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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 4 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 4 Choosing the Right Word Answers

The devastating stock market crash of 1929 surprised not only laymen, but Wall Street (corollaries, pundits) as well.

It may seem to be a paradox, but I believe it is true that only a basically serious person can fully appreciate the (risible, bilious) factors in life.

You have had many difficulties in life, but you are helping no one by behaving in such a (bilious, cognate) manner.

No student of anthropology can fail to recognize the (cognate, corollary) elements in the cultures of societies which seem to be vastly different from one another.

The advice that they offered us with such pretentious solemnity turned out to be nothing more than platitudes and (folderol, elixir).

We found it more difficult to master the (mnemonic, parameter) than it would have been to memorize the material to which it was keyed.

Only a supreme actor could express so eloquently the (risible, ineffable) quality of the “thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.”

Is your repeated use of the expression (cul-de-sac, hoi polloi) supposed to convey the idea that you are not one of the people?
hoi polloi

I knew that if I ran for public office, I would be exposed to severe criticism, but I never expected such a flood of (obloquy, elixir).

Henry had an excellent chance to make an honorable career for himself, but he seemed to have a fatal (affinity, corollary) for easy money and shady deals.

Those remarkably accurate predictions were based not on (derring-do, divination) but on insight into human nature and the objective elements in the situation.

In the Inferno, Dante introduces personages from history and mythology to portray the full (gamut, folderol) of human folly and wickedness.

Many sociologists believe that the high divorce rate in the United States is (symptomatic, ineffable) of basic strains and flaws in our social structure.

Your irresponsible behavior has finally caught up with you; you are in a (cul-de-sac, hoi polloi) from which it will be all but impossible to extricate yourself.

It is little short of incredible that all their copious (lucubrations, divinations) have brought forth that tiny mouse of an idea.

I have listened to them state that the present situation is hopeless, but I am unwilling to accept the (gamut, corollary) that the only course open to us is surrender.

We expect to see politicians modify their points of view from time to time, but a sudden, unexpected (cognate, volte-face) by a candidate is more that we can tolerate.

In an age of genocide, atomic weapons, and threats of ecological disaster, do you really expect a sensible person to be fascinated by such romantic tales of (parameters, derring-do)?

The pithy comments of that brilliant and delightful woman were a(n) (elixir, cul-de-sac) that we found extraordinarily exhilarating.

The first thing we must do is establish the (parameters, lucubrations) of the problem, so that we can begin to think in terms of a practical solution.

The study of (elixirs, cognates) helped me perform well in the vocabulary portion of the standardized test because many English words are related to Greek and Latin words.

It was a test of endurance, to be polite, to pour through the scholar’s (pundits, lucubrations) on the origin of maypole.

Somehow the athlete prevailed over the (obloquy, gamut) resulting from the highly publicized – and emotionally charged – trial of her family member.

During the epidemic, a great majority of the wards were designated for the (symptomatic, risible) patients who might transmit the disease to the general population.

The (mnemonic, corollary) effect of the oil spill was a decline in fish population.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 4 Completing The Sentence Answers

The suggestion was so__ that I couldn’t help laughing out loud as soon as I heard it.

The intensive merchandising and tremendous sale of patent medicines show that mankind has never really ceased its search for an all-purpose __.

Foreign visitors sometimes dismiss our national political conventions as mere __ because of all the surface pageantry.

All kittens display a natural __ for mischief, but I have never known one so bent on monkey business as our Mickie.

The role calls for an actor who can express a(n) __ of emotions, from speechless rage to utter bliss.

After having strongly supported the teaching of foreign languages, they made a complete __ and advocated that this part of the curriculum be dropped or limited to a small minority.

In reading a passage in French, I can often guess the meanings of the words I have never seen before because they are recognizable __ of familiar English words.

The __ tenor of remarks that they offered to us as “constructive criticism” betrayed just how sorely they envied our success.

In estimating the relative military strength of the two powers, we must concentrate on the __ by which ability to carry on modern warfare may be judged.

The lecturer said that the soaring crime statistics are __ of a society in which traditional values and standards are breaking down.

The short sentence will serve as a(n) __ to help you remember the names of the first eight Presidents: “Will A Jolly Man Make A Jolly Visitor?”

I know that they deserve to be condemned but I can’t bring myself to heap __ on them when they are in such a state of disgrace.

In a truly democratic society, there are no sharp differences in status and privilege between self-styled aristocrats and the __.
hoi polloi

The situation calls for courage, in the sense of a sustained, resolute, and patient effort- not occasional feats of __.

The relief we felt when we realized they were safe was so profound and overwhelming as to be utterly __.

Is our blind faith in computerized analysis any different in its essentials from the belief of so-called primitive peoples in __?

Having been maneuvered into a(n) __, the retreating troops could do nothing but turn and fight a battle for survival against superior forces.

No sooner did the press conference end than the network correspondent turned to a group of political __ for an instant analysis.

Your ponderous __ seemed to me intended much more to emphasize your own importance than to shed any real light on the subject.

It is true that capital punishment has not been proved to be a deterrent to murder , but it would be invalid to draw from this the __ that it has been proved not to be a deterrent.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 4 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers


AffinityInclination, Penchant
BiliousPeevish, Irritable, Sickening, Unpleasant, Choleric, Irascible
CognateAllied, Affiliated, Relative
CorollaryDeduction, Conclusion, Resultant, Consequent
Cul-de-sacBlind alley, Dead-end street, Situation where further progress is impossible, Impasse
Derring-doValor, Heroism, Audacity, Bravado
DivinationProphecy, Augury
ElixirCure-all, Nostrum, Tonic
FolderolFoolish talk/ideas/procedures, Nonsense, Trifle, Hoopla, Gibberish
GamutEntire range/series, Scope, Compass, Sweep
Hoi polloiCommon people, Masses
IneffableInexpressible, Indescribable
LucubrationLaborious study/thought (especially at night), Result of such work, Burning the midnight oil, Deep thought
MnemonicDesigned to assist memory, Reminder, Cue
ObloquyPublic abuse showing strong disapproval, The disgrace resulting, Discredit, Opprobrium, Dishonor
ParameterDetermining/characteristic element, Limit, Boundary
PunditLearned person, Expert, Authority, Savant
RisiblePertaining to laughter, Inclined to laugh, Laughable, Droll, Ludicrous
SymptomaticTypical or characteristic, Being/concerned with a symptom of a disease, Indicative
Volte-faceAbout-face, Complete reversal, Turnabout


AffinityAversion, Distaste
BiliousSweet-tempered, Genial, Pleasant, Delightful
CognateDissimilar, Unrelated Words
CorollaryAxiom, Postulate, Premise
Derring-doCowardice, Poltroonery, Timidity
FolderolSense, Significance
Hoi polloiAristocracy, Elite, Upper Class
MnemonicWay to forget
ObloquyPraise, Acclaim, Approbation
PunditDilettante, Layman, Amateur
RisibleDepressing, Heartrending, Poignant

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 4 Vocabulary in Context Answers

LUCUBRATIONS areB. Meditations
Someone who faces OBLOQUY facesC. Criticism
Something INEFFABLE is alsoA. Unutterable
RISIBLE ideas are NOTD. Solemn
When something is SYPTOMATIC, it is aD. Sign

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