Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 3 Answers

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Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 3 Choosing the Right Word Answers

The fact that Abraham Lincoln was able to….the handicap of a limited education does not mean that you should quit school.
It is the sacred duty of all Americans to oppose any attempt to…..or deny the rights guarantees to us in the Constitution.
If you ever saw how vigorously my dog attacks his food, practically inhaling it, you would understand why I accuse him of…..
One can’t become a good writer just by…..closely to rules laid down in standard grammar books.
I do not entirely….your misconduct, but I can understand, to a degree, why you behaved as you did.
The comforting presence of relatives did much to…the patients feelings of alarm at the thought of undergoing major surgery.
Either party has the right to….the agreement that has been made whenever the partnership proves unprofitable.
His speech was so…that one could almost anticipate the phrases he would use next.
The robber barons of an earlier era often acted more like….than ethical businessmen in their dealing with the public.
Unless we repair the….in our party and present a united front, we will go down in crushing defeat in the upcoming election.
The few words that she grudgingly muttered were the only….of an apology that she offered for her rude behavior.
Like all literary sneak thieves, he has a truly nasty habit of…other people’s Ida’s and then claiming them as his own.
I am very much flattered that you have referred to me as “an….educator,” but I prefer to think of myself as just a good teacher.
I feel like a…now that my part-time job has come to an end and I no longer have any spending money.
In a dictatorship, people who….from the official party line usually wind up in prison–or worse.
The fact that many citizens are….over the new taxes does not mean that these taxes are unjustifiable.
My cousin has so much imagination that he can…an excuse that even an experienced principal would believe!
What began as a minor quarrel grew into a serious….and then into an ugly brawl.
Their….faces and other-worldly voices almost made me believe that the music they were singing was coming from an ethereal place.
As a loyal…she was horrified by her political party’s stance on the issue, feeling that it went against her principles.
In the new movie, the hero….the obstacles put in his path by his evil but clever brother, who has betrayed him.
There is nothing….about the saying “You can’t go home again” ; it is a wise expression that applies to many situations in life.
Apparently, our dog is a very successful….who finds toys and articles of clothing in neighbors yards and brings them all home to us.
If you do not act quickly, they will…the agreement, and you will have to start all over again with some other company.
You had no right to….for yourself the role of gracious host at my party!

Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 3 Completing The Sentence Answers

semblance #14
Though I was hurt by the tactless comment, I tried to show pleasure in it by twisting my lips in a feeble _____ of a smile.
adherent #13
During a recent interdenominational service in our community center, the _______ of various faiths met to worship as one.
cherubic #19
“That child may have an angel’s ______ features, but at heart, he is a little devil,” I exclaimed in disgust.
dissent #16
A few of us who disagreed strongly with the committee’s conclusion felt compelled to raise our voices in _____.
altercation #18
Although I am not a particularly argumentative person, last week i found myself involved in a heated ______ with a salesclerk.
terminate #11
The only way I could ______ the argument peacefully was to walk away abruptly.
irate #15
“I think,” said the salesclerk, “that the phrase ‘hot under the collar’ aptly describes the typical ______ customer that we have to deal with.”
pilfer #17
No one but a heartless scoundrel would ______ nickels and dimes from a charity’s collection fund.
paupers #12
Although they have enough money to live on, the loss of most of their great wealth has left them feeling like _______.
condone #2
“I am willing to wink at a harmless prank,” the dean remarked, “but I will not _____ outright vandalism.”
fabricating #3
It is a real tribute to the ingenuity of the human mind that for thousands of years people have been ______ new and interesting theories of the universe.
eminent #20
After so many years of distinguished service in the United States Senate, he can properly be called a(n) _____ statesman.
surmount #6
It is only through the exercise of their intelligence that people can begin to ______ the difficulties they encounter in daily living.
exorcise #4
In this clever spoof of horror movies, the local witch doctor encounters hilarious difficulties when he tries to _____ an evil demon that has taken up residence in the heroine’s body.
trite #7
A screenplay of television drama with the same old boy-meets-girl plot can certainly be criticized as _____.
usurped #8
After driving the lawful ruler out of the country for good, the villanious duke _____ the throne and crowned himself king.
abridge #10
In order to fit the newspaper article into the space available, the editor had to _____ it by omitting secondary details.
marauder #1
Bands of _____ broke through the frontier defenses of the province and began to plunder the rich farmlands of the interior.
rift #5
As the layer of clouds that hung over the city began to break up, the sun came pouring through the _____.
gluttony #9
In movies, characters who engage in _____ are often used for comic relief, but in real-life extreme overeating is a serious problem.

Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 3 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Synonyms: shorten, condense, abbreviate Antonyms: expand, enlarge, augment
Synonym: (n.) disciple Antonyms: (n.) opponent, adversary, critic, detractor
Synonyms: quarrel, dispute, squabble Antonyms: agreement, accord
Synonyms: angelic, seraphic, beatific Antonyms: impish, devilish, diabolic, fiendish
Synonyms: ignore, wink at, turn a blind eye to Antonyms: censure, condemn, disapprove, deprecate
Synonyms: (v.) differ, dispute Antonyms: (v.) agree, concur (n.) unanimity, harmony
Synonyms: illustrious, renowned Antonyms: obscure, nameless, unsung, lowly, humble
Synonyms: expel, dispel
Synonyms: put together, devise, contrive, concoct Antonyms: take apart, undo, destroy, demolish
Synonyms: incense, infuriated, enraged, livid Antonyms: calm, composed, cool, unruffled
Synonyms: looters, pirate, freebooter
Synonyms: serious overweight, extreme corpulence Antonyms: evacuation, gauntness, scrawniness
Synonym: destitute person Antonyms: millionaire, tycoon
Synonyms: filch, rob, swipe, punish
Synonyms: crack, fissure, gap, cleft Antonym: reconciliation
Synonyms: appearance, air, aura, veneer, façade
Synonyms: conquer, triumph over Antonyms: be vanquished, be defeated, succumb to
Synonyms: conclude, finish, discontinue Antonyms: begin, commence, initiate
Synonyms: banal, hackneyed, corny Antonyms: original, novel, fresh, innovative
Synonyms: seize illegally, commandeer, supplant

Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 3 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. c
  2. a
  3. b
  4. a
  5. d

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