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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 4 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 4 Choosing the Right Word Answers

Scientists have concluded that a sudden catastrophe (expunged, converged) dinosaurs from the face of the earth.expunged
Instead of blaming a (malevolent, invulnerable) fate for your failures, why not look for the causes within yourself?malevolent
Instead of making an informed guess, why not (ascertain, esteem) exactly how many students are going on the trip to Washington?ascertain
The critic recognized the book’s faults but dismissed them a (venial, uncanny) in view of the author’s overall achievement.venial
Though the journey seemed interminable, I knew that it was (cogent, finite) and that I would soon be home.finite
Vast wealth, elegant clothes, and a (finite, supercilious) manner may make a snob, but they do not of themselves make a person a true gentleman or lady.supercilious
When I splattered paint on my art teacher, I tried to appear (nonchalant, malevolent) but succeeded only in looking horrified.nonchalant
At first, the two candidates were in disagreement on every issue; but as the campaign went on, their opinions seemed to (disperse, converge).converge
When I found myself flushed with anger, I realized that I was not so (scrupulous, invulnerable) to their bitter sarcasm as I had thought I was!invulnerable
Her bright, optimistic manner did much to (ascertain, disperse) the atmosphere of gloom that had settled over the meeting.disperse
Lincoln said, “If you forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and (esteem, attainment).”esteem
Though you forget my birthday, I did not receive a gift or card, it was a (venial, scrupulous) mistake an I shall forgive you.venial
When I walked into the abandoned house, I had this(malevolent, uncanny) feeling that someone was watching me.uncanny
Thought the couple have spent years studying African history, they do not claim to be (omniscient, cogent) in that field.omniscient
We were overjoyed when we heard our university was going to invited an (invulnerable, esteemed) author and playwright to speak at our commencement.esteemed
It seems unimaginable that when I look at the night sky, the number of stars is actually (finite, omniscient).finite
There are so many different factors involved in an energy crisis that no single measure can be expected to serve as a(n) (panacea, attainment).panacea
Nothing he may (expunge, bequeath) to the next generation can be more precious than the memory of his long life of honorable public service.bequeath
She is the kind of person who has many (panaceas, attainments) but seems unable to put them to any practical use.attainments
The reform candidate vowed to root out the corruption that (bequeathed, skulked) through the corridors of City Hall.skulked
Is it true that some dogs have a(n) (uncanny, nonchalant) sense of the approach of death?uncanny
The newspaper revealed that the city’s chief building inspector was (omniscient, affiliated) with a large construction company.affiliated
I found your criticism of my conduct unpleasant, but I had to admit that your remarks were (venial, cogent).cogent
As a member of the grand jury, it is your duty to be (supercilious, scrupulous) in weighing every bit of evidence.scrupulous
A large crowd (ascertained, converged) on the mall to buy the latest gadget.converged

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 4 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

affiliatedattached, related, joineddissociated, unconnected
ascertaindiscover, determine, establish
attainmentachievement, fulfillmentfailure, defeat, frustration
bequeathtransmit, bestow, hand down
cogentpersuasive, compellingweak, unconvincing, ineffective, irrelevant
convergemeet, unite, intersect, mergediverge, separate
dispersebreak up, dispelcollect, congregate, assemble, muster
esteemrespect, admire, honor, reveredisdain, scorn, contempt
expungedelete, efface, annihilateinsert, mark, imprint, impress
finitebounded, measurableunlimited, immeasurable, everlasting, eternal
invulnerableimpregnable, impervious, immuneexposed, unprotected, defenseless
malevolentmalicious, wicked, sinister, malignantkind, benevolent, compassionate
nonchalantcomposed, unruffled, indifferent, blaséperturbed, agitated, disconcerted, abashed
omniscientwise, all-knowingignorant, unknowing
panaceauniversal cure, easy solution
scrupulouspainstaking, meticulous, conscientiouscareless, negligent, remiss, dishonest
skulklurk, slink, prowl
supercilioussnobbish, patronizing, overbearinghumble, meek, deferential, servile
uncannyeerie, inexplicable, spooky
venialexcusable, forgivableinexcusable, unforgivable, unpardonable

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 4 Completing The Sentence Answers

When the candidate admitted openly that he had been mistaken in some of his earlier policies, we ___ him more highly than ever.esteem
The screening committee investigated not only the candidates themselves but also the organizations with which they were ___.affiliated
So long as we remained indoors, we were ___ to the arctic blasts that swept down on our snowbound cabin.invulnerable
Antibiotics were once considered wonder drugs, but we now know that they are not ___ for all our physical aliments.panacea
I knew the dean would accept my apology when she characterized my behavior as thoughtless but ___.venial
Her election to Congress was the ___ of a lifelong ambition.attainment
Though I wanted to “let bygones by bygones,” I found that I could not wholly ___ the bitter memory of their behavior from my mind.expunge
Before making our final plans, we should ___ exactly how much money we will have for expenses.ascertain
Your ability to guess what I am thinking about at any given time is nothing short of ___.uncanny
Because our natural resources are ___ and by no means inexhaustible, we must learn to conserve them.finite
IN the opening scene of the horror film, a shadowy figure dressed in black ___ through the graveyard in the moonlight.skulk
The more knowledge and wisdom people acquire, the more keenly they become aware that no one is ___.omniscient
Is there anyone in the world as ___ as a senior who attends a mere sophomore class dance?supercilious
Only by paying ___ attention to innumerable details were the investigators able to piece together the cause of the accident.scrupulous
In a situation that would have left me all but helpless with embarrassment, he remained cool and ___.nonchalant
Isn’t it remarkable how quickly a throng of sunbathers will pick up their belongings and ___ when a few drops of rain fall?disperse
If only parents could ___ their hard-won practical wisdom and experience to their children!bequeath
When I saw the pain he caused others and the pleasure he took in doing so, I realized he was a truly ___ person.malevolent
Our representative offered one simple but ___ argument against the proposal: It would raise the cost of living.cogent
As we stood on the railway tracks looking off into the distance, the rails seemed to ___ and meet at some far-off point.converge

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 4 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. B
  2. D
  3. D
  4. C
  5. A

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