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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 13 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 13 Choosing the Right Word Answers

assetsOne of many … of the Globe Theater is its costumes-elaborate outfots that aare made from luxuriant fabrics
applicableSome of the lessons that we learned during the Great Depression are … to our economic problems today
infinitesimalMy study of astronomy gave me a sense of the importance of … human beings and our tiny planet in a boundless universe
prowessHis … as a speaker quickly made him a leading figure in the Senate
compassionIt does little good to feel … for those less fortunate than ourselves if we are not willing to make sacrifices to help them
exuberantThey were so … in their praise that I soon began to suspect either their judgment or their sincerity
implacableAs he watched his house go up in flames, he felt that he was the victim of an … fate
imbibeWithout actually understanding much of what the speaker was saying, the audience seemed to … her optimism and vigor
militatedThe politicians poor showing in the polls and the failure of her fundraising efforts … against her entering the presidential race
stipulationsWhat good does it do to include all those … in the agreement if there are no provisions for enforcing them?
duressThe authorities suspected that the hostage’s statement was made not voluntarily but under …
stentorianMaking the … backfire of the truck for a sudden burst of gunfire, we ducked behind a parked car for safety
antipathyYou are in deep trouble if you combine a strong taste for high living with an equally strong … for hard work
imbibingAt my niece’s birthday party, I was concerned about the enormous amounts of punch, soda, and other sugary drinks that children were …
prowessUnable to roar and intimidate those around him, the cowardly lion hope the Great Wizard could help him exhibit his … as king of the beasts
exuberanceTo show their … during the play-offs, many football fans paint their faces and wear wild costumes
ultimatum“Here’s the … ” said father. “Pass all your courses, or forget about attending senior prom.”
assetSomeone’s most valuable … may be the ability to analyze complex problems quickly and competently
besetAlthough he was … by creditors, a tough employer, and medical problems, he never seemed to lose his zest for living
facsimileIn this synthetic world of ours, I sometimes wonder if my life is genuine or just a … of the real thing
decorumHer sense of … is so strict that she often makes other people feel stiff and uncomfortable
sedateA person’s modest and … appearance may mask an iron determination and a sharp temper
patentThe mistake in identification was so … that the suspect was released with the apologies of the arresting officer
innocuousThe tough leadership we need in this new century will not come from uncertain and … personalities
stipulateDid you … that you wanted the recliner, not the rocking chair?

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 13 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Apathyhostility, enmity, aversion, bad bloodattraction, appeal, allure, sympathy
Applicableappropriate, fit, apt, appositeinappropriate, unsuitable, irrelevant
Assetproperty, holding, endowmentdrawback, handicap, liability
Besetassail, harass, badger, pester, torment
Compassionconcern, commiseration, empathyindifference, callousness, heartlessness
Decorumseemliness, good form, proprietyimpropriety, bad form, bad taste
Duressintimidation, coercionpersuasion, coaxing
Exuberantlively, ebullient, irrepressible, lavishdepressed, despondently, sulky, restrained
Facsimilereplica, duplicate, clonevariation, modification, permutation
Imbibeswallow, gulp, quaff, digesteject, emit, expel, discharge
Implacablerelentless, inexorable, unappeasablelenient, indulgent, permissive, flexible
Infinitesimaltiny, minusculevast, immense, huge, infinite
Innocuousfeeble, impotent, unobjectionable, insipidharmful, dangerous, pernicious, toxic, virulent
Militatecounter, oppose, work against
Patentexclusive license, evidentconcealed, hidden, secret
Prowessvalor, courage, heroism, mastery, proficiencycowardice, incompetence, ineptitude
Sedateunruffled, composed, cool and collectedloud, brash, flashy, flamboyant, garish, flighty
Stentorianthundering, deafening, ear splittinghushed, inaudible, whispered, mute
Stipulatespecify, contract, provide for
Ultimatumfinal terms

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 13 Completing The Sentence Answers

Her refusal to discuss even the possibility of a compromise convinced me that I was faces with a(n) _____ opponent.implacable
I enjoy his jokes, but he ought to bear in mind that there are certain standards of _____ to be observed at graduation.decorum
American law prohibits police from arresting and holding suspects in any type of _____ without formally charging them.duress
If only he could match his _____ on the playing field with a high level of excellence in the classroom!prowess
The player’s chronic shoulder injury _____ against his plan to extend his baseball career for another season.militated
How can you expect them to concern themselves with your problems when they are so _____ with troubles of their own?beset
The “monster” that frightened you so much during the hike last week was just a(n) _____ water snake.innocuous
Centuries-old ethnic _____ have more than once led to bloody conflict in the Balkans.antipathies
We could hear the quarterback’s _____ signals even above the roar of the crowd.stentorian
Although the artist’s latest work was acclaimed by the critics, it seemed to me to be no more than a(n) _____ of a cardboard cereal box.facsimile
I am well on the road to becoming a millionare because I have just been awarded the _____ for an automatic homework machine.patent
How quickly their _____ holiday mood became quiet and sober when they had to return to work on Monday morning!exuberant
If the contract is framed by a good lawyer, it will _____ exactly when, where, and how payment is to be made.stipulate
The landlord’s _____ was simple and direct: Pay the rent increase or get out.ultimatum
During the long summer afternoons, we used to sit on the shaded veranda, _____ iced drinks and talking about life.imbibing
He has his shortcomings, but compared with his great services to his community and nation, they seem all but _____.infinitesimal
I was amazed to see how a few years had transformed an unruly and mischievous child into well-bred, _____ young adult.sedate
The reference material you have given me is interesting, but most of it is not _____ to my term paper.applicable
Her chief _____ both in business and in social life are her keen intelligent and pleasant matter.asset
Dr. Albert Schweitzer had not only great scientific ability but also a deep sense of _____ for suffering humanity.compassion

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 13 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. D

  2. C

  3. B

  4. C

  5. A

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