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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 7 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 7 Choosing the Right Word Answers

In 1940, Winston Churchill conveyed to the British people the __________ truth that they were fighting for their national existence.Somber
When he accused me of playing fast and loose with the rules, I lost my temper and called him an officious __________.Martinet
Hoping it was not too late to __________ their relationship, the young man purchased a lovely bouquet of roses.Amend
I’m not so sure that I want to rent a bungalow so __________ that I’ll have room for guests every weekend.Commodious
We can expect __________ later if we do not develop a realistic conservation policy now.Chaos
Instead of trying to help the people who had elected him, he became involved in a __________ little quarrel about handing out jobs.Squalid
We sometimes forget that the great men who led our revolution were considered __________ by the British king.Renegades
The Tech team was offside on the play; but since we had thrown them for an eight-yard loss, we __________ the five-yard penalty.Waived
Didn’t it occur to them that by signing the letter “Sophomores of Central High,” they would __________ the entire class in the protest?Implicate
I wouldn’t say that I __________ housework, but I must admit that I avoid it whenever I can.Abhor
Some people prefer the __________ of life in a big city to the more placid atmosphere of a small town.Turbulence
At lunchtime, the room rang with the sound of __________ debates between the fans of rival teams.Vociferous
The custom by which a young man buys his bride through a payment to her father is still__________ in some parts of the world.Extant
Did you know that many soft drinks, especially colas, are so __________ that they can erode tooth enamel overtime?Corrosive
The Founding Fathers set up a method of __________ the Constitution that is neither too easy nor too difficult to use.Amending
A lack of organizational skills can make a student’s life __________ right before a busy exam season.Chaos
According to cryptozoologists–people who search for proof that legendary creatures exist– Bigfoot might be a large prehistoric humanoid that is still __________.Extant
Which great poet said that his head was “bloody but unbowed” under the __________ of fate?Buffeting
I don’t know which was more __________ –making improper use of the money or lying about it later.Reprehensible
History gives us many examples of how the __________ effects of religious hatred can weaken the entire social structure.Corrosive
Even in his old age, Thomas Jefferson kept up a __________ correspondence with important people in America and abroad.Voluminous
The time has come for us to __________ our ancient disputes and go forward as a truly united people.Inter
A compromise agreement reached in the judge’s chambers would clearly __________ the need for a long, costly lawsuit.Obviate
If you examine the evidence carefully, you will soon __________ the contradictions in the witness’s story.Discern
If you __________ blood, then you should probably not be a nurse.Abhor

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 7 Completing The Sentence Answers

It is particularly ___ for citizens to fail to vote in national elections and then complain about the government.reprehensible
The records of the school board meeting on the proposed bond issue are so ___ that it would take me a week to read them.voluminous
A person who changes from one political party to another on the basis of honest conviction should not be regarded as a (n) ___.renegade
I didn’t expect you to like my suggestion, but I was shocked by your bitter and ___ criticism of it.vociferous
One of the signs of maturity is the ability to ___ the difference between things that are secondary and things that are truly important.discern
Although our drill instructor was determined to follow the rules, he was by no means an overbearing ___.martinet
The trunk of the car was so ___ that it held all of our skiing equipment as well as our other luggage.commodious
We Americans are proud that each change of the national administration, far from being ___, is carried out in a peaceful and friendly manner.turbulent
Who would not feel depressed on entering that ___ old courtroom, with its dim lighting and dark, massive furnishings?somber
Confident that she could present the case effectively to a judge, the lawyer advised her client to ___ his right to a jury trial.waive
The American writer Dorothy Parker was celebrated for her sharp tongue and ___ wit.corrosive
In a natural history museum, we can see physical remains of many species of animals that are no longer ___.extant
Getting a good education will do much to ___ the problem of finding a job that pays well.obviate
Shakespeare tells us that “the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft ___ with their bones.”inter
Those accused of crimes are sometimes willing to ___ their accomplices in return for immunity for prosecution.implicate
Let me say frankly that I ___ prejudice in anyone, even a member of my own family.abhor
Are we justified in showing visitors only the most attractive and interesting sections of our cities, towns, or villages while keeping them away from the ___ neighborhoods where so many people live?squalid
In our frantic search for the missing papers, we overturned everything in the room, leaving it in complete ___.chaos
We are petitioning the council to ___ its procedures so that all citizens will have a chance to express their opinions.amend
A person who has been ___ about my many dreadful misfortunes will either become stronger or suffer a complete breakdown.buffeted

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 7 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

(Syn)BATTERED by fluctuations in the stock marketbuffetbuffeted
(Syn) a VAST an elegant hotel lobbyaccomodiouscommodiousconfined
(Syn) NOTICED a change in public opiniondiscernedperceived
(Syn) a treasure LAID TO RESTinterburieddug up
(Syn) willing to ALTER long-standing company policyamendmodify
(Syn) AVERT further debateobviatepreventprovoke
(Syn) the SOLEMN tolling of church bellssombergravecheerful
(Syn) condemned by all as a DEFECTORrenegadetraitorloyalist
(Syn) a formerly endangered, now THRIVING speciesextantsurvivingextinct
(Syn) COPIOUS pieces of evidencevoluminousabundantsuccinct
(Ant) Seeking CONFINED lodgingCommodiousconfined
(Ant) DUG UP the ancient kings remainsInterunearthedlaid to rest
(Ant) Took SUCCINCT notes during the meetingVoluminousbriefcopious
(Ant) A custom thought to be DEFUNCTExtantextinct
(Ant) The CHEERFUL face of the lottery winnerSomberjoyousgrave

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 7 Vocabulary In Context Answers

knocked around
a buffeted person will be…

observe it
to discern activity is to…

a turbulent exclamation is most likely…

somber shadows are…

a squalid appearance is not…

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