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Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 14 Answer

Level C Unit 14 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Every week she meets with a small circle of _______ souls whose greatest intrest in life is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach
Rioters smashed windows and _______ government offices as they attempted to overthrow the dictator
A person who behaves with ______ disregard for the feelings of others is likely to have very few friends
He found a comfortable _____ for himself at a bank and worked there quite happily for more than forty years
Although I was furious, I faced my accusers with ______ smile
We are now learning the hard way that our energy sources are not _____ and that we will have to use them carefully
You will lean that nothing is more _____ than to face a problem squarely, analyze it clearly, and resolve it successfully.
The spirit of the new law to protect consumers is not “Let the buyers beware” but, rather, “Let the _____ beware
My next-door neighbor is a(n) _________ individual with a remarkable talent for boring me out of my wits
What is important for the children is not a(n) _____ recital of the poem but an understanding of what the words really mean
Rather than _____ their religious faiths, many Protestants, Catholics, and Jews left Europe to settle in the New World
I _______ my brain feverishly, but I was unable to find any way out of the difficulty
In Dickens’s novel Oliver Twist, the protagonist is so _______ that he does not understand that he is being trained to become a pickpocket
The beginning of commercial television in the 1940s marked a revolutionary _______ in the history of mass communications
Several _______ at the fair were giving away free samples to entice customers to but their wares
My supervisor gets into one of his ___ moods, I know that for some high drama before the day is out
Some people are worried that sizable asteroids could hit Earth and ______ entire cities
Over the years, the vigorous foreign policy that this country pursued greatly _______ our role in world affairs
They claim to have “buried the hatchet,” but I fear they have only declared a temporary _____ in their feud
The excuse that he offered for his absence was so _____ and improbable that it fell apart as soon as we looked into it
The business had been losing money for years; but thanks to new management, it is once again ____
Can anyone be so _____ as to believe that all famous people who endorse products on TV actually use those products?
The job of a mediator is to help _____ parties find a basis for settling their differences
I am willing to forgive you, but I don’t know if I can ever _____ the memory of your dishonesty from my mind
Cleaning house is not a difficult chore; it’s simply ______

Level C Unit 14 Completing The Sentence Answers

He used to be modest, likable fellow, but now that he has inherited some money, his manner has become exceedingly _______________ and offensive.
The tinkling bell of the ice-cream _________________ making his way through the streets is a pleasant sound on a summer evening.
Now that a(n) ____________________ has finally been arranged, the even more difficult job of making a lasting peace must begin.
After eating so much highly spiced food while on vacation, I craved some pleasantly _____________ home cooking.
Along the walls of the church, there were _______________ in which statues of saints had been placed.
“Unless we learn to control nuclear weapons,” the speaker said, “they may _____________ the human race.”
We want to components will _____________ our CDs without distorting them.
The Declaration of Independence’s assertion that “all men are created equal” marked a new ______________ in our world history.
“A dinner that is truly well prepared _______________ the eye as well as the palate,” a famous chef once remarked.
“You should understand the reason for each step in the problem,” our math teacher said, “not simply do the steps by _______________.
Although she had been separated from her family for years, at her hour of need her __________________ came to her aid.
Because I was obeying all traffic regulations at the time the accident occurred, I ________________ responsibility for it.
Increasing dissatisfaction with the direction her political party was taking slowly ________________ her from it.
When the electric power failed, we ________________ the kitchen to find candles and matches.
I’ve been broke for so long that I’m afraid i won’t know how to behave when i find myself _______________ again.
After four hours of doing the same small task over and over again, I began to find my new job _______________.
Most religions rest on faith in a Supreme Being of _______________ power and goodness.
I think the vivid phrase ” having a short fuse” aptly describes my neighbor’s _______________ temperament.
How could you have been so ______________ and foolish as to take their compliments seriously!
We did not realize how poor the people in that isolated region were until we saw the __________________ huts in which they were living.

Level C Unit 14 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Synonyms: increase, augment, fill out, supplement Antonyms: lessen, diminish, abbreviate, shorten
Synonyms: cease-fire, truce
Synonyms: high-handed, overbearing, presumptuous Antonyms: meek, humble, modest, unassuming
Synonyms: dull, insipid Antonyms: harsh, irritating, pungent, spicy, piquant
Synonyms: disavow, disown, repudiate Antonyms: admit, acknowledge, avow, confess
Synonyms: part company, alienate Antonyms: bring together, reunite, reconcile
Synonym: delight Antonyms: disappoint, dissatisfy, frustrate, thwart
Synonyms: (adj.) unlimited, boundless Antonyms: (adj.) limited, restricted, measurable
Synonyms: irritable, quarrelsome, cantankerous Antonym: even-tempered
Synonyms: (n.) kin, relations Antonyms: (adj.) unlike, dissimilar, contrasting
Synonyms: green, wet behind the ears Antonyms: sophisticated, knowing, urbane, suave, blasé
Synonyms: nook, alcove
Synonyms: wipe out, erase, expunge, efface Antonyms: foster, promote, create
Synonyms: rickety, unsteady, run-down, dilapidated Antonyms: well built, well maintained, shipshape, trim
Synonyms: rummage, scour Antonyms: spot-check
Synonyms: financially sound, in the black Antonyms: bankrupt, flat broke, in the red
Synonyms: boring, monotonous Antonyms: stimulating, interesting, short and sweet
Synonyms: peddler, hawker, dealer, merchant Antonyms: buyer, purchaser, customer

Level C Unit 14 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. place

  2. irritable

  3. era

  4. high-handed

  5. please

  6. tiresome

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