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Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 4 Answers

Level B Unit 4 Choosing the Right Word Answers

  1. Virtually
  2. Inflicted
  3. Wince
  4. Bewildered
  5. Voided
  6. Spirited
  7. Disheartened
  8. Procure
  9. Alliance
  10. Controversial
  11. Mortifying
  12. Hostile
  13. Fruitless
  14. Sodden
  15. Inflammable
  16. Void
  17. Malignant
  18. Buffon
  19. Spirited
  20. Orthodox
  21. Virtual
  22. Malignant
  23. Scurrying
  24. Wayward
  25. Wince

Level B Unit 4 Completing The Sentence Answers

If it is allowed to spread unchecked, the poison of racial prejudice will have a(n) _____ effect on our community.
Would it be a bad pun if I were to say that our attempts to set up an apple orchard have proved to be _____?
When the Supreme Court finds a law unconstitutional, the law is said to be null and _____.
In 1949, the United States formed a(n) _____ with eleven other nations, calling it the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
We _____ such heavy casualties on the enemy that they were forced to break off the engagement and retreat.
After four days of steady rainfall, the _____ ground gurgled as we trudged wearily over it.
Before we set out on the camping trip, I was given sole responsibility for _____ all the equipment and supplies.
Because the gas did not burn when we brought a flame to it, the experiment showed that carbon dioxide is not _____.
Some parts of the president’s proposal were agreeable to everyone; others proved highly _____.
The frozen wastes of the Arctic may seem _____ to human life, but in fact thousands of people are able to survive there.
I was thoroughly _____ when I suddenly stumbled and spilled punch all over the host’s tuxedo.
Though the gallant defenders of the fort were hopelessly outnumbered, they put up a truly _____ fight.
Their behavior is so _____ and unpredictable that I never know what they are going to do next.
Even though you like to do things in your own way, I suggest that you first learn the _____ method of batting.
Refusing to be _____ by her failure to find a summer job, Lucy made up her mind to try again.
Despite the fact that she has no official title, she has become the _____ director of the company.
Even though I’m an adult, I still _____ in discomfort at the thought of a trip to the dentist.
The often dreary courts of medieval kings were enlivened by the pranks and antics of jesters and _____.
When the naughty children heard their mother’s footsteps approaching, they quickly _____ back to bed.
The directions he gave us for driving to the beach were so complicated that I was completely _____ by them.

Level B Unit 4 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Syn: pact, league, coalition Ant: rift, split
s: baffle, perplex a: set straight, enlighten
s: jester, fool
s: arguable, debatable
s: dismay, demoralize, dispirit a: encourage, hearten
s: useless, vain, unproductive, futile a: productive, effective
a: friendly, cordial, peaceful
Syn: combustible, flammable, excitable Ant: fireproof, fire-resistant, calm
Syn: deal out, visit upon Ant: suffer, undergo, sustain
Syn: lethal, wicked Ant: wholesome, beneficial, benign
Syn: humiliate, embarrass, abash Ant: (none given)
Syn: traditional, standard, customary Ant: unusual, unconventional, heretical
Syn: gain, acquire, achieve Ant: (none given)
Syn: rush, dash, scramble Ant: trudge, plod, creep, crawl
Syn: drenched, waterlogged, saturated
Syn: lively, animated, gallant Ant: lifeless, dull, lackluster
Syn: functioning as, equivalent to
Syn: invalid, vacant, bare Ant: in effect, teeming with, confirm
Syn: perverse Ant: docile, well-behaved, precdictable
Syn: flinch, shudder, recoil

Level B Unit 4 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. C
  2. B
  3. A
  4. B
  5. D

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