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Quizzma is a part of a small network that includes 4 sites.
This site was created by a team of like-minded people who were also employees of the On Time Limited company.

At the moment, Quizzma operates on own funds of its creators.
All content on the site is created in order to simplify the life of students, and some of its sections were created only for the purpose of entertainment.

Quizzma covers various topics. These are mainly the answers to the tests that we have encountered in our lives. Also on such pages we provide quizzes so that everyone can check the level of their knowledge.

The games section provides free browser games from popular developers.

All content on the site is free. We don’t sell products or services!

Main source of income –  banner advertising, as well as at the expense of personal funds of website’s creators.

If you noticed an error in the test, please let us know about it using the special button.