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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 9 Answers

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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 9 Choosing the Right Word Answers

As soon as the hurricane (abated, equivocated), rescue teams rushed out to help people in the devastated area.Abated
Is it any wonder that a 17-year-old star athlete becomes smug when she receives such (recapitulation, adulation) from the entire school.Adulation
As the election drew nearer, the candidates went from reasonable discussion to quarrelsomeness to (anathematizing, recapitulating) each other.Anathematizing
Sportswriters attribute the success of the pennant-winning team largely to the (astute, evanescent) managing of old Buck Coakely.Astute
Since my mother is such a(n) (astute, dilatory) manager, she was the perfect choice to run the children’s museum in our community.Astute
He is completely indifferent to wealth and luxurious living; his (anathema, avarice) is directed instead toward fame and prestige.Avarice
What do you think of the concept that when a crime is committed, society is often as (culpable, astute) as the criminal.Culpable
In playing chess, she deliberately uses (dilatory, nebulous) tactics to make her opponent impatient and tense.Dilatory
When the results of her mistakes became public knowledge, she gained a well-deserved reputation for being an (astute, egregious) blunderer.Egregious
I was absolutely stunned when I reviewed my bank statement, not realizing I had an (irresolute, egregious) error in accounting.Egregious
In everyone’s life, a situation may arise that calls for a basic moral choice to be made, without compromise or (abatement, equivocation).Equivocation
The glory of this perfect spring day seems to be all the more precious because it is so (torpid, evanescent).Evanescent
It is difficult to remember my dreams, as I find them to be (evanescent, astute).Evanescent
As a result of (irresolution, egregiousness) when that novel was first submitted, the publishing house lost the biggest best-seller of the year.Irresolution
What she calls her “philosophy of life” seems to me a hodgepodge of childish fallacies and (dilatory, nebulous) generalizations.Nebulous
Sheila was feeling insecure after experiencing a (culpable, nebulous) sense of dread that something terrible was going to happen during her speech.Nebulous
Only a (penury, novice) at golf would have tried to use a driver when hitting into such a strong wind.Novice
Before becoming a successful writer, Jack London was a (torpid, novice) prospector, searching for gold in Alaska.Novice
In the densely populated and underdeveloped countries we visited, we saw the depths to which people can be reduced by (penury, anathema).Penury
Since he is known to be a multimillonaire, it seems almost (culpable, pretentious) of him, in an inverted sense, to drive around in a small, battered, inexpensive car.Pretentious
Biologists have a theory that every plant or animal in the course of its development (abates, recapitulates) all the stages of its evolution.Recapitulates
The say that school spirit at Central High is dead, but I am confident that it can be (resuscitated, equivocated) if the right methods are used.Resuscitated
The (slovenly, pretentious) physical appearance of the report was matched by its careless writing and disorganized content.Slovenly
You may be right in your belief that she won’t let us use her car, but remember that this is till only a(n) (anathema, supposition).Supposition
The heat in the room, the quite drone of the fly at the window, and the bright sunlight put me into a (torpid, slovenly) state.Torpid

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 9 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

WordPart of SpeechDefinition
irresolute(s.)“dithering” over a choice
egregious(s.)guilty of “brazen” rudeness
evanescent(s.)a delicate and “fleeting” beauty
recapitulate(s.)“restate” your requirements
slovenly(s.)ashamed of a “slipshod” job
equivocate(s.)“prevaricated” about the true amount
resuscitate(s.)“breathe new life into” the dull party
torpid(s.)made “listless” by the heat
nebulous(s.)a maddeningly “murky” explanation
anathema(s.)a muttered “execration”
egregious(a.)their “subtle” errors
slovenly(a.)a “well-groomed and careful” dresser
anathema(a.)closing with a “word of approval”
irresolute(a.)an experienced and “tenacious” nanny
nebulous(a.)the presentation of a “fully defined” concept

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 9 Completing The Sentence Answers

Using the most up-to-date equipment, the firefighters worked tirelessly to ______ the victim of smoke inhalation.Resuscitate
I don’t think I’d call such a(n) ______ grammatical mistake I minor “slip of the pen.”Egregious
I was so ______ about whether to go out for basketball or for swimming that I ended up going out for neither.Irresolute
When you are ______ in returning a book to the library, you are preventing someone else from using it.Dilatory
As her anger slowly ______, she realized that such childish outburst of emotion would do nothing to help solve her problems.Abated
It would mean more to him to gain the approval of the few people who can appreciate his work than to receive the ______ of the crowd.Adulation
I told my friend that dress for the party was casual, but he showed up looking, in my opinion, just plain ______.Slovenly
How can you consider him ______ when the accident was caused by a landslide that no one could have foreseen or prevented?Culpable
Since I truly loathe people who think they are “above the common herd,” any form of snobbery is absolutely ______ to me.Anathema
The study of history teaches us that a hunger for land, like other kinds of ______, is the cause of a great many wars.Avarice
He holds forth in great detail on what is wrong with our city government, but the remedies he suggests are exceedingly ______.Nebulous
The ______ she had experienced in her childhood and youth made her keenly aware of the value of money.Penury
Since he was a(n) ______ at the game, the three veteran players hoped to find someone more suitable to play on their team.Novice
Your brilliant plan is based on one false ______ — that I am willing to work without pay.Supposition
Does he use all the quotations as means of clarifying his meaning, or simply as a(n)_____ display of his learning?Pretentious
Sure, it’s great to be a big-league ballplayer, but bear in mind that the years of stardom are brief and ______.Evanescent
I was impressed by the ______ way our hostess guided the conversation away from topics that might be embarrassing to her guests.Astute
After giving us extremely detailed instructions for more than an hour, she briefly ______ and then sent us out on our assignments.Recapitulated
Although she tried to ______, we insisted on a simple “yes” or “no” answer.Equivocate
Her mind, ______ as a result of hours of exposure to the bitter cold, was not alert enough to sense the impending danger.Torpid

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 9 Vocabulary in Context Answers

Being in a penury state suggests:A – indigence
A person displaying astuteness is:D – perceptive
A supposition is a(n):B – conclusion
If a person pauses irresolutely, he or she acts with:A – hesitation
A nebulous impression is not:C – precise

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