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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 12 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 12 Choosing the Right Word Answers

IncisiveIn the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Lincoln asked a few ___________ questions that showed up the fatal weaknesses in his opponent’s position.
ImplicitThe commander expected ___________ obedience from his troops.
CupidityRumors of “easy money” and “lush profits” to be made in the stock market aroused the ___________ of many small investors.
ProsaicThe proposed advertisement was supposed to be “dynamic” and a “real eye-catcher,” but I found it utterly ___________.
OstentatiousMy five-year-old nephew enjoys telling ___________ stories about his travels to strange lands in a giant balloon.
ParagonBroccoli, considered by dietitians to be a ___________ among vegetables, is packed with calcium and antioxidant properties.
EnthralledAs long as we are ___________ by the idea that it is possible to get something for nothing, we will not be able to come up with a sound economic program.
DeleteriousThe severe drought and locust infestation proved to have a ___________ effect on the harvest.
AbsolvedWhat we do now to remedy the evils in our society will determine whether or not we are to be ___________ of blame for the injustices of the past.
RedundantWhen he demanded that I immediately “return back” the money I owed him, I found him not merely unpleasant but ___________.
ExtenuatingI will try to tell the story in a balanced way, without either exaggerating or ___________ his responsibility for those sad events.
SanctimoniousWords about “tolerance” are empty and ___________ when they come from one who has shown no concern about civil liberties.
WinsomeThe aspiring salesperson stood in front of the mirror for hours, practicing a ___________ smile.
EnhancesI’ve heard that if you sprinkle cinnamon in coffee, it ___________ the flavor and diminishes the bitterness.
ScintillatingShe delivered her lines with such artistry and verve that she made the rather commonplace dialogue seem ___________.
Caricatured“In seeking to discredit me,” I replied, “my opponent has deliberately ___________ my ideas, making them seem simplistic and unrealistic.”
ContiguousWe thought it best to buy a house that was close to my parents’ home, but not ___________ to it.
ParagonMy parents set up my older brother as such a ___________ that I despaired of ever being able to follow in his footsteps.
OstentatiousIsn’t it rather ___________ to wear a Phi Beta Kappa key on a chain around your neck?
EnhanceA fresh coat of paint and some attention to the lawn would greatly ___________ the appearance of our bungalow.
DeleteriousIsn’t it logical to conclude that because poor eating habits have a ___________ effect on one’s health, you should not make snack foods the cornerstone of your diet?
PoliticIt is hardly ___________ for someone who hopes to win a popularity contest to go about making such brutally frank remarks.
ClangorI realized I was being kept awake not by the ___________ of the city traffic but by a gnawing fear that I had done the wrong thing.
InimicalAny conduct that is _ to school policy, including violation of state laws, is grounds for immediate dismissal.
IncisiveOur astute professor gave an _ lecture on literary symbolism.

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 12 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

Synonyms Exercise: bought lots that were “adjoining”

Synonyms Exercise: to “intensify” the taste of the sauce

Synonyms Exercise: an “exemplar” of team spirit

Synonyms Exercise: a “trenchant” report

Synonyms Exercise: a “lively” play of wit

Synonyms Exercise: the “commonplace” routines of housework

Synonyms Exercise: a “parody” of his behavior

Synonyms Exercise: a book with the power to “enchant”

Synonyms Exercise: a “smug” accusation

Synonyms Exercise: an “engaging” smile

Antonyms Exercise: a person filled with “generosity”

Antonyms Exercise: a “self-effacing” character

Antonyms Exercise: charges “aggravated” by circumstances

Antonyms Exercise: issuing “succinct” instructions

Antonyms Exercise: battling “isolated” forest fires

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 12 Completing the Sentence Answers

DeleteriousHow can anyone be so foolish as to develop a smoking habit when it has been proven that cigarettes are ___________ to health?
ExtenuateThe fact that he had hungry children at home does not justify what he did, but it does ___________ his crime.
ImplicitIn most contracts, there are ___________ duties and obligations that must be fulfilled even though they aren’t expressed in so many words.
ClangorThe ___________ of the fire bells as they echoed through the night filled our hearts with terror.
ContiguousBecause the gym is ___________ to the library, it is easy for me to shift from academic to athletic activities.
ProsaicBecause we had been told the new TV series was original and witty, we were disappointed by the obvious and ___________ situation comedy that unfolded on our screen.
EnhancesHer new hairstyle greatly ___________ her appearance.
ScintillatingUntil he rose to speak, the meeting had been dull, but he immediately enlivened it with his ___________ wit.
AbsolveThe jury may have found him not guilty, but the “court of public opinion” will never ___________ him of responsibility for the crime.
SanctimoniousWe resented his ___________ self-assurance that he was morally superior to everyone else.
EnthrallDetective stories seem to ___________ her to such a degree that she reads virtually nothing else.
ParagonShe did her work so quietly that it took us time to realize that she was a veritable ___________ of efficiency and diligence.
InimicalThough ranking officials on both sides hoped to reach a truce and prepare a peace treaty, fringe groups refused to suspend their ___________ activities.
CaricatureHis long nose and prominent teeth give the candidate the kind of face that cartoonists love to ___________.
PoliticThere are some situations in life when it is ___________ to remain quiet and wait for a better opportunity to assert yourself.
WinsomeMarie’s appealing personality and endearing manner make her quite ___________ and engaging.
IncisiveWith that one ___________ comment, she brought an end to all the aimless talk and directed our attention to the real problem facing us.
CupidityOver the years, his normal desire for financial security was gradually distorted into a boundless ___________.
Ostentatious“Evening dress is far too ___________ for such an informal occasion,” I thought to myself as I tried to decide what to wear that night.
RedundantTo characterize the literary style of Edgar Allan Poe as “unique and one of a kind” is certainly ___________.

Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. d
  2. b
  3. b
  4. d
  5. b
  6. c

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