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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 1 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 1 Choosing the Right Word Answers

insidiousCassius, Brutus, and the other conspirators against Julius Caesar had devoted a(n) _____ plot to assassinate the Roman dictator on the Senate floor.
tentativeBecause the situation is changing so rapidly, any plans we make to deal with the emergency can be no more than _____ .
bereftI must have been _____ of my senses when I bought that old car!
deployedThe speaker _____ all the facts and figures at her command to buttress her argument.
verbatimI soon found out that my supposed friend had taken it upon himself to repeat _____ every word I said about Frieda’s party.
reiteratedHow annoying to hear the same, silly advertising slogans ______ endlessly on the television!
augmentedBy studying the reactions of simpler life forms, researchers have greatly _____ our knowledge of human behavior.
adulteratedDo you believe that the curriculum has been ____ by the inclusion of courses on aspects of popular culture?
intimationsA sort of heaviness in the air and an eerie silence were the first real _____ of brilliant new insights?
ambidextrousHave you heard the joke about the _____ loafer who was equally adept at not working with either hand?
unkemptOne of the chief reasons for your dateless weekends is undoubtedly your _____ appearance.
guiseDo you expect me to listen to a lot of tired old ideas dressed up in the _____ of brilliant new insights?
pliableWhat they call their “_____ outlook on life” seems to be simply a lack of any firm moral standards.
fortitudeRecruits who complain of the cold should try to show a little more _____ in facing the elements.
gapingThere we were at the very edge of the cliff, with our front wheels about to plunge into a _____ ravine.
gibesLet us not forget that the early fighters for women’s rights were greeted with the _____ of the unthinking mob.
opulentThe young prince, who much preferred blue jeans, had to dress in the _____ robes designed for the coronation.
insidiousBecause of my inexperience, I did not recognize at first his _____ attempts to undermine our employer’s confidence in me.
warilyThe ticking grew louder as the bomb squad _____ opened the package found on the grounds of the governor’s residence.
stolidIn this scene of wild jubilation, my _____ roommate continued to eat his peanut butter sandwich as though nothing had happened.
augmentThe librarian hoped to _____ the rare book collection by purchasing a first edition of Walt Whitman’s book of poetry, Leaves of Grass.
pliableTo make beaded jewelry, it is essential that the materials you use to thread the beads, such as fine gauge wire, silk, leather, or cord, be _____ and easy to work with.
gapeWhen the famous pop star appeared at a local restaurant and began playing her guitar, it was difficult for the patrons not to _____.
dourThough all hope of victory had faded, the remaining troops continued to resist the enemy with a _____ tenacity.
reiteratedThe proctor ______ the directions for the test before we began.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 1 Completing The Sentence Answers

bereftWhat a tragedy that in the twilight of her life the unfortunate woman should be _______________ of all her loved ones!
stolidWe learned that beneath his ____________ exterior there was a sensitive, highly subtle, and perceptive mind.
warilyHaving learned to respect the power in his opponent’s fists, the boxer moved ____________ around the center of the ring.
intimationHer unchanging facial features and controlled voice as she receive the news gave no _________________ of her true feelings.
deployedAn experienced baseball manager _______________ his outfielders according to the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing batters.
reiterateAt the risk of being boring, let me ___________________ my warning against careless driving.
insidiousTo this day, historians are still debating whether or not Aaron Burr was guilty of a(n) _________________ plot to break up the United States.
verbatimSince I need the speaker’s exact words for my report, I have asked the stenographer to take down the speech __________________.
dourThe ____________ expressions on the jurors’ faces as they grimly filed back into the courtroom did not bode well for the defendant.
ambidextrousMany ballplayers can bat from either side of the plate, but they cannot throw well with each hand unless they are __________________.
unkemptWhy would someone who is usually so neat and tidy appear in public in such a(n) _________________ state?
gapedAs the magician’s assistant seemed to vanish into thin air, the entire audience _______________ in amazement.
opulentPerhaps I would be bored with the ________________ lifestyle of a milllionaire, but I’m willing to try it.
adulteratedHow can you tell whether the chopped-meat patty you ate for lunch had been _________________ with artificial coloring and other foreign substances?
fortitudeAmerica’s earliest settlers faced the hardships of life on the frontier with faith and _________________.
augmentThe company commander called his troops together and asked for more volunteers to __________________ the strength of the raiding party.
pliableThe twigs that were to be woven into the basket were soaked in water to make them more _________________.
guiseIn Shakespeare’s famous tragedy “Othello,” in the ____________ of a friend but proves to be a deadly enemy.
gibesWhy should I be the object of all those ____________ just because I’m wearing a three piece suit on campus?
tentativeSince his acceptance of the invitation was only ________________, the hostess may be one man short at the dinner party.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 1 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

SuppleThe SUPPLE limbs of a dancer
AmbidextrousA FACILE and graceful writer
GapeGAWK at the huge jaws of the crocodile
Indicationgave no INDICATION of being nervous
ReiterateREHASH the same old theories
DeployPOST the remaining guards at the exits
OpulentAttend a LAVISH holiday banquet
Warilyproceed CAREFULLY in unknown waters
AugmentNeed to ENLARGE the computer’s memory
InsidiousAn UNDERHAND attack on my good name
Pliablea person with a RIGID viewpoint
Intimationhis DIRECT STATEMENT to the board of directors
ReiterateREFUSED TO REPEAT the joke
Ambidextroussurprisingly MALADROIT handling of the ball
Tentativea DEFINITE date for the party

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 1 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. A
  2. D
  3. C
  4. B
  5. C

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