liner, we occasionally caught sight of schools of porpoises _____ playfully in the waves.
verbiageThe book has an interesting plot, but the author has practically smothered it in endless _____.
eulogyNot surprisingly, the address was a notably evenhanded affair in which the speaker cleverly mixed _____ with admonition.
utopianThe new mayor is a curious mixture of the hardheaded pragmatist and the _____ reformer.
nefariousThe United States is cooperating with the other nations of the world in an effort to check the _____ trade in narcotics.
substantiveMembers of Congress were relieved to learn that the current peace negotiations involve _____ discussion of key issues.
dissembleAn accomplished hypocrite usually finds it very easy to _____ his or her true feelings as circumstances dictate.
propinquityThe _____ of our ideas on handling the problem made it very easy for my colleague and me to produce the report in record time.
propinquityGiven my birthday’s _____ to July 4th, my mother customarily decorates my wrapped gifts with red, white, and blue ribbons.
piquantFar from being unpleasant, her slight foreign accent added an extra dash of spice to her already _____ personality.
utopianPlato’s _____ description of the ideal society and its politics in The Republic exerted great influence on later philosophers like Aristotle.
fecklessWhen life was easy he was all dash and confidence, but in times of trouble his essentially _____ character came to the fore.
fecklessThe _____ efforts of our new quarterback caused the team to lose.
unwontedHis _____ interest in the state of my finances strengthened my suspicions that he was about to ask for a loan.
piquantIn my opinion, the columnist’s observations about contemporary media and popular culture are humorous and wonderfully _____.
distraught_____ with grief, they sat motionless for hours, staring blankly into space.
decriedThe investigating committee _____ the use of substandard materials and slovenly workmanship in the housing project.
viscousTrying the read your _____ prose is just like trying to swim upstream through custard.
credenceDespite all the reports of “miraculous” cures, you would be well advised to withhold _____ until the drug has been fully tested.
murkyFrom the bridge, the rescue team could just make out the blurred image of a car beneath the _____ waters of the river.

Level G Unit 3 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

articulatepronounce, elucidate; eloquentmumble, slur; tongue-tied, halting
credencecredit, trust, confidencedisbelief, skepticism, incredulity
decrydenounce, censure, devaluetout, commend, extol, laud, praise
dissembledissimulate, mask, feignN/A
distraughtfrantic, distractedcalm, composed, collected
eulogypanegyric, encomium, tribute, testimonialphilippic, diatribe, invective
evinceexhibit, manifest, occasionN/A
exhumedisinter, unearth, uncoverbury, inter
fecklessfeeble, helpless, incompetent, ineffectualcompetent, capable, effective
murkydim, cloudy, unclearclear, transparent, lucid, limpid
nefariousiniquitous, reprehensiblevirtuous, honorable, praiseworthy, meritorious
piquanttangy, zestfulbland, insipid, tasteless, mild
primordialoriginal, primeval, primalN/A
propinquityproximity, similarityremoteness, distance
unwontedunusual, uncommon, unexpected, atypicalusual, customary, typical
utopianidealisticrealistic, pragmatic
verbiageverbosity, prolixity, diction, jargonN/A
verdantartless, naivescorched, sere, barren, arid
viscousgummy, sticky, thickrunny, watery, aqueous

Level G Unit 3 Completing The Sentence Answers

An educated citizenry will not give credence to wild charges of extremists seeking to undermine our political and economic system.credence
Although Aimee is usually quiet in class, her contribution to our political discussion yesterday was substantive.substantive
The NCAA has in recent years cracked down hard on such nefarious practices as “shaving points”.nefarious
I have always regarded the man as something of a daredevil, but on this occasion he approached the problem with unwonted caution.unwonted
In the hands of our hopelessly feckless producer, what should have been a surefire hit turned into a resounding fiasco.feckless
Even at an early age, my sister evinced a strong interest in studying medicine.evinced
Such spices as red pepper make many of the sauces used in Cajun cooking delightfully piquant.piquant
Since my apartment is in such close propinquity to my office, I usually walk to work.propinquity
For as far as the eye could see, verdant fields of unripe corn swayed gently in the morning breeze.verdant
How could we draw any clear ideas from a talk that was so disorganized, confused in language, and generally murky?murky
Sadly, the utopian schemes of high-minded idealists usually founder on the rocks of practical realities.utopian
I believe there is an overall design to the universe that has been visible ever since the first thing crawled out of the primordial ooze.primordial
When new evidence turned up in the case, the court ordered the coroner to exhume the victim’s body and reexamine it.exhume
Every Memorial Day, the mayor delivers a(n) eulogy extolling the selfless devotion of those who have died in defense of this country.eulogy
When news of the fire ran through town, distraught residents rushed to the scene of the blaze.distraught
Though diesel fuels are not as thick as motor oil, they are a good deal more viscous than regular gasoline.viscous
The new chairman decried what she called the “deplorable tendency of so many Americans to try to get something for nothing.”decried
Though I prefer to be as open and aboveboard as possible, I have learned that it is sometimes wiser or more tactful to dissemble.dissemble
He clothes his puny ideas in such highfalutin verbiage that they resemble gnats in top hats and tails.verbiage
When Bill was told that he had made the varsity wrestling team, he began to cavort around the gym like a young colt.cavort

Level G Unit 3 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. B
  2. A
  3. D
  4. C
  5. B

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