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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 13 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 13 Choosing the Right Word Answers

His claim to be the “greatest pole-vaulter in the world” would indeed have outrageous _ if it were not for the fact that he went ahead and proved it

George Washington’s _ reputation as a dedicated patriot has been an inspiration to many generations of Americans

We sought desperately for some new forms of amusement to _ the boredom of those endless summer afternoon

Our party can resist the attacks of its enemies from the outside, but it may fall victim to the erosion of _ from within

Because the difficulty of the subject matter increases rapidly a the term proceeds, mathematics and physics courses have a high rate of student _

We spent most of the evening listening to her _ on her views on all sorts of interesting subjects

Letting the grim facts speak for themselves, the doctor explained quietly the _ tragedy that results from drug abuse

My brother’s _ tardiness is perpetually getting him into trouble at school

Beneath the _ of their criticism, we recognized a sincere desire to help us solve our problems

Critics who bestow their _ too easily may gain some quick popularity, but they will soon lose their credibility and influence

His talents and _ leave me unimpressed because I know that your words will not be followed by deeds

Though they are twins, one of them has a highly _ temperament, while the other one is stolid and reserved

“My country, right or wrong” expresses _ in its most common form

They preceded her to the table, not because _ required it, but because they were eager to get at the food

The small bone at the base of the spinal column in humans is thought by biologists to be the __ of a tail

Although he saw himself as a wit, bon vivant, and a man-about-town, everyone else regarded him as a hopeless____

We are all eager to avoid the _ of prejudiced and, perhaps, simultaneously unwilling to purge ourselves of our biases

In the light of the lessons of history, I am skeptical about the value of any diplomatic conferences held _
sub rosa

Although she emphasizes that she was the helpless victim of bad luck, one can recognize the effects of her own _ in bringing about her downfall

It was not until she entered the workforce in her small town in the 1950s that she realized the preponderance of male___ in positions of power

My supervisor was uncomfortable with the _ meetings held in order to determine which departments would be dissolved
sub rosa

Your _ neither assure me nor enlighten me, and, in fact, I would like you to keep your hackneyed advice to yourself

The distinctive _ of the choke cherries did not prevent the girl from eating at least one for every two she placed in her pail

The computer technician configured a revised _ to access new mail

Your threats and _ leave me unimpressed because I know that your words will not be followed by deeds

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 13 Completing The Sentence Answers

1: Resplendent

2: ineluctable

3: palliate

4: chronic

5: bromide

6: sub rosa

7: volition

8: attrition

9: acerbity

10: imprecations

11: expounded

12: vestiges

13: stigmatized

14: accolades

15: mercurial

16: factionalism

17: immaculate

18: chauvinists

19: protocol

20: vainglory

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 13 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

accoladekudos, acclaim, cheers, plauditsboos, disapproval, censure, criticism
acerbityacidity, astringency, mordancy, asperityblandness, mellowness, mildness
attritionabrasion, erosion, exhaustion, reductionaugmentation, proliferation, enlargement
bromidecliche, platitudeN/A
chauvinistsuperpatriot, flag-waver, jingoistN/A
chronicrecurrent, persistent, inveterate, habitualtransitory, transient, sporadic
expoundelucidate, explicate, delineateN/A
factionalisminfighting, dissensionunanimity, harmony, agreement, consensus
immaculateunsoiled, impeccableblemished, tarnished, stained, sullied
imprecationexecration, maledictionblessing, benediction
ineluctableunavoidable, inescapable, inevitableavoidable, escapable, reversible, revocable
mercurialerratic, flighty, capricious, volatilephlegmatic, sluggish, constant, steady
palliatealleviate, extenuateintensify, magnify, aggravate
protocolcode of conduct, minutesN/A
resplendentradiant, dazzling, gloriousdull, drab, lusterless
stigmatizesully, taint, disgracewhitewash, laud, extol
sub rosasecretly, covertly, stealthily, furtivelyovertly, openly
vaingloryvanity, conceit, swagger, pretentiousnesshumility, modesty, diffidence
vestigeartifact, relic, remainsN/A
volitionfree will, choicecoercion, compulsion, duress

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 13 Vocabulary in Context Answers

1: C. ease

2: A. tarnished

3: D. indication

4: B. tenderness

5: C. will

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