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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 1 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 1 Choosing the Right Word Answers

hiatusI enjoy science-fiction movies, as they provide a short but exciting … from the problems of everyday life.
transcendedThe magnificence of the scene far … my ability to describe it in words.
elicitMy teacher can … some degree of interest and attention from even the most withdrawn children.
innuendoThe defense attorney quickly realized that the witness’s statement was filled with … , not facts. <br> How can you accuse me of employing .. when I am saying in the plainest possible language that I think you’re a crook?
hackneyedHis skillful use of academic jargon and fashionable catchphrases could not conceal the essentially .. quality of his ideas.
prerogativeAt the Senior prom, my sister and most of her friends were glad that men are no longer expected to take the … in choosing dance partners. <br> Because she had just received a large bonus, Joan felt it was her … to purchase a luxury convertible car.
assuagePerhaps it will … your fright if I remind you that everyone must try something for the fist time at some point in his or her life.
luridThe newspaper account of the tragedy was quite sensational and filled with … details about the accident.
I truly dislike the kind of sensational popular biography that focuses solely on the more … or scandalous aspects of a superstar’s career.
umbrageWho would have thought he would take … at an e-mail from a friend who wanted only to help?
jadedAfter watching four TV football games on New Year’s Day, I was … with the pigskin sport for weeks to come. <br> I prefer reading about modest and sympathetic characters rather that those who are contemptuous and …
provincialWe cannot know today what sort of accent Abraham Lincoln had, but it may well be that there was a decidedly … twang to his speech.
approbationPopularity polls seem to be based on the mistaken idea that the basic task of a political leader is to win immediate … from the people.
meritoriousThe most … form of charity, according to the ancient Hebrew sages, is to help a poor person to become self-supporting.
decadenceThe try to “prove” the … of modern youth by emphasizing everything that is bad and ignoring whatever is good.
petulantOn the air the star seemed calm, but privately he sent … notes to those who gave him bad reviews.
coalitionThe American two-party system almost always makes it unnecessary to form a … of minority parties to carry on the government.
expostulatingI see no point in … with a person who habitually refuses to listen to reason.
unctuousApparently mistaking us for the millionaire’s children, the hotel manager overwhelmed us with his … attentions.
simulatedTo impress her newly made friend. She… an interest in modern art, of which she knew nothing.
intercedeIf you try to … in a friend’s quarrel, you will only make things worse.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 1 Completing The Sentence Answers

ProvincialIn an age when the United States has truly global responsibilities, we cannot afford to have leaders with … points of view.
UmbrageI take no … at your personal remarks, but I feel you would have been better advised not to make them.
UnctuousForever humbling himself and flattering others, Dicken’s Uriah Heep is famously …
HiatusDuring the brief … in the music, someone’s ringing cell phone split the air.
IntercedeIf you cannot meet the college’s entrance requirements, it will be futile to have someone … on your behalf.
DecadenceWeakened military, and with a large part of the population living on free “bread and circuses,” the once and mighty Roman Empire now entered a period of …
LuridThe midnight fire in our apartment building cast a .. unearthly light on the faces of the firefighters struggling to put it out.
InnuendoThe managers expressed her unfavorable opinion of the job application by … rather than by direct statement.
TranscendsThe issue of good faith that your conduct raises far … the specific question of whether or not you are responsible for the problem.
HackneyedIf you take pride in expressing yourself with force and originality, you should not use so many … phrases.
MeritoriousI certainly appreciate your praise, but I must say that I can see nothing so remarkably … in having done what any decent person would do.
ApprobationHis confidence grew as he received clear signs of the … of his superiors.
PrerogativeI feel that, as an old friend, I have the … of criticizing your actions without arousing resentment.
SimulatingVarious insects have a marvelous capacity to protect themselves by … the appearance of twigs and other objects in their environment.
PetulantOf course you have a right to ask the waiter for a glass of water, but is there any need to use the … tone of a spoiled child?
CoalitionThe only way to defeat the party in power is for all the reform groups to form a … and back a single slate of candidates.
ExpostulatedSince I don’t like people who play favorites in the office, I have frequently … against such behavior with my superiors.
AssuageAlthough we tried to express our sympathy, we knew that mere words could do nothing to … her grief.
ElicitIn the question and answer session, we tried to … from the candidates some definite indication of how they proposed to reduce the nation’s debt.
JadedTheir tastes have been so … by luxurious living that they seem incapable of enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 1 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Approbationcommendation, sanctiondisapproval, condemnation, censure
Assuagemitigate, alleviate, slake, allayintensify, aggravate, exacerbate
Coalitionalliance, league, federation, combinesplinter group
Decadencedegeneration, corruptionrise, growth, development, maturation
Elicitcall forth, evoke, extract, educerepress, quash, squelch, stifle
Expostulateprotest, remonstrate, complain
Hackneyedbanal, trite, commonplace, cornynew, fresh, novel, original
Hiatuspause, lacunacontinuality, continuation
Innuendoinsinuation, intimationdirect statement
Intercedeintervene, mediate
Jadedsated, surfeited, cloyedunspoiled, uncloyed
Luridgruesome, gory, grisly, baleful, ghastlypleasant, attractive, appealing, wholesome
Meritoriouspraiseworthy, laudable, commendableblameworthy, reprehensible, discreditable
Petulantirritable, testy, waspisheven-tempered, placid, serene, amiable
Prerogativeperquisite, perk
Provincialnarrow-minded, parochial, insular, naivecosmopolitan, catholic, broad-minded
Simulatefeign, pretend, affect
Transcendsurpass, outstrip
Umbrageirritation, pique, annoyancepleasure, delight, satisfaction
Unctuousmealymouthed, servile, fawning, greasygruff, blunt

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 1 Vocabulary in Context Answers

“You are a very remarkable man, Dick!” said my aunt, with an air of unqualified approbation; “and never pretend to be anything else, for I know better!”Approbation
Her quiet interest in everything that interested Dora; her manner of making acquaintance with Jip (who responded instantly); her modest grace and ease, eliciting a crowd of blushing little marks of confidence from Dora; seemed to make our circle quite complete.Eliciting
I had a hard day’s work, and was pretty well jaded when I came climbing out, at last, upon the level of Blackheath. It cost me some trouble to find out Salem House; but I found it…Jaded
Here and there, some early lamps were seen to twinkle in the distant city; and in the eastern quarter of the sky the lurid light still hovered, But, from the greater part of the broad valley interposed, a mist was rising like a sea, which, mingling with the darkness, made it seems as if the gathering waters would encompass them.Lurid
. . . [I] faced about for Greenwich, which I had understood was on the Dover Road: taking very little more out of the world, towards the retreat of my aunt, Miss Betsey, than I had brought into it, on the night when my arrival gave her so much umbrage.Umbrage

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