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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 11 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 11 Choosing the Right Word Answers

As the Scottish poet Robert Burns aptly suggests, even the best-laid plans are often entirely (palpable, contingent) on events we cannot control.

Disguised as an old hag, the wicked queen gave Snow White a (florid, pernicious) apple, which trapped the young heroine into a prolonged, death-like sleep.

Before we (inculcate, foist) certain principles in young people, let’s be sure that these principles are truly desirable for them and their society.

During times of extreme economic hardship and war, families often eat (dowdily, abstemiously).

Children are often remarkably (discursive, perceptive) in understanding how adults feel about them.

With the advent of the Internet and e-mail, it is easy to (disseminate, inculcate) false information and rumors rapidly.

Although the essays are highly (discursive, dowdy), covering a wide range of topics, they are written with such clarity and grace that they are easy to follow.

In a series of (searing, contingent) attacks now known as the Philippics, Cicero launched his entire battery of political invective against the hapless Mark Anthony.

We are most likely to fall victim to (discursive, specious) reasoning when we have an emotional desire to believe what we are being told.

The article described the success of an undercover sting operation in catching the swindler who was (foisting, searing) fake diamonds on his customers.

The most tragic aspect of a forest fire is its destructive effects on the innumerable plant and animal (heresies, denizens) of that environment.

He thought he was being witty and charming, but I regard his conduct at the party as altogether (abstemious, gauche).

Modern nutritionists emphasize that there is a(n) (palpable, abstemious) difference between “eating to live” and “living to eat.”

The more we studied the drug problem, the more we became aware of its (contingent, pernicious) influence on the American people today.

The study of history teaches us that many ideas regarded as (heresies, disseminations) by one generation are accepted as sound and orthodox by the next.

Some English queens were strikingly elegant and imposing figures; others were somewhat (specious, dowdy) and unprepossessing.

No doubt his efforts to advance his own interest were (censurable, florid), but let’s try to keep a sense of proportion and not condemn him too much.

Her (perceptive, florid) writing style, abounding in adjectives and fancy metaphors, is far from suitable for factual newspaper stories.

She was so (abstemious, palpable) that she extended her self-control even to her beloved books, and read them no more than an hour each day.

All the available evidence (corroborates, foists) my theory that the theft was planned by someone familiar with the layout of the house.

Although the Declaration of Independence was framed only to justify a revolution in the British colonies in North America, its ideas and ideals have been (disseminated, seared) throughout the world.

Don’t you get tired of glossy advertisements that try to (foist, satiate) short-lived and sometimes absurd fashion trends on the consumer?

Out of all the endless flow of dull verbiage in the long lecture, we could recognize only two or three (gauche, salient) points.

Though I rather like the better TV game shows, I find that after a certain point, I’m (satiated, inculcated) and ready for more substantial fare.

A passing grade is (pernicious, contingent) on your participation in class.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 11 Completing The Sentence Answers

PerniciousIs there any need for me to describe at length the ______ effects of smoking?
DowdyThough this may not be the smartest-looking blouse I own, I thought to myself, it certainly doesn’t make me look ______.
SalientA(n) ______ characteristic of every great athlete is the ability to preform at maximum efficiency when under extreme pressure.
DenizenThe old fellow did indeed look like a typical ______ of the racetrack, as described in Damon Runyon’s famous stories.
FoistNo honest mechanic will try to ______ inferior replacement parts on his customers.
SpeciousIf I had the time, I could point out many flaws in the ______ arguments you find so impressive.
HeresyWhen I referred to her favorite singer as an “untalented, overpaid, and conceited lout,” she looked at me in shock, as though I had been guilty of ______.
CorroborateUnless you can produce witnesses to ______ your claim that you stopped at the red light, the mere assertion will have little or no effect on the jury.
InculcatePsychologist tell us that the years of early childhood are the best time to ______ basic concepts of right and wrong.
PalpableThe stubborn refusal to give me a chance to compete for the scholarship on the same basis as everyone else is a(n) ______ injustice to the whole idea of fair play.
FloridAmong all those pale and sallow people, her highly ______ complexion stood out like a beacon.
CensurableI don’t like to criticize your behavior, but I feel obliged to tell you that your discourtesy to that confused tourist was highly ______.
SatiatedAfter the long summer vacation, I was ______ with loafing and eager to return to school.
DisseminateThe purpose of this program is to ______ throughout the community information about job-training opportunities for young people.
GaucheIt is hard to believe that people coming from such a refined social milieu could be so ______ and boorish in their behavior.
DiscursiveHis talk on world affairs was so disorganized and ______ that it left us more confused than ever.
PerceptiveEudora Welty is considered one of the most ______ and insightful American writers of her time.
AbstemiousHer good health in old age is due in large part to the ______ habits of her younger years.
ContingentSince we wished our group to have some say in the town council’s final decision, we sent a small ______ of our most articulate and convincing speakers to the hearings.
SearIf you wish to seal in the juices and bring out the flavor of your pot roast, ______ it briefly in a hot pan before you put it in the oven.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 11 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Discursivea long and DIGRESSIVE novel
DowdyTACKY window decorations
Gauchean impulsive and AWKWARD embrace
Searto SINGE the marshmallows over a campfire
CorroborateSUBSTANTIATE an old rumor
Florida FLOWERY introduction
Palpablea TANGIBLE change in the mood of the crowd
Perceptivefew but DISCERNING remarks
SatiateGRATIFY the appetite for gossip
Denizenan HABITUE of the public library
DisseminateBROADCAST the child’s baby pictures
InculcateIMPLANT a strong dislike
Perniciousignored the INJURIOUS rumors
FoistPALM OFF fake diamonds
Abstemiousa TEMPERATE use of such words

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 11 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. c
  2. c
  3. b
  4. a
  5. a
  6. d

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