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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 8 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 8 Choosing the Right Word Answers

  1. dissension
  2. intemperate
  3. gauntlet
  4. dissipated
  5. expurgated
  6. hypothetically
  7. odium
  8. relegated
  9. ignoble
  10. consternation
  11. susceptible
  12. dispassionate
  13. perfidy
  14. bovine
  15. squeamish
  16. dissension
  17. impugn
  18. disavow
  19. acrimonious
  20. corpulent
  21. dissipated
  22. consternation
  23. hypothetical
  24. subservient
  25. squeamish

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 8 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Their MINDLESS, faithful devotion.S. Bovine
To DISOWN any credit for herselfS. Disavow
His CAUSTIC way of speakingS. Acrimonious
TAKE ISSUE WITH his credentialsS. Impugn
Setting aside her CONJECTURAL motiveS. Hypothetical
The brutal CONTEST he enduredS. Gauntlet
A DISHONORABLE end to a shadowy lifeS. Ignoble
Felling WOOZY at the very thoughtS. Squeamish
DOWNGRADED to coach seatingS. Relegated
Not a hint of DUPLICITY in himS. Perfidy
A FRIENDLY game of basketballA. Acrimonious
One of the king’s GALLANT knightsA. Ignoble
A gesture of COMMITMENTA. Perfidy
Listening to a LIVELY speechA. Bovine
Felling ROBUST in the face of adversityA. Squeamish

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 8 Completing the Sentence Answers

DispassionateWe have had enough of high-powered, excited oratory; what we need now is a(n) ______ examination of the facts.
BovineAlthough she seems rather plodding in her behavior and rarely becomes excited, I think it is unfair to call her “______.”
IgnobleShe is a person of such fine moral standards that she seems incapable of a(n) ______ act.
DissipatedInstead of using their forces in one concerted attack on the enemy, they ______ their strength in minor engagements.
RelegatedThe job of cleaning up the field and the stands after the big game was ______ to the freshmen.
HypotheticalOur discussion that day was a(n) _____ one, based on the possibility – still far from definite – that I would take the job.
DissentionFar from presenting a unified front, the party is torn by all kinds of strife and ______.
ImpugnI am not trying to ______ his truthfulness, but I still do not see how the facts support his claims.
DisavowNow that these ugly facts about his business dealings have come to light, I must _____ my support of his candidacy.
AcrimoniousVigorous debate is fine, but is there any real need for such unrestrained and ______ name-calling?
SusceptibleHe is so ______ to flattery that with a few complimentary words I can get him to do almost anything I want.
IntemperateThough her overall position seemed to be sensible, her language was so unrestrained and ______ that people wouldn’t support her.
SquemishAnyone as ______ as that trainee will have trouble accustoming himself to the sights, sounds, and smells of hospital work.
PerfidyBecause Vidkun Quisling cooperated with the Nazis, his name has become a symbol of ______ in his home country of Norway.
OdiumThe ______ for this tragic failure does not belong to any individual or small group but to the community as a whole.
ConsternationTo the ______ of the people in the stands, the lion leaped out of the cage and bounded toward the exit.
ExpurgatedThomas Bowdler ______ certain words from Shakespeare’s plays because he felt that they were unfit to “beread aloud in a famity.”
SubservientUnder the American form of government, all branches of the military are cleary ______ to the civilian authority.
GauntletThe bold candidate threw down the ______ and dared her opponent to face her in a televised debate.
CorpulentPeople with a tendency toward being ______ must wage a lifelong struggle against rich foods.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 8 Vocabulary in Context Answers

A ignoble gesture is NOT:
a) repugnant
b) dignifiedB
c) shameful
d) dishonorable
A – dignified
The act of disavowing involves:
a) renouncingA
b) confirming
c) conjecturing
d) describing
A – renouncing
A person with susceptibilities is most likely to be:
a) argumentative
b) serene
c) confident
d) vulnerableD
A person in a state of odium feels:
a) happiness
b) acceptance
c) boredom
d) loathingD
A person who is relegated has been:
a) judged
b) consignedB
c) promoted
d) assisted

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