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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 10 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 10 Choosing the Right Word Answers

AllureThe (vanguard, allure) of “gold in them that hills” brought many immigrants to California in 1849.
InsuperableWalking out on the empty stage and speaking the opening lines of the play seemed a(n) (covetous, insuperable) difficulty to the young actors.
WastrelAnyone who spends hours, days, and weeks just hanging around is a (wastrel, vanguard) with the most precious tag we have- time.
SonorousBecause it was the duty of the town criers to deliver public proclamations, they were often chosen for their (sonorous, contentious) voices.
RespiteAfter we had been playing our favorite music at top volume for several hours, mother entered the room and begged for some (respite, allure).
AcquiesceAlthough we really don’t agree with mothers musical taste, we decided to (profess, acquiesce) to her appeal.
CrestfallenSince Ben was confident he could play varsity ball, he was extremely (blithe, crestfallen) when the coach cut him from the squad.
DisheveledWith hairstyles what they are these days, many men now seem to look somewhat (disheveled, garrulous) when they come home fresh from the barber.
SinuousAs I watch the gymnastics meet on TV, nothing impresses me more than incredibly graceful and (askew, sinuous) movements of the athletes.
LamentableWasteful use of energy at a time when there is such a critical shortage of such resources is indeed (lamentable, sonorous).
VanguardHis willingness to experiment with interesting ideas Clearly put him in the (vanguard, retribution) of social reform in his time.
AskewWith her lipstick smeared, her hair disparaged, and her hat (askew, crestfallen) she certainly was a strange sight.
ContentiousHe is so (contentious, sinuous) that if someone says “nice day” he’ll start a full-scale debate about the weather.
BlitheThe poet Shelley, entranced by the joyous song of the skylark address the bird as (garrulous, blithe) spirit.
RetributionThe wicked may seem to prosper, but I am convinced that sometime, somehow in this life or the next there will be (exponents, retribution).
CovetedAfter years of waiting the affluent collector was able to purchase the (professed, coveted) piece of art by Matisse.
ProfessedWhen we ended up in the lake realize that the skimmer was not the expert boatman he (acquiesced, professed) to be.
RespiteSeeking (retribution, respite) from the cold weather the hikers entered the cave and immediately built a small fire.
CovetedThe intently longing gaze that he fixed upon my plate told me that the rover (professed, coveted) my lunch.
MisnomerIt would be a (misnomer, respite) to label as biography a book that is clearly a work of fiction even though it’s main character is historical.
ExponentMarshall McLuhan, a leading (wastrel, exponent) of TVs importance in modern life coined the phrase “the medium is the message”.
WastrelShe should have known that Andre was a (wastrel, respite), unworthy of her attention when he announced that he had no interest in holding a job.
GarrulousThe taxi driver was so (lamentable, garrulous) during the long trip that it was a relief to return to my silent hotel room.
SonorouslyThe church bells could be heard (sonorously, contentiously) ringing through the valley announcing the end of the war.
SinuousThe church bells could be heard (sonorously, contentiously) ringing through the valley, announcing the end of the war.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 10 Completing The Sentence Answers

AcquiesceIt isn’t likely that the school administration will ____ to your recommendation to do away with all examinations and grades.
SinuousDriving a car along those ____ mountain roads at a height of ten thousand feet calls for stronger nerves than I have.
ContentiousYou certainly have a right to your opinions, but you have become so ____ that you immediately challenge opinions expressed by anyone else.
BlitheThe _____ personality that had made her so charming and popular was unaffected by the passage of the years.
ExponentA staunch believer in the equality of the sexes, Susan B. Anthony was one of the most effective ______ of women’s rights.
AllureRetailers who seek to _____ unwary consumers with false claims should feel the full penalties of the law.
RespiteNow that the football season has ended, don’t you think our school’s athletes deserve a brief _____ before beginning basketball practice?
MisnomerAfter I heard my new parrot’s harsh call, I decided that “Melody,” the name I had planned for it, was something of a(n) _____.
SonorousThe body of the slain hero was accompanied to its final resting place by the _____ strains of a funeral march.
GarrulousExcessively _____ people usually don’t have the imagination to realize that their endless chatter is boring everyone else.
ProfessI do not _____ to be heroic, but I hope I have the nerve to stand up for unpopular ideas that I believe are right.
VanguardWith the publication of her famous book “Silent Springs,” Rachel Carson moved into the _____ of those seeking to protect our natural environment.
InsuperableThe pioneers succeeded in settling the West because they refused to admit that any obstacle, however formidable, was _____.
LamentableWe can all agree that the crime situation in this community is truly ________, but what are we going to do about it?
WastrelHe says the he is spending the family fortune “to promote the art of good living,” but I consider him no more than a(n) ______.
DisheveledIn spite of her rain-soaked clothing and ______ appearance, it seemed to me that she had never looked lovelier.
Askew“The blinds are hanging ______ because the pull cord is all knotted and tangled,” I said.
RetributionFor the innumerable crimes and cruelties he had committed, the tyrant had good reason to fear ____.
CovetedI confess I suffered a twinge of envy when I learned that my rival had won the prize I had _____ so dearly.
CrestfallenAfter all my high hopes, I was utterly _____ when the notice arrived that I had failed my driver’s test.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 10 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Misnomera slightly inappropriate name
Retributionpayback for a life of crime
Disheveledlooking unkempt and confused
Vanguardthe front line of medical science
Wastrelproved to be something of a squanderer
Sinuousa serpentine river flowing to sea
Misnomera contradiction that it is an international airport
Askewa still-life arrangement that seemed off kilter
Garrulousa long-winded talk show
Insuperablefaced unbeatable odds
a reserved childgarrulous
an easily overcome opponentinsuperable
an orderly arrangement of knickknacksaskew
the neat state of the roomdisheveled
remembered as a miserwastrel

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 10 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D
  2. A
  3. C
  4. B
  5. D

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