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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 14 Answers

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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 14 Choosing the Right Word Answers

When we least expected it, a crucial event _ that changed the outcome of our project.

Los Angeles recently supplanted Chicago as the second most __ city in the United States.

Since the original article was too long for our needs, we published it in a somewhat _ form.

We expected a simple explanation, but what we got was an involved rationalization, full of all kinds of strange __.

I had hoped for some understanding and generosity of spirit, not this endless __ over petty details.

“Unless the various factions put aside their differences and _ into a unified force, we will get absolutely nowhere,” I said.

The route of the army’s retreat was littered with the discarded _ of war.

I agree that she has written a very good book, but I think that it is a gross exaggeration to say that it represents the __ of the development of the American novel.

What they described as a new spirit of freedom and vigorous originally seemed to me mere _.

In the soil prepared by ancient prejudices, economic depression, and national humiliation, there grew the _ plants of racial and religious hatred.

Even the most relentless and searching investigations by our political opponents could uncover no evidence that challenged our reputation for _.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to plough through those long, dreary books in the hope of __ a few passages of some interest.

The reporter assured her boss that the charges contained in her story were based on information from a(n) __ source.

_ has been likened to a sort of verbal fencing, with the more skillful contestants driving home their weapons for the kill.

If you are to get along in polite society, you must learn that a remark that is factually true is not necessarily _.

How do you expect to deal with the inevitable problems of life if you raise every _ to the level of a major tragedy?

Abraham Lincoln warned his countrymen that the __ of the quiet past were inadequate to the needs of the stormy present.

We must not close our eyes to the flagrant_______ between what our society aspires to be and what it actually is.

Instead of taking a fresh look at the situation and trying to find a viable solution, they were satisfied to refute they opponent by repeating old and weary __ of the past.

We are all imperfect creatures, and none of us has been divinely ordained to __ out punishment to other for their transgressions.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 14 Completing The Sentence Answers

I hate to _ with you over the cost of a few gallons of gas, but I have to because I don’t have a dime to spare.

the report was not an impartial assessment of the problems we face; it was an impartial

although the premier enjoyed al the _ of high office, in practice he was merely a figurehead who wielded very little power.

does “artistic freedom” justify the making of a movie that is deliberately vulgar and __ in the hope of cashing in at the box office?

from the vast mass of unsolicited manuscripts, the editor __ the few that might be considered for publication.

it was absolutely impossible to follow the __ of the man’s tortuous reasoning as he desperately tried to prove his point.

five minutes after arriving at the dance, i upset the punch bowl– the first of many __ that made the evening a nightmare.

their respective talents seemed to __ so that they eventually developed into a well-rounded and highly productive team.

true, you did reply to the wisecrack, but I hardly regard “Not!” as an outstanding example of devastating

problems such as overcrowding, traffic congestion, and air pollution are more common in big cities than they are in less __ areas.

how can we continue to live in this __ atmosphere of suspicion and hatred?

though her career in the movies had its ups and downs over the years, it reached its __ when she won an actual academy award.

our purpose is to help people in trouble, not to __ out justice like a court of law.

you can’t hope to hold a fruitful conversation if you are so __ that you issue pronouncements instead of offering opinions.

they possess the kind of unshakeable __ that not only precludes to lying but also requires to express the truth, no matter what.

there are so many __ elements in her personality that I find it hard to tell you what kind of person she is.

the lower end of the ridge had been somewhat __ by the action of the glacial erosion many thousands of years ago.

__ of your remarks on the probable effect of the law, may I quote from the column of a well-known political commentator?

although the author’s conclusions are open to debate, the scholarship upon which they are based is

after the noisy excitement of the big party, the eerie silence that suddenly __ seemed unnatural and difficult to accept.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 14 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

verbal sparringbicker
dull dialoguerepartee

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 14 Vocabulary in Context Answers

1. D
2. C
3. B
4. C
5. B
6. A

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