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Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 4 Answers

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Level G Unit 4 Choosing the Right Word Answers

In Victorian times, fashionable ladies incarcerated their waist in tight corsets to achieve a chic “hourglass” figure.incarcerated
During the 19th century, it was fashionable to spend a few weeks in the fall hunting grouse, pheasants, and other game birds.grouse
Comfortably recumbent in the shade of the elm tree, I watched the members of the football teams go through a long, hard workout.recumbent
The affairs of our city are in such disarray that the state may have to intervene to restore some semblance of order.disarray
Before the ceremony began, we all bowed our heads and hoped for unity, peace, and concord among all nations.concord
We were fascinated by the frenetic scene on the floor of the stock exchange as brokers struggled to keep up with sudden price changes.frenetic
I have always regarded our schools and colleges as bastions of learning and progress against ignorance and superstition.bastions
Do you really think that those jocular remarks are appropriate on such a solemn occasion?jocular
In the shelter, I saw for the first time people who’d been beaten and discouraged by life –the so-called derelicts and flotsam of the great city.flotsam
The only way we’ll really be able to increase productivity is to offer our employees a few solid pecuniary incentives to work harder.pecuniary
We were able to glean only a few shreds of useful information from his long, pretentious speech.glean
Of the ten Congressional seats in our state, only one was won by a new member; all the other winners were incumbents.incumbents
There are a few things in life as ludicrous as an unqualified person trying to assume the trappings of authority.ludicrous
The huge influx of wealth that resulted from foreign conquests led in part to the physical and moral atrophy of the Roman ruling class.atrophy
What we need to cope with this crisis is not cute stratagems but a bold, realistic plan and the courage to carry it out.stratagems
All that I needed to consummate the most important deal of my career was her significant on the dotted line.consummate
To feel fear in difficult situations is natural, but to allow one’s conduct to be governed by fear is pusillanimous.pusillanimous
I noticed with approval that his mordant remarks were intended to deflate the pompous and unmask the hypocritical.mordant
It has been said that the only way to handle a nettle, or any difficult problem, without being stung is to grasp is to grasp it firmly and decisively.nettle
A born leader is someone who can rise to the exigencies of an crisis that he or she may be confronted with.exigencies
Why did my grandparents feel it necessary to show the ludicrous photo of me dressed as a chicken to my new girlfriend?ludicrous
Although most of diners’ comments were favorable, several grouses about the soggy salads dismayed the chef.grouses
Recent polls confirm a widespread atrophy in small business owners’ abilities to secure bank loans at reasonable rates.atrophy
In his 1907 paint The Sick Child, Edvard Munch’s depiction of a __ adolescent creates a mood of despair.recumbent
The undisciplined puppy __ the boxes in the garage.disarrayed

Level G Unit 4 Completing The Sentence Answers

The defeated army fled in such disarray that before long it had become little more than a uniformed mob.disarray
People who are used to the unhurried atmosphere of a country town often find it hard to cope with the frenetic pace of big-city life.frenetic
Almost every case of muscle or tissue atrophy is the result of disease, prolonged disuse, or changes in cell nutrition.atrophy
I have yet to meet an adult who did not grouse about the taxes he or she had to pay.grouse
I get my best ideas while lying down; the recumbent position seems to stimulate my brain.recumbent
The exigencies of my present financial situation demand that I curtail all unnecessary expenses for at least a month.exigencies
Even critics of our penal system admit that as long as hardened criminals are incarcerated they can’t commit further crimes.incarcerated
Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens is a disillusioned misanthrope who spends his time hurling mordant barbs at the rest of mankind.mordant
As soon as he struck the opening chords of the selection, we realized that we were listening to a(n) consummate master of the piano.consummate
The flotsam that we observed here and there in the harbor bore mute testimony to the destructive power of the storm.flotsam
I regret that Nancy was nettled by my unfavorable review of her short story, but I had to express my opinion honestly.nettled
Most people regarded the government’s attempt to avert a war by buying off the aggressor as not shameful but pusillanimous.pusillanimous
It was pleasant to see the usually quiet and restrained Mr. Baxter in such a(n) jocular and expansive mood.jocular
It is incumbent on all of us to do whatever we can to help our community overcome this crisis.incumbent
Since I had only one year of high-school French, my attempts to speak that language on my trip to Paris were pretty ludicrous.ludicrous
Peace is not just the absence of war but a positive state of concord among the nations of the world.concord
Despite all their highfalutin malarkey about helping the poor, I suspect that their interest in the project is purely pecuniary.pecuniary
Though next to nothing is known about Homer, historians have been able to glean a few odd facts about him from studying his works.glean
The high ground east of the river formed a natural bastion, which we decided to defend with all forces at our disposal.bastion
The purpose of our stratagem was to draw in the safety so that Tom could get behind him to retrieve a long pass.stratagem

Level G Unit 4 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

(syn.) GRIPES about every change in the routinegrouses
(syn.) received FINANCIAL conpensationpecuniary
(syn.) the ill-conceived RUSEstratagem
(syn.) COLLECTED tidbits of informationgleaned
(syn.) a longtime BULWARK of resistancebastion
(syn.) PROSTRATE on a hospital bedrecumbent
(syn.) CRAVEN behaviorpusillanimous
(syn.) a WITTY conversationjocular
(syn.) IMMURED for years in a dank dungeonincarcerated
(syn.) IRKS her coworkers with senseless chatternettles
(ant.) made a DARING attemptpusillanimous
(ant.) enthusiasm that DEVELOPEDatrophied
(ant.) stayed UPRIGHT without movingrecumbent
(ant.) RELEASE the trapped batincarcerate
(ant.) a HUMORLESS mannerjocular

Level G Unit 4 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. C
  2. A
  3. D
  4. D
  5. A

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