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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 12 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 12 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Vocabulary WordSentence
indelibleAlexander the Great’s meteoric career of world conquest made an indelible impression on the thoughts and institutions of antiquity.
elatedTaking third place in the hundred-meter dash in the intramural track meet left me satisfied nut scarcely elated.
tangibleAlthough there was no tangible reason for my alarm, I could not shake off the feeling that something terrible was about to happen.
acridHis invariably acrid remarks on the state of the world soon earned him the nickname of “Old Sourpuss”.
ruminatingHow will you write your novel if you spend most of your time ruminating about the title?
platitudesAn insightful writer usually has no need to rely on hollow generalities or threadbare platitudes.
irrelevantI’ve noticed that many professional football players become irrelevant only a few years after their retirement.
abjureAs part of the settlement, the company must henceforth abjure unsubstantiated claims for its product.
nocturnalWe hoped that the strange noises outside the tent were merely the foraging sounds of small nocturnal creatures like possums and raccoons.
inveterateLike so many pack rats, she has found that great self-discipline is needed to break the cluttering habit.
compunctionBecause their misconduct was clearly deliberate, we have no feelings of compunction in sentencing them to ten days of detention.
conflagrationThe major powers intervened to prevent the brush fire war from engulfing the entire region in a full-scale conflagration.
quiescentThe deep-seated resentment of the populace, which had long been quiescent, suddenly blossomed into open rebellion.
augustMillions of Americans were thrilled as they witnessed on TV the simple but august ceremony of the presidential inauguration.
callousWe may criticize Americans for many things, but they are never callous when appeals for help come from distressed people.
quellWe should seek not to quell the idealism and enthusiasm of youth but, rather, to direct those impulses into useful channels.
ruminationsYour ruminations in the meaning of life will just be a waste of time unless they lead to some plans for rational behavior.
platitudeThe old platitude, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” is based on the principle that old dogs and people do not learn as well as the young.
trenchantAfter listening to the senator’s trenchant analysis, I have a clearer idea of what is involved and where I should stand on the issue.
nocturnalJust before going to sleep, we set traps to discourage the nocturnal raids of the raccoons on our food supply.
tacitSince my parents offered no objections, I felt that I had their tacit consent to go ahead with my plans for a summer trip to California.
irrelevantThough the anecdote was amusing, it was totally irrelevant to the matter we were discussing at the moment.
indulgentThe judge has a reputation for being generally indulgent, but not when confronting an individual convicted of reckless driving.
clandestineIn these days of presidential primaries, candidates can no longer be chosen at clandestine meetings of a few powerful politicians.
acridIn a large city, it is difficult to avoid the acrid smoke emitted from cars.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 12 Completing The Sentence Answers

Vocabulary WordSentence
indelibleThe years of close association with outstanding teachers had left a(n) ____ mark on the students’ characters.
trenchantThe debate was decide in our favor when Carole’s ___ rebuttal tore the other side’s argument to pieces.
inveterateHow can we possibly accept the testimony of someone who is known to be a(n) ___ liar?
conflagrationAccording to legend, Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over an oil lamp and started the ___ that consumed four square miles of Chicago in 1871.
acridThe fumes released by the volcano were so ____ that they caused great discomfort among people in the nearby villages.
callousSome people are so completely wrapped up in their own concerns that they often seem to be ___ about the feelings of others.
tangibleThere was no ____ evidence of his sincerity, but somehow we were confident that he would do all he could help us.
clandestineThe document showed that, years before, the companies had made a(n) ____ agreement to divide the market among them.
tacitThough we were angry with each other, we had a(n) ____ agreement to act politely in front of our parents.
abjureAbraham Lincoln’s plan for reconstruction simply had the former rebels ____ allegiance to the Confederacy and vow to support the Union.
quellI tried to ___ my feeling of panic by assuring myself that there is simply no such thing as a ghost.
indulgentI have no patience with a(n) ____ parent who gives in to every whim and demand of an undisciplined child.
platitudesThe audience seemed to be stirred by the speaker’s remarks, but in my opinion they were no more than a series of _____.
elatedWho wouldn’t be ____ at winning a huge prize on a television quiz show?
augustIn the presence of such a(n) ____ assemblage of spiritual leaders representing all the major beliefs, I felt very humble.
nocturnalThe streets seemed safe and familiar during the day, but now we had to face unknown ___ dangers.
ruminateI stretched out under the old maple tree in the backyard and began to ____ on the strange events of that remarkable day.
irrelevantYour statement may be correct, but since it has no bearing on the point now under discussion, I must reject it as ____.
compunctionTheir behavior was so rude and offensive that I had no ____ about telling them to leave to leave the house.
quiescentAlthough the disease had been ____ for several years, the doctors warned her that its symptoms could appear again at any time.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 12 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Abjureforswear, retract, abstain fromaffirm, avow, aver, profess
Acridirritating, stinging, bitter, causticgentle, soothing, mild
Auguststately, dignified, exalted, venerablehumble, base, mean, lowly, abject
Callousinsensitive, unsympathetic, thick-skinnedsensitive, compassionate, tenderhearted
Clandestinecovert, furtive, surreptitious, stealthyopen, overt, undisguised, aboveboard
Compunctionscruple, qualm, misgiving, contritionshamelessness, insouciance, nonchalance
Conflagrationholocaust, wildfiredeluge
Elatedoverjoyed, ecstatic, tickled pinkdepressed, crestfallen, despondent, blue
Indeliblelasting, permanenterasable, impermanent, ephemeral
Indulgentpermissive, tolerant, liberalstrict, severe, hard-nosed
Inveteratepersisting, chronic, dyed-in-the-woolsporadic, intermittent, occasional
Irrelevantinapplicable, immaterial, beside the pointpertinent, material, apropos, germane
Nocturnalnighttimedaytime, diurnal
Platitudecliche, turism, bromideepigram, quip, witticism, bon mot
Quellpacify, squelch, quash, crushincite, provoke, arouse, foment, stir up
Quiescentstill, inert, motionless, tranquilactive, thriving, bustling, volatile
Ruminateponder, reflect, mull over, muse
Tacitunexpressed, unvoiced, understood, implicitexplicit, express, specific
Tangibleperceptible, actual, evidentimmaterial, imperceptible, insubstantial
Trenchantpenetrating, cutting, telling, acutedull, bland, insipid, vapid, imperceptive

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 12 Vocabulary in Context Answers

A. during the night
When I got back to my breakfast in the Boar’s coffee room, I found Mr. Pumblehcook conversing with the landlord. Mr. Pumblechook (not improved in appearance by his late ‘nocturnal’ adventure) was waiting for me…

D. thoughtless
“And couldn’t uncle Pumblechook, being always considerate and thoughtful for us-though you may not think, Joseph,” in a tone of deepest reproach, as if he were the most ‘callous’ of nephews, “then mention this boy, standing Prancing here,”-which I solemnly declare I was not doing-“that I have never been I willing slave to?”

D. entrenched
It revived my utmost indignation to find that she was still pursued by this fellow, and I felt ‘inveterate’ against him. I told her so, and told her that I would spend any money or take any pains to drive him out of that country.

C. deliberation
“There’s one thing you may be sure of, Pip,” said Joe, after some ‘rumination’, “namely, that lies is lies. However they come, they oughtn’t to come, and they come from the father of lies, and work round to the same. don’t you tell no more of ’em, Pip.”

b. a burned book
…[H]e took us into another room with a dinner-table for thirty, and in the grate a scorched leaf of a copy-book under a bushel of coal dust. Having looked at this extinct ‘conflagration’ and shaken his head, he took my order…

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