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SERE 100.2 Post Test Answers

Ensure you record data about your communication devices, i.e. cellular phone, survival radio, and personal locator beacon on your ___________________ prior to deploying or mission execution.
Which of the following are consumable sources of water?
-Rainfall -Water from plants -Melted snow
Which of the following actions are appropriate for treating a wound?
All of the above
If held in captivity you must remember to give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to your comrades. This is an example of _____________ under Article IV of the Code of Conduct.
keeping faith
Which of the following are procedures for the proper use of clothing?
Prevent overheating by removing layers before strenuous activities
Which of the following are elements of the COLDER principle?(Select all that apply)
Wear clothing loose and layered -Keep clothing dry -Repair clothing as necessary -Keep clean
The traditional chain of command roles and responsibilities continue in all captivity environments. The senior eligible military member assumes command over captives from all US Military Departments.
Which evasion aids can assist you with making contact with the local population? (Select all that apply)
Blood Chit Pointee-Talkee
When using a visual signal to support your recovery efforts, guidelines to follow include: (Select all that apply)
Contrast -Size -Ratio
What are some techniques you can use to help cope with psychological effects of captivity? (Select all that apply)
– Have faith that the U.S. government will support your family -Reaffirm your will to live and focus on positive reasons to return home – Keep your mind active by recalling fond memories or designing a house
Your resistance goals include which of the following? (Select all that apply)
Focus on your authorized communications -Resist providing a confession
The Code of Conduct explains your duty to escape and aid others to escape. Part of that duty includes planning for post escape evasion and recovery.
Leaving evidence of your presence supports U.S. Government effort to locate, identify and recover you.
What is the acronym for the actions you should take to gain and maintain your situational awareness?
PAID-E (Perceive, Analyze, Interpret, Decide, Execute)
Which Code of Conduct article articulates the emotional connection between the Service member and the concept of sacrifice, as a requirement for honorable military service?
Article I
Actions to take when capture is imminent include: (Select all that apply)
-Communicate your situation -Sanitize personal or sensitive materials -Leave evidence of presence at capture point -Try to retain your personal cell phone
Which of the following is NOT an application of the Code of Conduct?
Directing the captor’s attention to a fellow captive for interrogation
What types of information can be found on an EPA?(Select all that apply)
Communications plan -Immediate evasion actions -Planned routes of travel
While in captivity you should avoid the following topics when interacting with the media: (Select all that apply)
Making statements that might bring harm to other captives -Discussing sensitive matters
The first personnel recovery (PR) task is ____________. This task activates the execution portion of the PR system.
In the event of isolation during operations other than war, the reasons to delay contact with legitimate authorities include: (Select all that apply)
Contact friendly forces -Gain situational awareness
One way to gain acceptance from the local population after making contact is to discuss the similarities between your religions. This helps to show you are peaceful and mean no harm.
What is the best way to prepare food in a survival situation?
During a direct action recovery, you should pick up a weapon and assist the recovery team.
Which of the following techniques can be used to resist interrogation?
Keep faith with yourself and fellow comrades
You should attempt to provide proof of life during any audio or video recording or written documents?
What protective measures should you take during a direct action recovery?
Avoid windows and doors
What are the goals of using a disguise? (Select all that apply)
Prevent recognition -Pass initial scrunity
According to Article V of the Code of Conduct, which of the following topics are you authorized to discuss in all captivity situations? (Select all that apply)
– Your health and welfare -The innocent circumstances leading up to your capture – The health and welfare of your fellow captives
Which reintegration phase moves the recovered person to the Continental United States (CONUS)?
Phase III
Which of the following are suggested means of prepartion for isolation?
All of the above
During a hole-up what is your primary concern?
What is a written plan of action, developed prior to excuting a mission, which will improve your chances of successful evasion and recovery by providing the recovery forces with your evasion intentions and key recovery information?

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