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Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 8 Answers

Level D Unit 8 Completing The Sentence Answers

The philanthropist devoted his time, energy, and funds to establishing a(n) ________ for promoting world
Despite intense heat, meager rainfall, and ______ vegetation, many animals have adapted to life in the desert.sparse
Although I cannot support her in the election, I fully appreciate her many _____ qualities.sterling
You will need experience, ability, financing, and good luck to have any chance of succeeding in so risky a business ______.venture
As the snake came into view and slithered across her path, the archaeologist’s eyes _____ with fear.dilated
The wooden staircase we had worked so hard to build was now irregularly curved because the boards had _____.warped
The main point in my father’s speech was that all the riches of the world are so much worthless _____ without spiritual values and faith.dross
The idea that an incoming President can miraculously solve all of the nation’s problems is simply ________.preposterous
Weary from months of hard work, she was hopeful that a week at a spa would ________ her.rejuvenate
Calling upon her many years of experience, the retired warden discussed with great ____ the topic of the evening—- “Can Criminals Be Rehabilitated?”assurance
I consider myself a very peaceful person, but if anyone approaches me in a(n) ______ manner, I am prepared to defend myself.pugnacious
Can any amount of money ______ someone for years sacrificed to a hopeless cause?remunerate
As days passed without a phone call, a note, or an e-mail, his hopes for a reconciliation _____ until he no longer thought about her at all.dwindled
When my pet hamster died suddenly, my friends were unable to ______ me during my hours of grief.console
Because his army was stronger than his rival’s, the pretender to the throne was able to seize power throughout the entire ______.realm
He is such a(n) ______ sports enthusiast that he spends almost all of his space this either playing ball or watching balls on TV.rabid
Did you know the English word bedlam was taken from the name of an infamous _____ for the insane in medieval London?asylum
When we are discussing a serious problem like drug abuse, I feel that _____ remarks are in bad taste.flippant
Doctors hope to lessen the number, length, and severity of common colds, even if they cannot provide complete _____ from them.immunity
She is an excellent ball handler and a very good shot; his only serious ______ as a basketball player is lack of speed.liability

Level D Unit 8 Choosing the Right Word Answers

rejuvenatedThe outworn ideas of the past cannot be rejuvenated simply by expressing them in snappy, modern slang
preposterousToday scientists smile wryly at the preposterous notion that the earth is flat, but in earlier times it was an accepted fact
drossWe must clear away the dross of false ideas from our minds and take a long hard look at reality
pugnaciousGenerally, pugnacious behavior on the football field is more effective in drawing penalties than in gaining ground
sparseAs usual, there are plenty of talkers, but the supply of doers is sparse
warpedPatriotism is a fine quality, but not when it is warped into a hatred of other nations
immunityA sound understanding of the principles of freedom and self-government is the best way to gain immunity from totalitarian propaganda
asylumMany Americans think that the United States should continue to provide asylum for people fleeing from tyranny in other lands
rabidI agree with some of the speaker’s ideas, but I find his rabid enthusiasm for crackpot causes hard to take
sterlingI support the team captain because of the sterling leadership she has given us during the long, hard season
consoledDo you expect me to be consoled by the fact that I was not the only one to fail the exam?
realmWhen you write so imaginatively about “life on other planets,” you are entering the realm of science fiction
renumerateIn spite of his talk about his great wealth, I noticed that the penny pincher did not offer to renumerate us for expenses
assuranceI would not agree to run for public office before receiving assurance of support from important groups in the community
liabilityAn unwillingness to listen to suggestions from others is a grave liability in a leader
dilateNo doubt the instructor knows a great deal about ecology, but is there any need for her to dilate on threats to the environment at such great length?
dwindlesHow quickly interest in the program dwindles when students realize that it calls for so much work, with little chance for glory!
instituteIn order to meet stricter industry standards, manufacturers will have to institute new systems of quality control
ventureI know better than to venture into a canoe that a novice will paddle upstream against a crosswind
flippantI like humor as well as anyone, but I don’t believe in being flippant on so solemn an occasion
VentureThe college swim team went on an overseas Venture to compete with teams from all parts of Southeast Asia
ImmunityThe hired man agreed to testify against his boss in exchange for Immunity against charges related to the crime
ConsoleWhen the thief stepped up to the computer Console I knew at once that he had the secret passwords
InstituteThe Institute had a strict policy that new members could not be admitted without a thorough review and background check
SterlingMy dog’s behavior in obedience class is usually Sterling but yesterday he was more interested in playing with the other dogs than in paying attention to commands.

Level D Unit 8 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

a potion to REVITALIZE and energizerejuvenate
seek REFUGE from incessant strifeasylum
free from all DEBTliability
the REFUSE of molten metaldross
build RESISTANCE to bee stingsimmunity
a QUARRELSOME person ready to take offensepugnacious
COMFORT the family in their sorrowconsole
DISTORTED her judgementwarped
COMPENSATE the babysitter for his timeremunerate
cause blood vessels to EXPANDdilate
BRING ABOUT a change in policyinstitute
fall within the queen’s DOMAINrealm
resent their IMPERTINENT attitudeflippant
CHANCE a long pass for a touchdownventure
the FANATICAL ravings of a rabble-rouserrabid
walked with an air of UNCERTAINTY (A)assurance
a PLAUSIBLE explanation for the noise (A)preposterous
gradually INCREASE in size (A)dwindle
an area of ABUNDANT resources (A)sparse
a person of MEDIOCRE reputation (A)sterling

Level D Unit 8 Vocabulary in Context Answers

1. D
2. B
3. C
4. D
5. B
6. A

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