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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 15 Answers

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 15 Choosing the Right Word Answers

explicateFor centuries scholars have argued over how to (explicate/renounce) certain cryptic passages in Milton’s plays and poems.
fracasA (fracas/chagrin) between rival groups on the floor of the convention was swiftly quelled by security guards.
savorySome people seem to relish every (somnolent/savory) morsel of gossip that comes their way.
reticentThe workers were (vehement/reticent) to speak about the bank robbery, frightened that the thieves might later seek retaliation.
chagrinWith deep (chagrin/pandemonium), I must confess that I was the one who neglected to hire the orchestra for the class dance.
repressWe all have impulses to violence, but we must learn to (repress/concur) them if we are to live in a civilized society.
concurAlthough some people would disagree, many more would (concur/renounce) that the Beatles were the most influential rock band of all time.
volubleMr. Sanderson is usually a man of very few words, but he was certainly (abrasive/voluble) when we asked him about his operation.
acclimatedIt’s not surprising that after so many years of military service, he has found it difficult to become (acclimated/vehement) to civilian life.
vehemenceI was startled not so much by your disapproval of my proposal as by the (fracas/vehemence) with which you denounced it.
zealousSome politicians are more (zealous/voluble) in promoting their own careers than in seeking to help the people who elected them.
grotesqueThe figures in the surrealistic painting had the (grotesque/reticent) appearance of characters in a nightmare.
raucousAfter spending a month in the country, we found the sounds of rush-hour traffic in the big city more (raucous/grotesque) than ever.
complacentKim attributed her failure to get the leader role in the play to the director’s poor judgement and remained (raucous/complacent) about her acting abilities.
somnolentWill I ever again sleep as deeply as I did on those deliciously (raucous/somnolent) afternoons on that hot, quiet beach?
explicateEconomists have spent years attempting to (acclimate/explicate) the causes of the 1929 stock market collapse and the years of economic depression that followed it.
abrasiveHe has a good deal of ability, but his (zealous/abrasive) personality has prevented him from getting ahead in the business world.
concurredAfter a lot of persuading, our parents (repressed/concurred) with our plan to make a bicycle tour of New England.
complacentThe (voluble/complacent) expression on the antique doll’s porcelain face seemed to proclaim, “All’s right with the world.”
renounceIn unforgettable words, the soothsayer called on mankind to (acclimate/renounce) the use of armed force.
reticentWhy is it that some people are so talkative about most things but so (complacent/reticent) about their own personal backgrounds?
defamingLacking a positive program of his own, he hoped to gain the support of the voters by (explicating/defaming) the other candidates.
Pandemonium(Pandemonium/Defamation) erupted when the nervous theater manager announced to the waiting crowd that the rock concert was canceled.
receptiveGloria’s kind words put me in a such a (receptive/savory) fame of mind that I agree to work on the committee before I knew what I was doing.
savoryRosemary is preferred in this soup due to its (savory/voluble) qualities.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 15 Completing The Sentence Answers

chagrinYou can well imagine my _________ at losing such an important election by so few votes.
somnolentShe tried hard to remain awake, but the ___________ atmosphere of the warm and cozy parlor was too much for her.
savoryIn an amazingly short time and with only the simplest ingredients, I had a _________ stew simmering on the stove.
complacentA free people cannot afford to grow ___________ but must remain ever vigilant in safeguarding their liberties.
receptiveI was confident that after Dad had eaten a good meal, he would be more __________ to my request for the use of the car.
raucous__________ shouts and boos from the stands will have no effect on a good umpire’s decisions.
reticentThe conceited actor was anything but __________ in discussing his innumerable triumphs on the state, screen, and TV.
vehementWe didn’t expect such _________ dislike of country-and-western music from a native of Nashville.
zealousHe was just an average player when he first joined the team, but everyone admired his __________ efforts to improve his game.
grotesqueFor Halloween the children made _________ masks that they were sure would terrorize the neighbors.
abrasiveThe carpenter used an _________ to remove the old finish from the top of the desk before revarnishing it.
volubleThe answers the candidate gave at the press conference were rambling and __________ but contained practically no hard information.
pandemoniumThe library became a scene of ______________ when a practical joker released a number of mice.
renounceBoth sons agreed to ___________ their claims to their father’s estate in favor of their widowed mother.
acclimateWhen we reached Mexico City, which is over 7000 feet above sea level, we found it difficult at first to ___________ ourselves to the thinner air.
repressAlthough I am afraid of the dentist, I must _______ my fears and go for treatment.
explicateAn accountant tried to __________ the new tax legislation to me, but when she had finished, I felt I was even more in the dark than before.
fracasSince hockey players often crash into each other at high speed, it’s not surprising that occasionally a ________ develops.
defamationThe editorial on city government was so unfair and biased that it amounted to __________ of all the elected officials of this community.
concurI have great respect for you knowledge of our government, but I really cannot _________ with your opinion about the role of the judiciary.

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 15 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

explicateneed to CLARIFY some of the technical language
chagrinEMBARRASSMENT over their crushing defeat
defamationa campaign of MUDSLINGING
fracastried to break up the MELEE
renouncedwillingly REJECTED worldly things
grotesquetwisted into MONSTROUS/BIZARRE shapes
pandemoniumled to TUMULT on the Senate floor
savorymade from rich and DELICIOUS sauces
vehementa FIERCE debate on a controversial issue
somnolentHEAVY-EYED from studying all night
volubleTACITURN/UNCOMMUNICATIVE traveling companions
somnolenta MOTIVATING/STIMULATING environment
abrasivean extremely PLEASANT manner
explicateCONCEAL your intentions for the purchase
defamationan article outlining his PRAISE

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 15 Answers

  1. A
  2. D
  3. A
  4. C
  5. B

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