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Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 3 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 3 Choosing the Right Word Answers

In sandpainting, an art still practiced by the Navajos and Pueblos of the American Southwest, designs are created of (icons/fortes) representing animals, deities, and natural phenomena.

Your (virtuosity/pragmatism) as an orator may earn you votes, but it cannot make up for your lack of experience in and knowledge of public affairs.

We did drop a few objectionable words from the dialogue, but this does not justify the critic’s claim that we (cozened/bowdlerized) the play.

A theory that seems valid in the confines of a small family group may be proved useless when applied in the (macrocosm/interstice) of society at large.

If you find those people so unpleasant, why do you (cozen/condescend) to associate with them?

They can’t force you to do anything, but it is quite possible that they will be able to (condescend/cozen) you into actions against your best interests.

The clash of wits between those two brilliant columnists was no mere (persiflage/paean) , but an exchange of clever insults.

The first (schism/enclave) in the Communist world of the postwar era occurred in 1948, when Yugoslavia began in earnest to distance itself from the Soviet Union.

Our little group of would-be writers, painters, and musicians formed an (enclave/ancillary) of culture in what we considered a hostile world.

In the great crises of life, you must depend basically on yourself; the help you get from others can only be (pragmatic/ancillary).

A truly great leader must possess both the inspiration of a visionary and the (quizzical/pragmatic) skills of an experienced politician.

The sun left its mottled imprint on the wall as the rays filtered through the (enclaves/interstices) of the iron grating.

In this situation, when I desperately needed material help, I was deluged with a(n) (plethora/enclave) of glib and gratuitous advice.

A political candidate who promises to solve all our social problems without ever mentioning higher taxes would certainly be dismissed as a (mountebank/schism).

Because he sees life as a pattern of ambiguities and contradictions, he likes to express himself in the form of (quizzical/ancillary) witticisms.

The dictum “There’s no such thing as free lunch” means that nothing worthwhile in life comes to us (forte/gratis).

After the great victory, his quiet and modest statements were far more impressive than the most effusive (paean/interstice) could have been.

It is a common mistake to assume that shrewdness in business affairs must be accompanied by extreme (rapacity/mountebank).

Though acupuncture has been practiced in Eastern medicine for centuries, its (therapeutic/quizzical) value has only recently been acknowledged in the West.

Her easygoing attitude and resilience, far from being weaknesses, proved to be her (mountebank/forte) in surviving during that trying period.

The introductory membership letter stated that the monthly magazine was delivered (ancillary/gratis) but, nonetheless, the membership fees were exorbitant.

Many of the celebrated composers of classical pieces were (icons/virtuosos) long before they were even teenagers.

We exchanged agitated and (quizzical/pragmatic) looks after the customs agent instructed us to carry our luggage to a special table for a thorough investigation.

A(n) (macrocosm/icon) of urban Australia, the Sydney Opera House is a building of unique and masterful construction.

The teacher’s (condescending/bowdlerized) tone inspired many students to drop the course.

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 3 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

WordSynonyms (s)Antonyms (a)
AncillaryAuxiliary, Subsidiary, AccessoryCentral, Key, Primary, Principal, Main
BowdlerizeCensor, Purge, Expurgate
CozenDupe, Deceive, Beguile, Inveigle
EnclaveIsland, Subgroup
ForteGift, Aptitude, SpecialtyWeakness, Shortcoming, Foible
Gratis(Adj) On the house, (Adv) Freely(Adv) For a price
IconEmblem, Idol
IntersticeGap, Slot, Crevice, Interval, Lacuna
MacrocosmCosmos, Entirety, UniverseModel, Miniature, Microcosm
MountebankImpostor, Quack, Trickster, Swindler, CharlatanSucker, Dupe, “Mark”, “Pigeon”
PaeanHymn, Ode, AnthemDirge, Elegy, Lament, Threnody
PersiflageBanter, Jesting, Repartee, Badinage
PlethoraSurplus, Surfeit, Glut, ExcessShortage, Paucity, Dearth, Scarcity
PragmaticDown-to-earth, BusinesslikeIdealistic, Impractical, Visionary
QuizzicalPeculiar, Perplexed, Mystified, DerisiveUnequivocal, Crystal-clear, Unambiguous
RapacityAvarice, Cupidity, VoraciousnessLiberality, Generosity, Altruism
SchismRift, Breach, SplitUnited front, Reconciliation
TherapeuticCurative, Salutary, SalubriousHarmful, Injurious, Deleterious
VirtuosoExpert, Master, Prodigy, MaestroAmateur, Beginner, Novice, (Adj) Mediocre

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 3 Completing The Sentence Answers

What point is there in dwelling on unproven theories when the problem we are facing demands that we be as … as possible?

The coach used diagrams to show our receivers how to slip through the … in our opponent’s zone pass coverage

Once the advance and royalties were settled, the publisher and agent negotiated … rights to be covered in the author’s contract

My classmates selected me to address the community affairs committee because public speaking is a(n) … of mine

When she neatly faked out the guard, pivoted, and drove in got a layup, I realized that I was seeing a true … on the basketball court

I would have welcomed any firm answer, no matter how unfavorable, but all that I got from her was a(n) … smile

Although we pride ourselves on the advance of civilization, the sad fact is that the … of modern humanity has resulted in more destruction and suffering than ever before in history

At the height of Beatlemania in the mid 1960s the Fab Four assumed the stature of pop ….

When the soldiers realized that they had defeated the far more numerous enemy, their cheers rose in a great … of jubilation and victory

A good laugh invariably makes me feel better; I honestly believe that it has a(n) … effect on my dispostition

The stubborn old timers who refused to sell their homes came to form a(n) … of “natives” surrounded by “city people”

The situation is growing worse because there is a(n) … of good intentions by a dearth of common sense and willingness to work harder

The minor difference of opinion developed into a(n) … that split the political party into two opposing factions

He considers himself such a marvelous chess player that I’m surprised he would … to sit down at the board with a beginner like me

His exaggerated claims for an expensive painkiller that turned out to be no more than aspirin exposed him as a(n) …

His self-importance stems from his inability to appreciate the very minor part he plays in the … of human affairs

In attempting to make the novel acceptable to the general public, the editor so … it that it lost its quality of stark realism

She thought of herself as a combination of Mark Twain and H.L. Mencken, but her attempts at “devastating persiflage” were not very funny

To promote circulation, the publisher offered to throw in home delivery … for new subscribers to the Sunday edition

Playing on his vanity and his desire to be known as a “good guy”, I tried to … him into lending me his car

Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 3 Vocabulary in Context Answers

A person who shows RAPACITY is NOTA. Generous
A MOUNTEBANK is a(n)C. Swindler
To CONDESCEND is toD. Lower oneself
To COZEN is toB. Deceive
INTERSTICES areA. Intervening spaces

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