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Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 11 Answers

Level G Unit 11 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., once observed that he did not wish to lead a(n) sequestered, life far from the conflicts of his time.sequestered
Though she entered this country as a(n) impecunious, child, she eventually made a fortune in the garment industry.impecunious
“The inexorable, march of the years,” said the aged speaker, “decrees that this is the last time I will address you.”inexorable
The old adage that “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” simply means that what is considered delectable, is often quite subjective.delectable
The charm of this musical comedy lies in its slam-bang pacing, its sprightly music, and its generally ebullient, good cheer.ebullient
What appeared to be an informal study group was in reality a highly organized cabal, determined to overthrow the establishment.cabal
Though the presidency confers great powers on the person who holds the office, it also saddles that person with onerous, responsibilities.onerous
It is one thing to deprecate, human follies and pretensions; it is quite another to correct them.deprecate
The burnished, helmets and breastplates of the warriors gleamed and twinkled in the morning sunlight.burnished
No one, however powerful or dominant, can abrogate, the basic moral laws on which civilization rests.abrogate
Writing that is so fully of soggy cliches, gummy sentence structure, and excessive wordiness can best be described as flaccid.flaccid
Eclectic, schools of art are typical of a period when there is little original inspiration or bold experimentation.eclectic
Since archeologists spend a lot of time rummaging through the detritus, of vanished civilizations, they bear a striking resemblance to junk collectors and ragpickers.detritus
Through skeptics insist that patriotism is moribund, in America, I believe that it is alive and well in the hearts of the people.moribund
The investigating committee spent long hours trying to winnow, fact from fiction in the witnesses’ testimony.winnow
As we sat in the locker room after our heartbreaking loss, the ambient, gloom was so thick you could almost cut it.ambient
Any political party that is rife, with petty jealousies and backbiting can never hope to present a united front in an election.rife
Necromancy, and other forms of witchcraft were punishable by death during the Middle Ages.necromancy
As one veteran aptly observed, a soldier had to be hardy to cope with the asperities, of life in the trenches during World War I.asperities
Anyone who has the slightest acquaintance with the rudiments, of economic theory understands that we cannot solve our financial problems simply by borrowing more and more money.rudiments
Despite our prodding, Aunt Eileen would not disclose the secret ingredient that makes her marinara sauce so delectable.delectable
The film critic complained that some of the inexorable, tension in the original film has been lost in this year’s milder remake.inexorable
The unconventional artist liked to incorporate glass shades, plastic strips, pieces of string, and assorted detritus, into his sculptures.detritus
“Did you use a cotton or a velvet cloth to burnish, the antique mirror?” Bryan inquired.burnish
The asperity, of the stones in the patio hurt the soles of my feet.asperity

Level G Unit 11 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

(syn.) cleaned up the DEBRIS from the paradedetritus
(syn.) SECLUDED on a remote country estatesequestered
(syn.) a ruthless CLIQUE of gangsterscabal
(syn.) the INESCAPABLE consequences of her actionsinexorable
(syn.) a garden FILLED with weedsrife
(syn.) a VARIED COLLECTION of opinionseclectic
(syn.) the EXUBERANT cheerleading squadebullient
(syn.) sheltered the PENNILESS immigrantsimpecunious
(syn.) rebelled against the OPPRESSED taxationonerous
(syn.) noticed another FADING traditionmoribund
(ant.) will REAFFIRM his oath to the kingabrogate
(ant.) noticed her FIRM handshakeflaccid
(ant.) a snack LOW IN nutritional valuenutritious
(ant.) the FLOURISHING downtown areamoribund
(ant.) COUNTENANCED our peaceful protestdeprecated

Level G Unit 11 Completing The Sentence Answers

I thought the job of revising the manuscript would be a relative simple matter, but it proved to be a(n) _____________ task.onerous
Some superstitious Roman emperors consulted ______________ and other dabblers in black magic to find out what the future held.necromancers
The plot of the novel centers on a(n) ___________ adventure who attempts to remedy his financial embarrassment by marrying into money.impecunious
The copper pots have been so highly _______________ that I could see my face in them.burnished
Through monarchies still exist in some parts of the world, they are more or less a(n) _____________ form of government.moribund
One of Darwin’s theories suggest that nature ensures survival of a species by slowly _____________ out the less fit members.winnow
There is nothing more _________ on a hot day than to stretch out on a hammock with a good book and a pitcher of icy lemonade.delectable
I could tell my boss was really “riled” by the ________ of his tone of voice when he summoned me.asperity
The conversation at the dinner tables all over town was _____________ with speculation as to the outcome of the big game.rife
All the facts and figures point to one ____________ conclusion: we are hopelessly outnumbered.inexorable
We will never allow anyone to curtail or _________ the basic rights and liberties guaranteed to us in the Constitution.abrogate
She is a very private person who ___________ any attempt to honor publicly her great services against humanity.deprecates
Even before they said a word, I could tell from their ________ expressions that our team won.ebullient
Late that night, we began the heartbreaking task of shifting through the __________ of our ravaged home.detritus
Unless you have mastered the ______________ of French grammar, you will find it difficult to speak the language fluently.rudiments
As air slowly seeped out through the tiny puncture, the inner tube became more and more _________.flaccid
It was then that he began to organize the ___________ that would later depose the king.cabal
In order to prevent outside influences from coming into play, a jury is normally ___________ until it reaches a decision.sequestered
It is often difficult to hold a conversation while walking on a busy city street because of the high level of __________ traffic noise.ambient
In a sense, the man is a(n) ___________ philosopher because his idea has been.eclectic

Level G Unit 11 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. C
  5. A

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