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Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 1 Answers

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Level B Unit 1 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Our team spirit is so high that there is never a (sullen, trivial) reaction from the players who aren’t chosen to start the game.
Sometime in mid-August, you can view the spectacular Perseid meteor shower, as comet debris (hurtle, alight) through space and enter Earth’s atmosphere.
adjacent to
The principal asked the students not to hang around in front of the houses and other buildings (adjacent to, alighting) the school.
The administration had no major scandals, but it was also (barren, sullen) of outstanding accomplishments.
I am angry not because she criticized me but because she made remarks that were untrue and (trivial, vicious).
I’d been looking forward to the new TV series on Monday nights, but the first episode turned out to be just another (humdrum, adjacent) detective story.
Are we going to allow minor dis agreements to (disrupt, recompense) the club that we have worked so hard to organize?
He said that he was going to ask only “a few casual questions,” but I soon saw that he wanted to (recompense, interrogate) me thoroughtly.
Even the most (humdrum, vicious) work can be interesting if you regard it as a challenge to do the very best you can.
Representatives from both nations met to negotiate a (dynasty, truce) to give each side a chance to care for its wounded.
If the sights we’ve seen today are a true (recompense, foretaste) of what lies ahead, we’re in for some real treats.
For three generations, their family has formed one of the leading automotive (truces, dynasties) of this country.
As he grew old, the torrent of beautiful music that he had produced for so many years was reduced to a mere (foretaste, trickle).
“The program the usher handed you contains a brief (résumé, hurtle) of the action of the operate you are about to see,” I replied.
When we are having fun, time rushes by, but even five minutes in the dentist’s waiting room may seem (adjacent, interminable).
What would you consider an adequate (résumé, recompense) for having worked so many extra hours on the job?
The flight attendant asked the passengers to make sure that they had all their personal belongings before (disrupting, alighting) from the aircraft.
Regardless of who started this silly quarrel, isn’t it time for us to declare a (dynasty, truce) and work together for the best interests of the school?
What we want to do is (recompense, renovate) the old house without harming its charm and beauty.
With flattery and clever half-truths, the newcomers (insinuated, renovated) themselves into the inner circle of the organization.
Planted in the fertile soil of her imagination, the seed of a great idea soon (germinated, disrupted) into a workable proposal.
The way to be successful at a job is to carry out all instructions carefully, even though you think some of them are (trivial, sullen) or silly.
Only twenty yards from the finish line, the horse stumbled and (hurtled, insinuated) its rider to the ground.
When I saw a big “A” on my term paper in English, I felt that I had been fully (germinated, recompensed) for all my hours of hard work.
The senator’s speech seemed (interminable, vicious) as he droned on for an hour.

Level B Unit 1 Completing The Sentence Answers

As we sat at the side of the lake, we enjoyed watching the wild geese swoop down and _____ on the surface of the water.
She was so happy and grateful that I felt more than _____ for all that I had tried to do to help her.
After the big party, cleaning up, which was supposed to take “just a few minutes,” proved to be an almost _____ job.
Although they lived in a house _____ to ours, we never really got to know them well.
In only a few days, the seeds that I had planted in the fertile soil of the garden began to _____ and take root.
When I applied for the job, I left a(n) _____ of my previous work experience with the personnel office.
Our carefully laid plans were completely _____ by sudden and totally unexpected turn of events.
The “coming attractions” shown before the main feature gave us a distinct _____ of what the next film would be like.
Though they didn’t say it in so many words, they did _____ that I was responsible for the accident.
I never would have thought that so bitter and long-lasting a quarrel could result from such a(n) _____ and unimportant cause.
In the 11th century, a foreign warlord invaded the country and set up a(n) _____ that ruled for more than 250 years.
After the warring nations had agreed to a(n) _____, they faced the far more dificult task of working out a real peace.
Although the building is old and needs repair, we are convinced that we can _____ it without spending a lot of money.
During the exciting chase, the police cars _____ through the town.
Though my dog Rover is huge and fierce-looking, children are fond of him because he doesn’t have a(n) _____ disposition.
We need large sums of money to keep our school system going, but we are getting only a(n) _____ of funds from the state.
Many people who lead rather _____ lives get a great thrill from watching the exciting adventures of TV and movie superheroes.
The judge said to the lawyer, “You have a right to _____ the witness, but there is no need to bully her.”
The suspect’s only reaction to the detective’s question was a wry smile and _____ silence.
As the drought continued without a letup, the once fertile farmlands of the region slowly became _____ “dust bowls.”

Level B Unit 1 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

recompense (synonym)
reimburse, repay
résumé (synonym)
job history
barren (synonym)
interminable (synonym)
foretaste (synonym)
trickle (synonym)
dynasty (synonym)
ruling house
sullen (synonym)
interrogate (synonym)
renovate (synonym)
fix up, repair
alight (synonym)
descend, land
germinate (synonym)
insinuate (synonym)
disrupt (synonym)
vicious (synonym)
savage, spiteful
trivial (antonym)
momentous, important
barren (antonym)
battle (antonym)
adjacent (antonym)
far away
hurtle (antonym)
move slowly
humdrum (antonym)
germinate (antonym)
trickle (antonym)
deluge, flood

Level B Unit 1 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. B
  2. A
  3. D
  4. A
  5. C

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