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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 7 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 7 Choosing the Right Word Answers

StalwartAll the power of Great Britain could not shake the American colonists in their ______ opposition to measures that they considered unfair and tyrannical.
MitigateThe fact that he did everything possible to help the poor child after the accident tends to ______ his responsibility for the tragedy.
PratedAndrew _______ incessantly for an hour but made few insightful points.
CadaversThe starving drought victims looked more like ________ than living people.
BeneficentThe woman is known and loved throughout the community for her many ______ acts on behalf of all types of unfortunates.
DisconcertingSome people find Fransisco Goya’s later works, known as the Black Paintings, _______ because of their horrific, gloomy nature.
InconsequentialThe sum may seem ________ to you, but to me it is a great deal of money.
GrandioseHis ________ schemes for world conquest collapsed in a nightmare of military defeat and internal revolt.
RestitutionAs ________ for the damage he has caused to the family car, Phil promised to clean and polish it regularly for a full year.
VulnerableHer self-confidence is so unshakeable that she is simply not _________ to “out-down” remarks that would annoy other people.
DebasedBy concentrating on personal gain, he has ________ both himself and the high office to which he was elected.
AustereI have met few people who enjoy living an __________ life of plain food, few possessions, and little sleep.
ReprovedThe principal ________ the entire student body for its discourteous behavior toward the guest speaker at the school assembly.
PillageThe sale of so many great works of art to foreign collectors is, in my eyes, little more than _________ of our cultural heritage.
InfractionAlthough his conduct may not have violated any law, I consider it a gross _________ of conventional ethical standards.
RedoubtableShe is such a _________ foe of the trite phrase that her students tremble lest her wrath descend on them for using a cliche.
PratesIn her clumsy efforts to be recognized as an “intellectual,” she __________ endlessly about matters she does not really understand.
StalwartWhen we were children, my brother always got to play the role of the showy superhero, while I would take the part of the __________ and faithful sidekick.
DesecrationIt is a _________ of the memory of Lincoln to involve his name on the defense of such a racist policy.
AusterelySince my next paycheck was not to be had until the first of the month, I reconciled myself to living ________ until then.
ConcoctedThe master chef has _________ a dessert so rich that it will be a menace to living weight watchers throughout the country.
PunctiliousHe is so __________ about every detail that it is said he irons his shoelaces before wearing them.
DisconcertedThe conductor of the orchestra was so ________ by the noisy audience that he stopped the performance and asked for quiet.
CrassWhenever I go to a concert, I seem to spend half my time shushing the _________ boors who chitchat while the orchestra is playing.
GrandioseTommy had _________ plans to build a stately mansion.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 7 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers


Not PERTURBED by the noiseDisconcerted
VULGAR appeal for moneyCrass
To CHATTER tediously about the weatherPrate
COMPENSATION for his misdeedsRestitution
DIMINISH the horror of the crimeMitigate
COOKED UP a silly excuseConcocted
Exaggerating MINOR flawsInconsequential
A BREACH of our agreementInfraction
EXPOSED to wind and high waterVulnerable
RAID the museum of valuablesPillage


SPOKE CONCISELY about the new lawPrated
Her UNAFFECTED delivery of Shakespeare’s linesGrandiose
HONOR this tribal ritualDesecrate
CONTEMPTIBLE as a challengerRedoubtable
NEGLIGENT in filling out the formPunctilious

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 7 Completing The Sentence Answers

RedoubtableThough most of our players were the equals of theirs, the awesome size of their ______ center filled us with apprehension.
PrateI became desperately tired of listening to him ______ about how important he was, how much money he had and so forth.
CadaverousWho can ever forget those pictures showing the ______ faces of the people who had been in concentration camps.
PunctiliousWhenever she serves as chairperson, she is so ______ that she insists on observing every fine point of parliamentary procedure.
AustereI found that beneath his rather ______ manner and appearance there was a warm, sympathetic person.
InconsequentialAn official who is responsible for shaping vital national policies should not waste time and energy on such ______ matters.
InfractionEven a so-called minor ______ of the traffic laws may lead to a serious accident.
GrandioseAt a time when we need a modest, low-cost housing program, how can we be expected to accept such a(n) ______ scheme?
BeneficentHis work on behalf of the homeless was merely the latest in a long line of ______ undertakings.
RestitutionIs there any way that we can make ______ for the terrible wrong we have done them?
MitigatedFond remembrances of happy days of family life intensified rather that ______ her grief.
DesecratedThey ______ the funeral service by talking loudly during the ceremonies, laughing, and generally showing a complete lack of respect.
ConcoctBefore they arrived home from the party, they ______ an elaborate story that they hoped would excuses their being two hours late.
CrassIt is hard to forgive the ______ selfishness with which they took most of the food supplies for their own use.
VulnerableOur democracy, I believe, is more ______ to decay from within that it is to attack from the outside.
StalwartThough she looked rather frail, her ______ spirit made her a tireless crusader for women’s rights.
PillageWe are, I trust, long past the time when it was considered quite “natural” for newly elected officials to ______ the city treasury.
DebasedShe has ______ her considerable talents by writing books that are designed to appeal to the lowest tastes.
ReproveI’m telling you this not to ______ you for having made a mistake but to prevent the mistake from being repeated.
DisconcertedHe went right on with his speech, refusing to be ______ by the heckling of a few loudmouths.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 7 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. A
  2. D
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A

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