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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 14 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 14 Choosing the Right Word Answers

berateAlthough Gone with the Wind won a Pulitzer Prize, critics often ____ the novel for its stereotypical portrayals of African Americans.
supplicateIn the poem and prayers of many ancient cultures, human beings ___ their deities for mercy and aid.
amendableOur dean is a strict disciplinarian, but I have always found her ___ to reasonable requests.
jejuneA well-known actor submitted his poems to a publisher, who deemed the verses ___ and tedious.
precociousGiven the kinds of tools the ancient Egyptians had to work with, the construction of the pyramids was an extraordinary ___ feat of engineering.
carnageThe ___ caused each year by careless driving has become a major national scandal.
obduratelyWhat disturbs the coach is not that Tom called the wrong play, but that he refuses ____ to admit that he made a mistake.
tortuousSome journalists find researching materials in a library a ___ task, preferring to sit and let their computers do the work.
sadisticPassengers who are stranded on airplanes and forced to sit on the tarmac for hours may begin to think of airlines as ___ agencies.
inceptionSince its ___, the electric guitar had been a symbol of innovation, energy and rebellion.
infirmityFew things are more tragic than to see a great mind fall victim to a serious ___.
jejuneYou cannot dismiss everything he says as ____ simply because he is young and lacks experience of the world.
expatiatesAlthough he ____ fluently on the need for a new community action program, I have yet to see him do anything to bring it about.
sententiousIn his efforts to impress moral principles on the children. he made use of ____ formulas, such as “To be good, do good.”
criterionThe sales manager said she would apply only one ____ when assembling my plan for an advertising campaign: “Will it sell more mouthwash?”
potpourriI think the class show will be much more effective if it has a constant theme running through it, instead of being just a ___ of songs, dances, and sketches.
beratingInstead of constantly ___ the children, why don’t you try to explain quietly and clearly how you expect them to behave?
extraneousMy rules for effective writing are, “Emphasize what is essential, play down what is secondary, eliminate what is ___.”
depletedThe prolonged drought has so ___ the supplies of in our reservoir that we may have to consider rationing water.
inceptionAt the very ___ of my career, I set the goals and adopted the basic strategies that were to guide me through the many years of outstanding success.
turgidHis ____ conversation, with its exaggerated adjectives and far-fetched figures of speech, made me realize once and for all the virtues of plain speaking.
sadisticAlthough he is not given to physical maltreatment, I think there is a truly ___ element in his willingness to humiliate people by belittling them in public.
tortuousShe tried to justify the lies she had told us, but I was unable to follow her ____ explanation.
credulousVic is so ___ that he actually believed me when I said that I had invented an automatic composition-writing machine.
surfeitI have had my ___ of excuses and evasions; now I want action.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 14 Completing The Sentence Answers

supplicateAlthough I ask no special consideration for myself, I am not too proud to ___ on behalf of my children.
credulousThe more ____ you are, the easier it will be for swindlers and con artists to hoodwink you.
criterionUsefulness is not the only ____ for including words in this book, but it is a primary one.
obdurateIn spite of all our efforts to appeal to whatever human sympathies the kidnappers might have, they remained ___.
extraneousHe instructions told me exactly what I wanted to know, without a single _____ detail.
potpourriOur reading program this term is a delightful ____ of stories, essays, poetry, and drama from many different periods.
depletedMy last date turned out to be such an expensive affair that my funds were sadly ___ for the rest of the month.
tortuousThe steam for a(n) ____ course as it twisted through the broken countryside.
amendableWhen my stubborn brother proved so ___ to my request, I began to suspect that he had some special reason for wanting to please me.
turgidThe simple and austere prose of the Gettysburg address stands in stark contrast to the ____ and overblown rhetoric of a great many other nineteenth-century orations.
sadisticAlthough he announces piously how much it hurts him to punish people, I think he takes a(n) ____ pleasure in it.
surfeitedWouldn’t you agree that TV has been ___ lately with sitcoms and reality shows?
sententiousWhen I asked him why he wasn’t going to prom, he answered in his usual ____ style, “No dough, no dance!”
beratedYou deserve to be severely ____ for your misbehavior during such a solemn ceremony.
jejune“How do you expect your mind to grown when you feed it solely on the ____ pap that comes out of the television?” I asked pointedly.
carnageIt is difficult to imagine the ____ that would result from an all-out war fought with nuclear weapons.
infirmitiesOne of the benefits I gained from my summer job in the new hospital was learning to be patient with people suffering from various types of _____.
expatiateIt’s painful to have to listen to him ____ on his own virtues when I’m dying to give some fascinating details about my own life and accomplishments.
precociousAny child who can read at the age of three must be considered remarkably _____.
inceptionAt the very ____ of his administration, the new president announced a lost of the objectives he hoped to accomplish.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 14 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

jejunean “insipid” view of history
turgidthe “overblown” rhetoric of the politician
supplicate“entreat” the captain on behalf of her son
tortuousa “meandering”, complicated plot
sententiousa “didactic” way of addressing the group
creduloustoo “naive” to perceive trickery
potpourria “melange” of spices
inceptionwas present at the product “launch”
amenablenot “acquiescent” to that idea
criteriona “guideline” by which to judge the entries
sententiousBored by the “wordy” presentation
jejunea “sophisticated” sense of humor
potpourria “lack of variety” in the show’s acts
turgidthought the decor was too “plain”
creduloustoo “perceptive” for her own good

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 14 Vocabulary in Context Answers

a precocious child is
mature beyond her years

an extraneous consideration is

someone who is credulous is

an obdurate person is NOT

a tavern in a state of infirmity looks

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