unit circle quiz

Unit Circle Quiz Practice

Questions and Answers to Learn 1) Based on your unit circle cos(0o)= 1 0 -1 1/2 2) Based on your unit circle sin(90o)= 1 0 -1 1/2 3) sin(5π/3)= 1/2 -√3/2 √3/2 -1/2 4) sin(7π/4) 1/2 -√2/2 √2/2 -1/2 5) sin(3π/2) 0 1 -1 1/2 6) Find the exact value of cosine 135º. – √2/2 …

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everfi banking module

EverFI Banking Final Quiz Answers

Terms and Answers to Learn 1) Which of the following is a primary responsibility of the Federal Reserve Bank? Establish monetary policy Pass monetary laws Collect taxes Print money 2) Which type of account will typically have the highest interest rate? Checking Account Savings Account Money Market Account Certificate of Deposit (CD) 3) Which type …

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27 amendments simplified

Amendments Simplified

Amendment 1 Freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition. Amendment 2 Right to bear arms. Amendment 3 Citizens do not have to house soldiers. Amendment 4 No unreasonable search or arrest. Amendment 5 No double jeopardy or no witness against yourself. Amendment 6 Rights of accused in criminal cases. Amendment 7 Trial by jury. …

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wis2552 exam test answers

WIS2552 Exam 1 Answers

First fungi evolved in ordovician conifers evolved in permian chloroplasts are found only in kingdom plantae false oparin did experiments in chemical evolution dna in the nuclei in eukaryotic cells is complexed with proteins pasteur bent necks of glass flasks to prevent from reaching water bacteria stanley milller combined methane and in water ammonia endosymbiosis …

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arc1720 test answer

ARC1720 Quiz Test Answers

Ranging from 2 to 4, with arc ratings from 6 cal to 70 cal, C&G Safety leads the industry in Arc Flash Protection. C&G Safety offers a complete line of arc flash personal protective equipment and clothing. According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Greece, which cultures contributed to the development of Classic Greece? Minoan Mycenaean …

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