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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 5 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 5 Choosing the Right Word Answers

scathingI now know that “Gulliver’s Travels,” far from being a “children’s book,” is a work of mature and … satire.
blazonedThe verbal sparring that took place between the two head coaches was … across headlines nationwide.
straitlacedYou may regard her ideas as .., but I think that they reflect good thinking and sound values.
unwieldyThe rules of the club proved so … that it was all but impossible to carry on business.
extricateHow easy it is for a nation to become trapped in an inflationary price rise;how difficult to … itself from the upward spiral!
soporificI didn’t expect the play to be particularly stimulating, but I certainly never anticipated its overwhelmingly … power.
amnestyInstead of brooding about past wrongs, I suggest that you declare a personal … and start thinking about the future.
fractiousWe had many talented players, but the … behavior of a few individuals impaired our team spirit and led to a losing season.
equitableArriving at … arrangements in human affairs often requires sound judgement, as well as good intentions.
autonomyYoung people, tired of being controlled by parents, teachers, and others, often have a strong impulse to gain …
scourgeAppointed by the Governor to be Commissioner of Investigations, she soon became the … of dishonest and incompetent officials.
filchSome sadly misguided individuals seem to go through life trying to … petty advantages from everyone they encounter.
soporificTry placing sachets of … herbs, such as lemons balm and lavender, inside your pillow if you suffer from insomnia.
scourgeThe … of plagiarism is on the rise in many schools as students cut and paste from essays they download from the Internet.
preceptsI intend to be guided by the simple … that have proven their value over long periods of human experience.
caveatsUnabridged dictionaries often alert the reader to common mistakes in the use of a word by including brief …
autonomyThe newly elected judge ruled his courtroom with a king’s …, and no one dared to act in an unruly fashion.
axiomaticIsn’t it strange that the basic ideas that some economists regard as … are rejected by others as absolutely false!
blazonToday our intricate network of mass communications can … news of national importance across the country in a matter of minutes.
sepulchralThe ghost of Hamlet’s father whispered in … tones the story of his tragic death.
salutaryFew things are more … for a young person than an occasional painful reminder that life is not a bowl of cherries.
vapidIn spite of the tremendous sales of that novel, I found it to be mediocre and … in every respect.
transientThe popular self-help book teaches that material things are …, while moral values are eternal.
floutYoung people who consider themselves nonconformists often go to extremes in their determination to … the conventions.
amnestyOfficials who took bribes were indicted with no hope of an …

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 5 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

AutonomyHome RuleDependence, Subjection
AxiomaticTaken for grantedQuestionable, Dubious
BlazonBroadcast, TrumpetHide, Conceal, Cover Up, Bury
CaveatAdmonition, Word to the Wise
EquitableRight, Reasonable, EvenhandedUnjust, Unfair, One-Sided, Disproportionate
ExtricateDisentangle, ExtractEnmesh, Entangle, Involve
FilchPilfer, Purloin, Swipe
FloutScoff at, Sneer at, Snicker at, ScornObey, Honor, Revere, Uphold
FractiousRefractory, Recalcitrant, PeevishDocile, Tractable, Cooperative
PreceptPrinciple, Maxim
SalutarySalubrious, CurativeDetrimental, Deleterious
ScathingSearing, Harsh, Ferocious, SavageBland, Mild
Scourge(v.) Flog, Beat; (n.) Bane, Plague, Pestilence(n.) Godsend, Boon, Blessing
SepulchralDoleful, Lugubrious, Mortuary
Soporific(n.) Narcotic, Anesthetic(adj.) Stimulating; (n.) Stimulant, Stimulus
StraitlacedHighly Conventional, Overly Strict, StuffyLax, Loose, Indulgent, Permissive, Dissolute
Transient(adj.) Impermanent, Ephemeral, Evanescent(adj.) Permanent, Imperishable, Immortal
UnwieldyCumbersome, Bulky, Clumsy, ImpracticalManageable, Easy to Handle
VapidInsipid, Lifeless, ColorlessZesty, Spicy, Savory, Colorful, Lively

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 5 Completing The Sentence Answers

preceptHer approach to the problem seems to be have guided by the time-honored … that “Force is the remedy for nothing.”
autonomySince the close of World War II, almost 100 former colonies have gained full …and joined the family of nations.
extricateShe has made so many contradictory promises to so many people that I don’t see how she can …herself from the situation.
sepulchralShivers went up and down our spines as, in a … voice, the teacher spoke to us of ghosts, vampires, and the “living dead.”
axiomaticIt is … that democracy, more than any other form of government, calls for the active participation of all the people in public affairs.
equitableThe decision was a disappointment to me, but after thinking it over, I had to agree that it was …
amnestyThe new government, seeking to restore normal conditions, declared an … for all political prisoners.
scourgeIt was Lincoln who said: “Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty … of war may speedily pass away.”
straitlacedThe standards of behavior generally accepted in Victorian times would probably be rejected today as excessively …
caveat(s)I tried to warn them of the dangers involved in such an undertaking, but all my … and admonitions fell on deaf ears.
unwieldyThe carton was not heavy, but it was so … that it took four of us to carry it to the shed.
vapidEven the most talented actors could not breathe life and credibility into the … lines of the silly play.
filchWho thought that the new treasurer could sink so low as to … money from the club’s petty cash fund?
scathingMy teacher’s criticism of my term paper was so … that after reading it, I felt thoroughly crushed.
fractiousIt became clear that the squad of police would be unable to control the small but … crowd of angry protesters.
transientHis fame as a football star proved to be …, and he found himself just another young man looking for a job.
salutaryFailures are always unpleasant, but if you learn from them, they may have a … effect on your future career.
flout(s)Any unit of government — national or local — that … sound economic principles is headed for disaster.
blazon(ed)The fighter planes of World War II sometimes had the pictures of famous movie stars like Betty Grable, … on the fuselage.
soporificThe … effect of his droning lectures surpasses that of any sleeping pill now in use.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 5 Vocabulary in Context Answers

A backpack that is not unwieldyManageable
If money is equitably distributedFairly
Blazon AnnouncementPublicize
An expression that is transientTemporary
Troops that are extricated from the enemyDrawn Back

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